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Subject: Baird History and Genealogy Book
Date: Thursday, 29 April 2010 09:57:21 -0400

Today I came across some correspondence dating back to 2004 regarding your interest in Baird history/information. I thought you might be interested in a book that will be published shortly on some descendants of John Baird ( 1675) "carpenter" and carries forward to his descendant Alexander Baird who married Elizabeth Jennings.

The history chapters were written by the late William D. Baird, MD of Dallas TX, based on the research in VA, NC, TN and KY by Col. Ransom McBride in the 1970's. The work includes family letters, recorded history, diaries and old photos collected for over sixty years on the eight known sons of Alexander Baird. The genealogy portion contains contributions from many, many Baird descendants over a corresponding period of years and goes well into the 20th century.

If you would like to order a copy of this book or to get more information, please email me, Jacqueline Baird Plott at or Mary Ann Arnold at


Hi, My name is EDGAR HUDSON MILLER JR, son of one of daughters of DR C R BAIRD of Campbell County, Tennessee. I was very interested in seeing your web site and the names of all these BAIRDS who apparently are my ancestors. Thank you for posting it.

I noticed a mistake in the list of DR BAIRD'S children. You listed a JAMES DECOSTO BAIRD. His name actually was DECOSTO NEWMAN BAIRD and I am pretty sure he died in Danville, KY not in Campbell County.

Also, I was interested in how you got the information on my parents: 2 LILLIAN MABEL BAIRD-MILLER b: 6/17/1901 Elk Valley TN d. 2/24/1999 at her home in Sequoyah Hills m. 12/24/1924 Deland FL to EDGAR HUDSON MILLER SR. b. 11/21/1901 Tacoma, Wise Co., VA d: 3/5/1964 Maryville, Blount Co., TN

I am particularly interested in the birthdate and place for my father. I had always understood he was born in Pound, Wise County, VA (1902). That's the date that was on his birth certificate. However, I have long suspected that the actual date was 1901 because my mother always insisted that my grandmother Miller had somehow changed the date when applying for the birth certificate. That would make a lot of sense, but I'm just curious to know how you got the information so I could backtrack it.
Thanks, EDGAR MILLER of Knoxville TN


1 JOHN BAIRD b. abt 1675 d. bef 9/15/1738 at his Chippokes Creek Plantation m. MARGARET ROOKINGS abt 1700


1) ROOK BAIRD b. abt 1702 James City Co., VA d. 3/19/1785 m. ELIZABETH HEATH-BAIRD
2) BENJAMIN BAIRD Major b. abt 1720 Prince George Co., VA d. abt 1782 Montgomery Co., NC m. abt 1743 to SARAH BATTE-JONES

.4 ALEXANDER BAIRD (See VA Link) b. 12/20/1747 Surry Co., VA d. abt 1802 Montgomery Co., NC m. abt 1770 Lunenburg County, VA to ELIZABETH JENNINGS b. ABT 1753 VA d. probably in Logan County, Kentucky

.5 WILLIAM JENNINGS BAIRD b: 6/1780 Montgomery Co., North Carolina d. 12/21/1852 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson Co., TN

Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 11:17 AM

The following information was provided to me in whole by JOHN C BAIRD of Byhalia Mississippi. BAIRD'S MILL was owned and run by this family. For anectodal information please click on the link for BAIRD'S MILL. If you have any additions please send them to me at and also to



WILLIAM JENNINGS BAIRD (ALEXANDER BAIRD & ELIZABETH JENNINGS) b. 6/1780 probably in Richmond County NC migrated with others of his family in the early 1800's to Wilson County TN & settled at BAIRD'S Mill (See Link).

WILLIAM BAIRD (ALEXANDER) is listed among those signing a petition for the formation of Smith and Wilson Counties TN in 1801. WLLIAM BAIRD is also listed on the 1804 Wilson County Tax List, CAPTAIN CRAWLEY'S District, with 320 acres. Per the auction notice and final disposal of his Wilson County land by his descendants in 1958, the original homestead (still standing and included in the auction) was built by WILLIAM BAIRD in 1802. The deed to the property was signed by ANDREW JACKSON, then a Superior Court Judge. (See 1952 NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN, and 1958 Auction Notice).

WILLIAM BAIRD m. 3/13/1804 Richmond County NC to ELIZABETH BOSTICK bond THOMAS BAIRD (See McBees History of North Carolina). ELIZABETH was the daughter of JAMES BOSTICK (1750-1823) and his wife COMFORT LOVE. ELIZABETH LOVE BAIRD'S sister SARAH LOVE m. WILSON BAIRD (WILLIAM BAIRD'S brother)

JAMES BOSTICK served in the Revolutionary War and his family is listed on page 77 of LOST LINKS by FRANCIS and MOORE. JAMES BOSTICK left property to his daughter ELIZABETH in his will dated 9/20/1823 (Book 1, page 248, Richmond County NC, probate April 1824).

ELIZABETH BOSTICK BAIRD (JAMES) died shortly after her father probably in 1824 as WILLIAM BAIRD m. 2nd 9/8/1825 (or 8/22/1825) Wilson County TN to LUCINDA BENNETT (WILLIAM and LUCINDA BENNETT) bond SELDON BAIRD

On 12/25/1828 WILLIAM BAIRD (ALEXANDER) made a guardian report for his children, JAMES BAIRD, LEVI BAIRD, THOMAS BAIRD, WINCY BAIRD, MILES BAIRD, WILSON BAIRD, ELIZABETH BAIRD and SALLY BAIRD for prop­erty bequeathed by JAMES BOSTICK to ELIZABETH BOSTICK BAIRD and received by WILLIAM BAIRD in right of his wife ELIZABETH BAIRD, for said children.

On 1/2/1837 WILLIAM BAIRD filed another guardian report for his children MILES BAIRD, WILSON BAIRD, ELIZABETH BAIRD, and SALLY BAIRD for their legacy from the estate of JAMES BOSTICK. Therefore, it must be assumed that JAMES, LEVI, THOMAS and WINCY were over 21 years of age in 1837.

LUCINDA BENNETT (2nd wife of WILLIAM BAIRD) b. abt 1806 Wilson County TN where her estate settlement was recorded on 8/12/1866. 1st son called himself, WILLIAM JENNINGS BAIRD, JR. From this, it is assumed that WILLIAM BAIRD'S middle name was JENNINGS.

