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Some Chess Opening Tricks

Many of the best openings tricks focus on the squares f2 and f7 so if you want to avoid being tricked, these are the squares you should pay the most attention to. Most of the tricks on this page make use of standard tactical themes but there are a few unusual ideas. I hope that these devious opening lines serve you well.

These chess tricks make use of tactical motifs which occur in many other positions. As well as trying to integrate these specific tricks into your openings repertoire I recommend that you try to find similar lines in the openings you already play. You should remember however that if your opponent plays the correct lines you will probably not achieve more than equality. These are only tricks and traps; you can't force an advantage in chess if your opponent plays accurately.

For some rather more advanced tricks and traps check out these books at Amazon:
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Some Psychological Chess Tricks

Note that all mutterings should be judged so that they are only just audible to your opponent and not to anyone else. Also, the volume should be judged so as to make it look like you don't want them to catch what you say.

Please don't try any of these psychological tricks in important games or against friends because such unsportsmanly behaviour just isn't cricket old boy.

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