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Top Ten Chess Books

Top Ten Chess Books

(Clearly these are debatable and include only books I have information about or have read. If you disagree then put a message in my guestbook here. I'd also be interested to know what people think of Kasparov's series of books entitled "My Great Predecessors" which I have not read [yet].)

1. Secrets of Practical Chess By John Nunn

2. Judgement and Planning in Chess By Max Euwe

3. Learn from the Grandmasters (original edition) By Raymond Keene with other contributors

4. John Speelman's Best Games By Jon Speelman

5. My System By Aron Nimzowich

6. Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy and Chess Strategy in Action By John Watson

7. Grandmaster Preparation and Grandmaster Performance By Lev Polugayevsky

8. The Chess Player's Handbook By Howard Staunton

9. Openings For The Club Player By Tim Harding and Leonard Barden

10. 15 Games And Their Stories By M. Botvinnik

(Honourable mention)

11. Pocket Book Of Chess By Raymond Keene

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Click here if you would like to visit my Amazon books page which lists some of the best books written by British Masters and Grandmasters. The books are linked to Amazon so you can buy them if you like.

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