WILLIAM BAIRD d. 12/12/1852 at BAIRD'S Mill Wilson County TN. His will was presented for probate in Wilson County on 1/3/1853 and was contested, with final settlement recorded in 1855. (see BIBLE RECORDS AND TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS by Acklen; page 470-471; LOST LINKS by FRANCIS and MOORE page 77). (Full listing of children per LOST LINKS-page 77)

E1 JAMES BAIRD b. abt 1808
E2 LEVI BAIRD b. abt 1810
E3 WINCEY BAIRD b. 11/10/1815
E5 MILES BAIRD b. abt 1817
E7 ELIZABETH BAIRD b. 3/6/1822
E8 SALLIE C BAIRD b. abt 1824
E9 MARTHA BAIRD b. 7/4/1826
Ell CHARLES L BAIRD b. 5/8/1830
El2 MARY BAIRD b. abt 1833
E13 EVALINA BAIRD b. 5/26/1836
E14 ANN JEMIMA BAIRD b. abt 1838
E17 JEROME RIDLEY BAIRD b. 8/25/1845


E1 JAMES BAIRD (WILLIAM J & ELIZABETH BOSTICK, ALEXANDER) b. 6/11/1808 NC d. 7/10/1871 m. JANE FOX dau of JOHN FOX b. 3/6/1784 d. 8/26/1850 & his wife MARTHA HARRIS b. 7/8/1786 d. 10/27/1870 (See 1850 TN Census 439-113, Marshall County TN)

The family moved to Dunklin County MO by 1860. (See census Records and TN land grants #14554 dated 4/11/1838, pg 22, Middle TN 14932-15854, 47 acres to JAMES & LEVI BAIRD, brothers)

El(l) JOHN BAIRD b. abt 1832
E1(2) WILLIAM P BAIRD b. abt 1834 TN
E1(3) SAMUEL BAIRD b. abt 1837 TN
E1(4) MARTHA BAIRD b. abt 1840 TN


E2 LEVI BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER)b. abt 1810 Wilson County TN m. 9/6/1833 Wilson County TN to DYANNAH "DICEY" FOX, a sister to JANE FOX who married LEVI'S brother, JAMES BAIRD. LEVI BAIRD lived in Maury Co TN (See BAIRD & BEARD FAMILIES by Catchings, page 169; LOST LINKS page 77).

LEVI BAIRD also lived in Marshall County TN as the following in­formation concerning his children was taken from public records of Marshall County at Lewisburg TN.

E2(1) ROBERT BAIRD b. abt 1835 TN
E2(2) JOHN BAIRD b. abt 1837 TN
E2(3) ELIZABETH BAIRD b. abt 1840 TN
E2(4) WILLIAM BAIRD b. abt 1842 TN
E2(5) JAMES BAIRD b. abt 1844 TN
E2(6) JOSHUA BAIRD b. abt 1846 TN
E2(7) PERVINES BAIRD b. abt 1849 TN


E3 WINCEY BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 11/10/1813 d. 4/24/1900 m. SAMUEL T CLEMMONS b. 12/20/1813 d. 12/23/1869. SAMUEL was probably the son of JOHN CLEMMONS b. 1778 in NC d. 1858 in TN and his wife MARY CLEMMONS

WINCEY BAIRD lived in Wilson County TN and both are buried in Clemmons Cemetery, 22 District Wilson County East of road leading south from Leeville to Central Pike. (see BIBLE RECORDS-TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS by Acklen, page 327~ 364. See 1850 Wilson County Census %252-906).

E3(1) R T CLEMMONS b. 2/26/1833 d. 3/7/1908 m. T B ____ b. 1/17/1839 d. 2/8/1918 bur. WILLIAM BAIRD Cemetery 21 District, East of BAIRD'S Mill

E3(1-1) BETTY CLEMMONS b. 2/14/1864 d. 12/3/1888 m. ____ PAGE

E3(2) BABE CLEMMONS b. abt 1834 Wilson County TN Killed Civil War abt 1863
E3(3) JAMES LEE CLEMMONS b. 11/3/1835 d. 7/28/1917 m. 6/5/1855 to NANCY FERGUSON BOMAR b. 7/18/1837 (See BIBLE RECORDS-TOMBSTONE INSCRIPT­IONS, by Acklen, pg 364)


E3(4) LOUISIANA "LOU ANN" CLEMMONS b. 3/4/1836 m. abt 1853 to W. P. SULLIVAN Leeville TN b. ca 1829

E3(4-1) THOMAS W SULLIVAN b. abt 1855 Leeville TN m. 1876 in Wilson County TN to ALICE BETTIS d. abt 1837. lived Gladeville TN (1932)

E3(4-1-1) EBERT SULLIVAN b. abt 1882 Leeville TN m. RUTH BOSWELL of Nasville TN. Ruth b. abt 1885. One child died infancy.


E3(4-2) SAMUEL F SULLIVAN b. abt 1860 Leeville TN m. 1st abt 1880 to Nannie Jackson b. abt 1863 m. 2nd abt 1885 to LIZZIE EATHERLY

E3(4-2-1) LULA BELL SULLIVAN b. abt 1881
E3(4-2-2) ARTHUR SULLIVAN b. abt 1886 m. abt 1907 to JESSIE ____

E3(4-2-2-1) ARTHUR SULLIVAN JR b. abt 1909

E3(4-2-3) ANNA SULLIVAN b. abt 1887 m. FRED SINGLETON SR 1907

E3(4-2-3-1) EVA MAI SINGLETON b. abt 1909
E3(4-2-3-2) FRED SINGLETON JR b. abt 1910
E3(4-2-3-3) FRANKLIN SINGLETON b. abt 1918
E3(4-2-3-4) FRANCES SINGLETON b. abt 1924

E3(4-3) WILLIAM T SULLIVAN b. abt 1861 Wilson County TN m. abt 1880 to OLLIE EATHERLY b. abt 1862 Wilson County TN


E3(4-4) JAMES E SULLIVAN b. abt 1865 Leeville TN m. abt 1890 ADA LANIUS b. abt 1870 Wilson County TN lived Martha TN

