Aronian 'hit the big time' when he won the elite Linares tournament in 2006. He is an uncompromising player who has a deep love of the game and seems to revel in all kinds of positions. He is particularly at home in extremely complex positions, and because he has what might be described as a universal or all-round playing style he can be quite difficult to prepare against. This may to some extent account for his successful tournament record. On the other hand, Aronian's lack of a specific 'great strength' might explain why he has yet to reach the final of a world championship cycle.

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Here is a game between Vishy and Lev from a bit ago.

Anand,V-Aroniand,L 2009

1. d4 d5
2. c4 c6
3. Nf3 Nf6
4. Nc3 a6
5. e3 b5
6. c5 Nbd7
7. Bd3 e5
8. Nxe5 Nxe5
9. dxe5 Nd7
10. e6 Nxc5
11. exf7+ Kxf7
12. b3 Nxd3+
13. Qxd3 Qg5
14. g3 Qf6
15. Bb2 Qf3
16. Rg1 Bg4
17. a3 Re8
18. Rc1 b4
19. axb4 Bxb4
20. h3 Bxh3
21. g4 Bxg4
22. Rg3 Qf5
23. Qd4 Re4
24. Qa7+ Qd7
25. Qb6 c5

Game source: Chesslab - a fantastic online resource.

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