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Abbott's Wildlife Museum

Located on the Cape Shore Road, Bonavista, is Abbott's Wildlife Museum. Thanks to Harold Tremblett who sent me all the the photos shown below, we can now take a virtual tour of the museum and see some of the many types of wildlife that are on display in the building. If anyone has any questions or comments about any aspect of the Wildlife Museum they can contact the owner, Mr. Randy Abbott by sending him an email by clicking on the address below

As we leave the town of Bonavista and drive towards Cape Bonavista we see the Wildlife Museum located to our left. The door is open so lets go in - -Wildlife Museum

Entering the Wildlife Museum, we see the owner, Randy Abbott, standing near two large moose. As you can see, the moose are quite large animals. Moose

Next we see a caribou as well as two sets of intertwined caribou horns. The two caribou died in a fight and the horns were taken in this fashion from the animals.Caribou
Caribou Horns

We continue our viewing of some of the large animals that are on display in the museum by moving to the section that contains several Black Bears - the kind that can sometimes be seen near our municipal dumps and camp sites on the Bonavista Peninsula.Black Bears

Next we take a look at a wolf - now believed to be extinct in Newfoundland - and two coyotes, recently caught in a trap near the Bonavista - Catalina Highway. Wolf

Now lets have a look at some smaller animals - silver and red foxes including a cute-looking arctic fox as well as some mink and beaver.

Foxes (2)
Mink & Beaver
The museum also contains various types of seals that are found off Eastern Newfoundland. Seals

Although this is primarily a wildlife museum, it also contains a section of farm animals that have been recently added. This will certainly be a popular section with young children. Farm Animals
Finally, before leaving the museum we will check out the numerous birds that are on display. There's a bald eagle, a Canada Goose, and a loon as well as various other birds. Bald Eagle

That concludes our virtual visit to Abbott's Wildlife Museum, Bonavista. Once again, thanks to Harold Tremblett for the pictures and any further information that you might need can be obtained from the owner, Mr. Randy Abbott, by emailing him at the address given at the start of this article.