E3(4-4-1) NANNIE LOU SULLIVAN b. abt 1894
E3(4-4-2) ROY PARKER SULLIVAN b. abt 1896 m. 1917 to RUTH THOMSON

E3(4-4-2-1) ROY PARKER SULLIVAN JR Teacher b. abt 1919
E3(4-4-2-2) JENNIE SULLIVAN b. abt 1923

E3(4-4-3) NATHAN RAYMOND SULLIVAN b. abt 1905 Unmarried
E3(4-4-4) RICHARD HUGH SULLIVAN Dentist b. abt 1909 Unmarried

E3(4-5) ECLEMUAL "CLEM" NEWTON SULLIVAN b. 10/23/1868 Wilson County TN m. 9/14/1892 to FANNIE HESTER SULLIVAN, a cousin

E3(4-5-1) HOWARD YOUNG SULLIVAN b. 1/7/1895 d. 11/8/1922 m. KATY MAY CALLIS

E3(4-5-1-1) DORIS MARIE SULLIVAN b. 9/19/1925 m. B BARBER
E3(4-5-1-2) MARY CATHERINE SULLIVAN b. 11/7/1927 m. GLEN "WADE" BLAND Gladeville TN
E3(4-5-1-3) ROBERT BAXTER SULLIVAN b. 3/4/1930

E3(4-5-2) ROBERT CECIL SULLIVAN DR b. 1/30/1896 m. 8/30/1923 Kansas City MO to HETTIE ETHEL JONES lived Ardmore OK

E3(4-5-2-1) FRANCES LOUISE SULLIVAN b. 2/27/1925
E3(4-5-2-2) MARGARET ANN SULLIVAN b. 1/25/1930


E3(5) WILLIAM TURNER CLEMMONS b. 11/6/1837 d. /6/1885 m. abt 1860 EMILY FRANCES ESKEW (ALFRED ESKEW & NEWRAINEY LAIN) b. 5/16/1840 d. 4/30/1889

E3(5-1) ELLIE FRANCES CLEMMONS b. 10/14/1867 m. 4/14/1886 to WILLIAM PERRY EDWARDS b. 12/15/1848 d. 2/1/1911

E3(5-1-1) EVA GERTRUDE EDWARDS b. 1/14/1887 m. JOHN S ESTES 8/22/1918
E3(5-1-2) LUTHER EPPS EDWARDS b. 8/3/1890 m. 12/1922 KATE RUFFIAN
E3(5-1-3) ALICE RUBY EDWARDS b. 6/5/1893 m. 7/31/1910 JAMES H WATTS
E3(5-1-4) HALLIE PERRY EDWARDS b. 9/6/1903 lived Nashville TN

E3(5-3) MAUDE CLEMMONS b. 7/30/1903 Walter Hill, Rutherford County, TN m. SAMUEL MAUDE Grocer. She moved to Antioch TN after SAM died and lived with her youngest son. MAUDE and her sister MOLLIE were raised by their Uncle JOHN W "JACK" Clemmons.

E3(5-3-1) BERTRAND LEON UPCHURCH b. 1/12/1905
E3(5-3-2) LOLA MAI UPCHURCH b. 1/29/1907
E3(5-3-3) SAMUEL A UPCHURCH JR b. 12/3/1911

E3(5-4) MOLLIE CLEMMONS b. 7/20/1882 m. 1st 12/26/1895 (His 2nd wife) PEYTON CLEMMONS b. 9/11/1872 d. 2/9/1904. MOLLIE m. 2nd 3/2/1912 CHARLES WILLIS

E3(5-4-1) THOMAS LEE CLEMMONS b. 7/13/1902 d. 9/1977 m. 1st JULIA MAI TAYLOR m. 2nd BOSLEY GREEN (architect from TPI Cookeville TN) lived Nashville TN

E3(5-4-1-1) HAROLD CLEMMONS married lived Chattanooga TN
E3(5-4-1-2) CHARLES CLEMMONS single (1989) lives California

E3(5-4-2) CHARLENE HENDERSON WILLIS b. 9/21/1914 m. 12/1954 MAXIE COLLIER d. 1959 lived Nashville TN


E3(6) JOHN W "JACK" CLEMMONS b. abt 1838 m. 1st MOLLIE THOMPSON of Leeville TN b. abt 1844 m. 2nd MOLLIE RIGGAN of Leeville TN

E3(6-1) ED L CLEMMONS b. abt 1875 m. Irene ____

E3(6-1-2) JULIA CLEMMONS lived New York City

E3(7) THOMAS CLEMMONS b. abt 1841
E3(8) MARY T CLEMMONS b. abt 1844 Wilson County TN m. Wilson County TN to JOSEPH J RUSSELL

E3(8-1) THOMAS EDGAR RUSSELL b. 8/1/1868 d. 8/4/1919 m. 6/18/1893 Wilson County TN to ALLIE B ROGERS b. 10/9/1872 Wilson County TN

E3(8-1-1) VERNON ROGERS RUSSELL b. 8/16/1895 Sylvan TX
E3(8-1-2) JOSEPH HENRY RUSSELL b. 1/30/1898 Sylvan TX m. MACE WILLIAMS lived Pillsbury TX (1935) Children (names unknown)
E3(8-1-3) MARY JULIET RUSSELL b. 1/18/1902 Sylvan TX
E3(8-1-4) KITTIE ELIZA RUSSELL b. 8/12/1904 Sylvan TX m 12/24/1928 to RUSSELL ALLEN BENHAM lived Paris TX

E3(8-1-4-1) BARBARA ANN BENHAM b. 6/22/1933

E3(8-1-5) THOMAS EDGAR RUSSELL JR b. 9/3/1907
E3(8-1-6) DORIS RUSSELL b. 2/14/1911 m. 9/8/1928 Paris TX to MARVIN ARLEIGH SCALES

E3(8-1-6-1) MARVIN TALMAN SCALES b. 3/4/1930 Ft Worth TX
E3(8-1-6-2) PATRICIA ANN SCALES b. 8/9/1932 Ft Worth TX

E3(8-1-7) ORVILLE WILSON RUSSELL b. 9/12/1915 Sylvan TX
E3(8-1-8) JUANITA HOPE RUSSELL b. 4/24/1918 Sylvan TX

E3(8-2) CORA ELLEN RUSSELL b. 8/24/1869 d. 2/20/1930 Abilene TX Possibly lived at Rotan TX (1935) m. 1st ____ BETTES m. 2nd ____ WORDEN

