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Hello, My name is Jeff, and this is my web page based on the card game, Magic: The Gathering(M:TG). Inside, you will find rules for the game, links to other cool Magic sites on the web, and other cool things associated with the game. If you play the game, or are just wondering what it's all about, check out my site. Click the mail box below to email me comments, or if you want to trade.

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What is Magic: The Gathering?:
    Magic: The Gathering is a CCG(collectible card game), designed by Wizards of The Coast©, which you can collect the cards, play the game, or do a bit of both.

I have over 2,500 cards, and many of them (rares and most uncommon cards) are listed HERE. If you want to check out my decks that I use, you can go HERE. Also, I'm involved in the  Magic Online Trading League(MOTL), which I trade cards with people from all over the world! You can check out the motl page out HERE. If you want to trade cards with me, you can post on my list at MOTL by searching for me with my email address, or you can email me a trade at . I've traded online many times before so if you want to get into it, than just ask.

Well, on to the links and other good stuff!

Magic: The Gathering Links:

Magic Online Trading League  ---- The best magic online trading website out there.
Wizards of the coast ---- The people who made this great game.
MTG ---- The best place to find news about everything M:TG.  ---- Find Rules about the game, and other cool stuff.

My Deck's List

M:TG Pictures

Rules for T1 Tournament(most often used)

My Have and Want list