E3(8-2-1) ROBERT EDGAR BETTES b. 8/24/1890 Sylvan TX m. MAGGIE WINFREY Charleston TX lived at Rotan TX

E3(8-2-1-1) ROBERT EDGAR BETTES JR b. 10/21/1921
E3(8-2-1-2) GERALDINE BETTES b. 10/11/1923

E3(8-2-2) SAMUEL LEE BETTES b. 2/10/1893 Sylvan TX m. NEITA OATS Charleston TX

E3(8-2-2-1) MARLIN BETTES b. 2/10/1912 m. 1934 to ____ PICKENS
E3(8-2-2-2) J D BETTES m. 1934 to ____ PICKENS
E3(8-2-2-3) JAMES RUSSELL BETTES lived Charleston TX (1935)

E3(8-3) COLLIE B RUSSELL b. 9/10/1875 lived Rotan TX (1935)


E4 THOMAS JEFFERSON BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. abt 1815 Wilson County TN d. 11/1876 bur. Salem Cemetery, Boydsville AR m. 1st 9/8/1836 Wilson County TN to MARY MARTIN d. 3/15/1846. MARY MARTIN BAIRD was a sister to JAMES MARTIN who married ELIZABETH BAIRD #E7 and of WESLEY MARTIN who married MARY BAIRD #E12. THOMAS JEFFERSON BAIRD m. 2nd 10/24/1846 Gibson County TN probably to MARY EASTERWOOD d. young m. 3rd 5/12/1859 Gibson County TN to IRENA "RENA" STEWART b. abt 1835 Wilson County TN the daughter of JAMES STEWART b. 1810 in NC and SARAH b. 1815 TN. "RENA" had brothers SETH, NOAH, JIMMIE and a sister SARAH who m. a Mr ____ BUTLER. THOMAS J BAIRD migrated to MO (1860) (See LOST LINKS pg 150). They are listed on the 1860 Dunklin County MO census records.

E4(1) MARTIN VAN BUREN BAIRD Professor of Religion(THOMAS J & MARY MARTIN, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 6/7/1837 Lebanon, Wilson County TN d. 10/6/1921 Dunklin Co MO m. 3/30/1860 to OLLIE B HOPPER (GILLIAM & ELIZABETH) b. 6/20/1838 of Scott County AR d. 12/7/1890 lived Clarkston MO at BAIRD'S Switch. MARTIN was licensed to preach (Baptist) in 1864, served in CSA 8th TN Inf, Co K as 1st Lt. (See LOST LINKS pg 78-79)

E4(1-1) MARY JANE BAIRD b. 10/21/1861 d. 1/27/1862
E4(1-2) DENISON P BAIRD b. 12/25/1863 d. 2/27/1864
E4(1-3) WALTER P BAIRD Teacher b. 5/26/1865 d. 8/11/1891 lived AR & Dunklin County MO

E4(1-3-1) JOSEPH MARTIN BAIRD b. 2/2/1890
E4(1-3-2) WALTER THOMAS BAIRD b. 7/9/1891

E4(1-4) THOMAS J BAIRD Teacher b. 12/25/1866 d. 10/11/1902 Dunklin County MO
E4(1-5) SARAH ANN BAIRD b. 5/10/1868 d. 8/30/1868
E4(1-6) CINDERELLA BAIRD b. 8/8/1869 d. abt 11/1869

From the papers of ROSA LEA BAIRD, no source given, but probably from GOODSPEED or biography of BAPTIST MINISTERS OR ARKANSAS. These public­ations were very popular about 1880-1890. jlb

E4(2) PRESLEY THOMAS BAIRD (THOMAS JEFFERSON & MARY MARTIN, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 11/19/1840 d. 6/6/1885 m. 1st 3/2/1857 Gibson County TN to NARCISSA POPE b. 12/1840 TN d. 8/15/1873 dau. of BARNABUS POPE & ALETIA HOWELL removing from Goldsboro NC abt 1840. NARCISSA POPE'S sister, PIERCY APPLEWHITE POPE (brother - BRYAN POPE) m. WILLIAM S CREWS

PRESLEY and NARCISSA lived in Dunklin County MO (1860) later returned to Dyer, Gibson County,TN Both bur. Gibson County, NARCISSA in the Pope Family Cemetery and PRESLEY in Oakwood Cemetery, Dyer TN. PRESLEY m. 2nd 12/5/1874 Gibson County to ALMINTA BOND

E4(2-1) JOHN T BAIRD b. abt 1859 TN
E4(2-2) WILLIAM ALLEN BAIRD Bakery Operator b. 8/22/1867 d. 12/20/1911 m. 12/22/1886 Dyer, Gibson Co., TN to NINIA LILLA HARRISON b. 9/23/1869 dau. of ELISHA HARRISON (b. 11/18/1835 d. 5/1/1882). (See HISTORY OF GIBSON COUNTY - PAST AND PRESENT by CULP, pg xxv) and AMANDA JERMAN ELIZABETH HUNT, (b. 3/5/1847 d. 4/25/1874). Mr Harrison was reportedly killed by a MR MARKHAM an argument over the job of Postmaster of Dyer TN (recorded on monument). The farm of WILLIAM ALLEN BAIRD was later purchased by the grandfather of WADE BAIRD %F3932. WADE has the original deed to the property, still owned by family.

E4(2-2-1) ELBERT ERVIN BAIRD b. 12/26/1887 d. 4/5/1901
E4(2-2-2) BESS BAIRD b. 9/21/1889 d. 6/12/1939 m. 3/14/1921 to ARTHUR H BEITMAN b. 3/27/1887

E4(2-2-2-1) MARY JANE BEITMAN b. 3/19/1921 m. 2/28/1943 to JOHN W WINTER III b. 2/21/1915
E4(2-2-2-2) EDNA LILLA BEITMAN b. 11/5/1922 m. 9/5/1942 to BROWNLOE WHITEHEAD b. 8/13/1920 lived in Ft Worth

E4(2-2-3) DEWARD C BAIRD b. 12/9/1891 m. 10/8/1912 to MYRTLE MCDANIEL b. 4/20/1893

E4(2-2-3-1) ROBERT N BAIRD b. 7/22/1917 m. 3/11/1937 to BLANCH UMBERHOUR b. 11/15/1918 lived Ft Worth

E4(2-2-3-1-1) BEVERLY RUTH BAIRD b. 9/20/1938 m. 2/14/1957 to JOHN DELIUS ENGERT b. 10/14/1937

E4(2-2-3-2) CLAYTON DEWARD BAIRD b. 7/11/1924 m. 6/4/1943 to DOROTHY NELL ALEXANDER b. 9/30/1923 lived Houston
E4(2-2-3-3) ED JACK BAIRD b. 8/28/1928 m. 12/22/1947 to ANNETTE GRIFFIN WOOD b. 12/2/1929

E4(2-2-4) OMA HARRISON BAIRD b. 1/28/1894 d. 1/10/1896
E4(2-2-5) W HOYT BAIRD b. 10/31/1896 d. 1988 m. 7/19/1919 to FLOSSIE M RUSHING b. 7/13/1900 lived Ft Worth TX

E4(2-2-5-1) HOYT VERNON BAIRD b. 4/5/1920 m. 6/11/1949 to MARCELLA MARRS b. 10/5/1922 lived Ft Worth TX
E4(2-2-5-2) JAMES ALLEN BAIRD b. 12/14/1922 m. 8/8/1943 to CAROLYN JACOBS b. 6/25/1924 lived Abilene TX
E4(2-2-5-3) FLOYD CARROLL BAIRD b. 10/6/1927 m. 9/18/1952 to JOAN GUNDERSON b. 12/13/1931 lived Waco TX
E4(2-2-5-4) BETTY LOUISE BAIRD b. 2/21/1935 m. 11/24/1956 to JOHN SELLERS GARRETT JR b. 9/30/1931 lived Wilmington DE

E4(2-2-5-4-1) JOHN SELLERS GARRETT III b. 10/3/1957 d. 10/10/1957

E4(2-2-5) ARTHUR LELAND BAIRD b. 4/6/1938 m. 6/21/1958 to BEVERLY ANN BURMEISTER b. 9/18/1938 lived Ft Worth TX
E4(2-2-6) ROLAND WINFORD BAIRD b. 9/10/1899 d. 1/22/1988 m. 2/21/1922 to FAYE BURRELL b. 10/16/1902 (Obit ROLAND Dallas Morning News 1/24/1988)

E4(2-2-6-1) ROLAND WINFORD BAIRD JR b. 4/24/1924 m. 9/14/1944 to BETTY RUTH LUKENBILL b. 1/6/1927 lived Phoenix AZ

E4(2-2-6-1-1)LINDA FAY BAIRD b. 12/21/1945 d. 8/18

E4(2-2-6-2) DOROTHY GLYN BAIRD b. 11/18/1924 m. 11/27/1946 to HENRY LEON WILKIE b. 5/15/1921 lived Corpus Christi TX
E4(2-2-6-3) RITA FAYE BAIRD b. 7/25/1931 m. 1/23/1951 to EDWARD TERRELL WALTERS b. 2/15/1929
E4(2-2-6-4) SIDNEY CHRISTINE BAIRD b. 2/28/1931 m. 8/29/1953 to JOHN COOK CHAMPION b. 8/19/1930 lived Houston TX

E4(2-2-7) LORINE BAIRD b. 9/21/1901 m. 4/10/1930 to ELMER C CUMMINS b. 1/12/1902 lived Ft Worth TX

E4(2-2-7-1) WILLIAM CLAY CUMMINS b. 12/17/1934 m. 11/5/1957 to MARY LOUISE DYESS b. 7/16/1937 lived Ft Worth

E4(2-2-8) C B BAIRD b. 12/9/1903 m. 9/21/1926 to FLORA MASSEY b. 8/2/1908 lived Ft North TX

E4(2-2-8-1) C B BAIRD JR b. 8/11/1929 m. 2/7/1953 to MYRA CRAIG b. 4/28/1935 lived Ft Worth TX
E4(2-2-8-2) BYRON ROSS BAIRD b. 3/10/1936 m. 4/2/1956 to MARION SLAUGHTER b. 10/14/1936 lived Ft Worth TX

E4(2-2-9) MARJORIE BAIRD b. 9/17/1906 m. 5/27/1925 to T C Tripp Jr b. 3/3/1904 d. 1/3/1937

E4(2-2-9-1) LELAND BAIRD TRIPP b. 3/21/1926 m. 1/29/1947 to DORIS COURTNEY b. 1/8/1928 lived Ft Worth TX

E4(2-2-10) RUTH BAIRD b. 4/21/1909 m. 6/6/1929 to ED HYDE b. 5/11/1909

E4(2-2-10-1)DISA ANN HYDE b. 12/21/1936
E4(2-2-10-2) NINYA BETH HYDE b. 8/1/1939

E4(3) NANCY JANE "JANE" BAIRD b. abt 1844 m. abt 1864 to LEWIS L LAFERNEY lived & died MO


E4(6) MARY LOUISE BAIRD b. 2/4/1864 d. 1891 m. JACK KEAUN
E4(7) MARTBAANN BAIRD b. 1/22/1866 d. 1896 m. ROBERT HARRIS
E4(9) AMANDA CORDELIA BAIRD m. ____ Harris
E4(10) WILLIAM THOMAS BAIRD b. 12/26/1871 d. 1/16/1900

E4(11-1) MARY GRACE RASPBERRY b. 1/7/1896 m. FRED SHAUVER of Nettleton AR (1945) (possession of the THOMAS JEFFERSON BAIRD Bible and family records. (Nettleton now Jonesboro AR (1977))

E5 MILES BAIRD (WILLIAM J, ALEXANDER) b. 6/17/1817 in Wilson County TN d. 3/25/1900 Hutto, Williamson County, TX m. 10/4/1838 Simpson County KY to ELIZABETH HARRIS dau. of ALEXANDER HARRIS (b. 2/14/1784 d. 11/17/1861) & SELIAH HORN (b. 1/26/1788 d. 5/10/1865) b. 2/15/1823 probably in Simpson County KY d. 8/6/1899 Hutto TX moved to Simpson County KY ca 1844 & to Williamson County TX in 1882 both bur. on Lot 10, Section A of the Hutto Cemetery

E5(1) MARY JANE BAIRD b. 12/20/1839 Simpson County KY. d. 10/9/1871 Simpson County KY m. WILLIAM EDWARD JERNIGAN (Info from Mrs HEMDON CONN, Cross Plains TN) WM - 1st cousin to the mother of MRS CONN. HERMDON CONN was a descendant of THOMAS BAIRD, son of ALEXANDER BAIRD & ELIZABETH JENNINGS (Per the MIRETVA BAIRD Papers-BAIRD & JENNINGS FAMILY.

E5(1-1) CHARLES JERNIGAN lived Nashville TN
E5(1-2) ELIZABETH JERNIGAN m. ____ Ponds E5(1-3) ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" JERNIGAN d. typhoid fever 18 years

E5(2) MARTHA FRANCES BAIRD b. 9/3/1841 Simpson County KY d. 7/29/1874 Hutto TX m. ca 1860 to WESLEY BARNES d. 12/25/1912 Hutto TX bur. same plot as MILES & ELIZABETH

E5(2-1) THOMAS DUKE BARNES b. 10/20/1863 Simpson County KY m. 2/20/1895 to ANNA ROSE RIEDEN lived San Antonio TX

E5(2-1-1) IRENE MAE BARNES b. 9/12/1896
E5(2-1-2) BESSIE BELLE BARNES b. 9/30/1898 m. 4/24/1920 to RAYMOND PAUL STOCKTON JR lived San Antonio TX

E5(2-1-2-1) RAYMOND PAUL STOCKTON III b. 1/11/1925

E5(2-2) W E BARNES b. 10/22/1865 Simpson County KY m. 1st 2/2/1891 to FANNIE APPLING of Frankfort KY m. 2nd 6/9/1901 Hutto TX to IDA L MCELROY lived Georgetown TX

E5(2-2-1) WILLIAM GUY BARNES b. 3/7/1897 m. 6/11/1921 to MABEL RAY lived Hutto TX

E5(2-2-1-1) WILLIAM GUY BARNES JR b. 1/21/1924
E5(2-2-1-2) YVONNE BARNES b. 11/7/1926
E5(2-2-1-3) JANE LOUISE BARNES b. 12/11/1930

E5(2-2-2) MILTON BARNES JR b. 3/22/1902 m. BESSIE EUGENE CAINOR 6/7/1923 lived Hutto TX

E5(2-2-2-1) EUGENE BARNES b. 4/1/1924
E5(2-2-2-2) GERALDINE BARNES b. 8/8/1927
E5(2-2-2-3) MILTON BARNES b. 5/16/1931

E5(2-2-3) MYRTLE MAE BARNES b. 4/2/1904 m. 6/6/1926 to LUTHER BACHLOCK lived Phoenix AZ

E5(2-2-3-1) MARYLYN BACHLOCK b. 8/15/1928
E5(2-2-3-2) CALVIN LUTHER BACHLOCK b. 3/29/1930


E5(3) WILLIAM ALEXANDER BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 4/1/1843 Simpson County KY d. 5/28/1927 near Florence TX m. SARAH "SALLIE" JONES (ALEXANDER HARRIS (b. 2/14/1784 d. 11/17/1861 m. 12/24/1807 SELAH HORN b. 1/26/1788 d. 5/10/1865)) b. 7/29/1845 d. 6/24/1912 Florence TX

E5(3-1) ALICE BAIRD b. 11/21/1866 Simpson County KY m. DICK MCKINNIS 12/28/1885 lived Florence TX

E5(3-1-1) ARTHUR MCKINNIS b. 1/12/1887 Florence TX m. GERTRUDE WILEY 8/26/1911 lived Florence TX

E5(3-1-1-1) FRANCES MCKINNIS b. 9/12/1912 m. GENE MERRITT
E5(3-1-1-2) ELLA LEE MCKINNIS b. 6/12/1927

E5(3-2) NORA MCKINNIS b. 4/25/1889 Florence TX m. CHARLEY CLARK 4/5/1927 lived Edinburg TX

E5(3-1-3) SARAH MCKINNIS b. 6/22/1891 Florence TX m. TOMMIE FORBIS 6/23/1916 lived Ft Worth TX

E5(3-1-3-1) WILMA MARIE FORBIS b. 6/22/1918
E5(3-1-3-2) HELEN LOUISE FORBIS b. 8/28/1921
E5(3-1-3-3) THOMAS TILLMAN FORBIS b. 3/21/1925

E5(3-1-4) EFFIE MCKINNIS b. 12/12/1894 Florence TX m. J E STOREY 6/15/1910

E5(3-1-4-1) ELLION STOREY b. 2/23/1912 m. F C NICHOLS 6/9/1929 lived Andice TX

E5(3-1-4-1-1) JUANITA NICHOLS b. 4/17/1930

E5(3-1-4-2) ILA MAE STOREY b. 2/4/1914 m. D C REEDER 12/1/1930 lived Andice TX

E5(3-1-4-2-1) KENNETH REEDER b. 9/2/1931

E5(3-1-4-3) JESSIE MAE STOREY b. 10/9/1916

E5(3-1-5) ALEX MCKINNIS b. 6/1/1908 m. MILDRED ALFORD 6/14/1925 lived Waco TX

E5(3-2) THOMAS BAIRD (WM ALEXANDER, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 11/28/1868 Simpson County KY m. SALLIE B PARKER 11/8/1892 Merrelltown TX lived Greenville TX (1932)

E5(3-2-1) ELLIS P BAIRD b. 12/22/1895 Round Rock TX m. 1918 BESSIE WATSON lived Campbell TX
E5(3-2-2) WILLIS H BAIRD b. 9/1/1897 Round Rock TX m. 1915 RUBY TUCKER lived Campbell TX

E5(3-2-2-1) ARLIE BAIRD b. 1918
E5(3-2-2-2) THERD BAIRD b. 1920

E5(3-2-3) MINNIE MABLE BAIRD b. 10/5/1905 Commerce TX m. JIM PACE 10/5/1921

E5(3-2-3-1) DOROTHY NELL PACE b. 1926



E5(3-4) TOLITHA BAIRD b. 8/14/1879 Simpson County KY m. 1/20/1898 Travis County TX to JAMES HERMAN WARD lived Amarillo TX

E5(3-4-1) WILLIAM H WARD b. 1/29/1899 m. 9/9/1921 ARTICE LEE WICKER lived Amarillo TX

E5(3-4-1-1) BETTY LOUISE WARD b. 7/24/1923 Williamson Co TX

E5(3-4-2) LOUISE A WARD b. 4/2/1901 Travis County TX m. 1917 MARION H COLLIER lived Williamson County TX

E5(3-4-2-1) JAMES C COLLIER b. 6/20/1920 Williamson Co TX

E5(3-4-3) BERTHA MAY WARD b. 8/9/1903 m. 1921 Georgetown TX to VICTOR ROBERTSON

E5(3-4-3-1) PAULINE ROBERTSON b. 6/22/1923 Round Rock TX

E5(3-4-4) CORNELIUS WARD b. 1/3/1907 Williamson County TX m. Amarillo TX to CHRISTINE BRADLEY

E5(3-4-4-1) DARRIELL DAVID WARD b. 1/23/1929
E5(3-4-4-2) JEANANN WARD b. 2/18/1931

E5(3-5) ROSA EDNA BAIRD b. 7/7/1881 Simpson County KY m. 8/18/1897 Georgetown TX to CLAYTON JOHNSON lived Oklahoma City OK (1932)

E5(3-5-1) CORA EDNA JOHNSON b. 6/20/1899 Georgetown TX m. 2/3/1926 to CLEMENT FRANK WALLIS
E5(3-5-2) BROWDER LEE JOHNSON b. 1/14/1901 Georgetown TX m. 1/1/1926 to CELA VESTA RENTFRAU

E5(3-5-2-1) BROWDER LEE JOHNSON JR b. 9/23/1931

E5(3-5-3) RAYMOND CECIL JOHNSON b. 12/19/1906 Liberty Hill TX m. 3/29/1927 CECIL ANNA BATT

E5(3-5-3-1) BILLIE JEAN JOHNSON b. 11/22/1929

E5(3-6) BROWDER JESSE BAIRD (WM ALEXANDER, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 7/15/1882 Simpson County KY d. 10/31/1963 m. 11/1/1905 Franklin, Simpson County KY to NANNIE LOGAN EUBANK d. 4/10/1986 lived Queen City TX & New Braunfels TX

E5(3-6-1) FRANK LEE BAIRD b. 11/26/1906 Florence, Williamson County, TX m. 12/24/1931 to ONIE LEE PENNEY (HENDERSON PENNY & MARVIE JONES of Linden TX) b. 11/1/1913 Linden TX

E5(3-6-1-1) FRANK LEE BAIRD JR b. 10/30/1932 Atlanta TX d. 4/18/1934 Atlanta TX
E5(3-6-1-2) HAZEL ANN BAIRD b. 11/1/1944 Atlanta TX

E5(3-6-2) TRUMAN JESSE BAIRD b. 7/9/1915 Jonah TX m. RAE ____ lived Kilgore TX (1991)

E5(3-6-2-1) BETTY JO BAIRD (a twin) b. 8/3/1935 Longview TX m. ED HALE


E5(3-6-2-2) BOBBY RAE BAIRD (a twin) b. 8/3/1935 Longview TX m. JOANNE LORENGEN

E5(3-6-2-2-1) LAURA JEAN BAIRD m. ____ DEAN

E5(3-6-3) JACK LONDON BAIRD b. 5/22/1911 m. Tyler TX 3/31/1936 to GEORGIA LOUISE BRANDENBURG

E5(3-5-3-1) HELEN LOUISE BAIRD b. 2/13/1936 Atp TX m. Baytown TX to BOB TULLOW


E5(3-6-4) MINNIE MARGUERITE BAIRD b. 1/8/1913 m. 6/10/1929 Texarkana AR to LEROY ELROD lived Queen City TX

E5(3-6-4-1) MELVIN CLIFFORD ELROD b. 6/14/1930

E5(3-6-5) JAMES BROWDER BAIRD b. 8/12/1914 Williamson County TX d. 4/6/1982 m. March to LOIS WILSON Both bur. Courtland Cemetery, Cass County TX
E5(3-6-6) HALLIE R BAIRD m. ____ IVY lived San Antonio TX
E5(3-6-7) HERMAN WILSON BAIRD b. 7/28/1918 Arkins AR d. 6/24/1975 bur. Elizabeth CO m. DOROTHY ROE

E5(3-6-7-1) FLOYD D BAIRD b. Ft Morgan CO lived Kansas City MO
E5(3-6-7-2) KAREN BAIRD b. Ft Collins CO

E5(3-6-8) FLOYD ODELL BAIRD b. 10/25/1920 Ozark AR m. 7/3/1942 to EDITH P WILSON b. 12/20/1925 Girard TX lived San Antonio TX
E5(3-6-9) RAYMOND E BAIRD m. BETTY ____ lived Wake Village TX
E5(3-6-10) EDGAR R BAIRD b. 9/24/1924 m. 1st 10/5/1946 to MARGARET R WRAY d. 2/26/1983 bur. Bowie County TX m. 2nd 6/22/1984 to LOUISE MOSS. LOUISE has two sons
E5(3-6-11) ALTA MAE BAIRD b. 7/2/1926 Queen City TX m. Queen City TX 12/28/1945 to GEORGE J GORMAN d. 8/20/1955 in Alta m. 2ND Dallas TX 7/2/1982 to JAMES H MARTIN lived Troup TX (1984)
E5(3-6-12) EDNA JANE BAIRD b. 4/13/1928 Queen City, Cass County TX m. San Antonio TX 4/3/1947 RICHARD OTIS EASTMAN (Ret. USAF) b. 4/30/1927 Sanford ME
E5(3-6-13) BILLY J BAIRD m. MARGE ____ lived Loveland CO

E5(3-7) EUGENE BAIRD b. 10/11/1884 Simpson County KY m. 9/10/1905 Stillwater OK to PHERNE MAPLE lived Oklahoma City OK

E5(3-7-1) KEITH OWEN BAIRD b. 9/29/1906 Perkins OK m. 3/28/1929 E1 Reno OK to RUTH SWINFORD


E5(3-7-2) WILLIAM MAPLE BAIRD b. 8/13/1908
E5(3-7-3) DEAN VICTOR BAIRD b. 1/18/1911
E5(3-7-4) JACK SAMUEL BAIRD b. 1/18/1916 Oklahoma City OK

E5(3-8) ADA BELL BAIRD (WM ALEXANDER, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 11/9/1886 at HutSo TX m. 2/5/1905 Andice TX to GLEN W PARSONS

E5(3-8-1) FLORA CLYDE PARSONS b. 3/6/1906 at Andice TX m. 11/23/1923 to ORION A RUTLEDGE

E5(3-8-1-1) ORION CLYDE RUTLEDGE b. 7 Oct 1924
E5(3-8-1-2) RUSHEL VERNON RUTLEDGE b. 7/30/1926
E5(3-8-1-3) LOLA CATHERINE RUTLEDGE b. 1/18/1929
E5(3-8-1-4) MARY HELEN RUTLEDGE b. 3/2/1931

E5(3-8-2) O WELDON PARSONS b. 7/5/1908 Andice TX m. 7/17/1930 MARY CHILES

E5(3-9) DORA BAIRD b. 11/1/1888 at Hutto TX m. 11/1/1905 Florence TX to W C PARSONS lived Andice TX

E5(3-9-1) LOLA RACHEL PARSONS b. 10/19/1906 d. 2/9/1908
E5(3-9-2) WELDON CHARLES PARSONS b. 6/8/1911

E5(4) SELA H BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 7/29/1845 in Simpson County KY d. bef 1865
E5(5) E THOMAS BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 7/28/1847 in Simpson County KY d. 11/1925 Hutto TX m. 1868 JAMES THOMAS EWING b. Trenton KY d. 12/10/1913 Hutto TX

E5(5-1) JENNIE LILLIAN EWING b. 5/12/1872 Cross Plains (b. Williamson County TX?) TN m. 8/8/1893 Hutto TX to WILLIAM WHITLEY lived Austin TX (1932)

E5(5-1-1) HOWZE LEE WHITLEY b. 8/31/1894 Hutto TX m. 1917 Austin TX to ANNIE MUSSETT lived Bryan TX

E5(5-1-1-1) HOWZE LEE WHITLEY JR b. 12/1918
E5(5-1-1-2) WILLIAM JOSEPH WHITLEY b. 9/1920

E5(5-1-2) VERA EWING WHITLEY b. 6/26/1900 Austin TX m. 6/12/1924 Austin TX to TOM LORENZO DENNIS b. 10/24/1899 CLEBURNE TX lived Port Arthur TX

E5(5-1-2-1) TOM LORENZO DENNIS JR b. 5/31/1930

E5(5-2) EDGAR GILL EWING b. 11/7/1881 Cross Plains TN m. 7/18/1918 El Paso TX to FLORENCE ELOISE "ELOISE" CHAMBERS b. Lansing MI lived Grand Haven MI

E5(5-3) WILLIAM AMMON EWING b. 1885 Hutto TX m. 1910 to JOSEPHINE HANNE lived Taylor TX

E5(6) THOMAS GOULD BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 10/8/1849 Simpson County KY d. 5/10/1884 Simpson County KY m. 11/7/1865 Robertson County TN to MARY ANN TATE b. 8/19/1845 lived White House TN with son, JAMES WESLEY BAIRD (1932)

E5(6-1) NANCY ELIZABETH BAIRD b. 10/15/1880 TN d. 10/27/1929 Auburndale FL m. 1st GEORGE PRESTON d. 4/7/1907 Greenbrier TN m. 2nd J F GRUBBS

E5(6-1-1) THOMAS PRESTON b. 11/2/1898 d. 10/6/1918 (WWI)
E5(6-1-2) JOHNNEY A PRESTON b. 1/3/1900 TN m. 8/10/1923 to EDNA DOLSSEE lived Nashville TN (No issue)
E5(6-1-3) ETHEL PRESTON b. 2/8/1902 d. 1/11/1903
E5(6-1-4) CHATOM PRESTON b. 9/10/1904 Earlington KY d. Tullahoma TN
E5(6-1-5) RAYMOND PRESTON b. 6/9/1906 Earlington KY m. STELLA TRASH lived Auburndale FL (No issue)
E5(6-1-6) STELLA GRUBBS b. abt 1910 Auburndale FL m. 1st unknown m. 2nd JOHN W DURHAM
E5(6-1-7) MARGARET GRUBBS b. abt 1922 Auburndale FL
E5(6-1-8) EURA DEAN GRUBBS b. abt 1916 Auburndale FL
E5(6-1-9) OMA BELLE GRUBBS b. abt 1919 Auburndale FL
E5(6-1-10) LOVIS GRUBBS b. abt 1921 Auburndale FL
E5(6-1-11) EVELYN GRUBBS b. abt 1924 Auburndale FL

E5(6-2) JAMES WESLEY BAIRD b. 1/28/1884 Simpson County KY m. 11/5/1911 FANNIE JO JERNIGAN b. 10/5/1894 lived White House TN

E5(6-2-1) JEWEL WESLEY BAIRD b. 11/8/1914 d. 11/14/1914
E5(6-2-2) MARVIN BAIRD b. 9/17/1915 d. 9/17/1915
E5(6-2-3) EURA DEAN BAIRD b. 1/24/1917
E5(6-2-4) RUFUS WILLIAM BAIRD b. 9/20/1919
E5(6-2-5) ANNA LAURA BAIRD b. 11/2/1921
E5(6-2-6) ALMA RHEA BAIRD b. 3/22/1924

E5(7) NANCY ANNE BAIRD (Miles & Elizabeth Harris, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 9/17/1851 in Simpson County KY m. 8/14/1873 to S C CROSLIN b. 7/8/1836 TN d. 1/11/1924 Hutto TX lived Hutto (1932)

E5(7-1) NORMAN WILBURN CROSLIN b. 7/30/1874 Simpson County KY m. 10/31/1900 to EDNA WILSON lived Austin TX

E5(7-1-1) WILBURN CROSLIN b. 9/7/1901 m. 6/6/1926 to BIRDIE LEE BARNES lived Austin TX

E5(7-1-1-1) CHARLES WILBURN CROSLIN b. 6/24/1927
E5(7-1-1-2) EDGAR CROSLIN b. 7/13/1929
E5(7-1-1-3) EDNA LEE CROSLIN b. 3/10/1932

E5(7-1-2) JOHN WILSON CROSLIN b. 3/20/1903 lived Austin TX
E5(7-1-3) WINSTON DUDLEY CROSLIN b. 9/29/1906 lived Ft Worth TX

E5(7-2) JOHN C CROSLIN b. 3/18/1876 Simpson County KY m. 9/22/1897 TX to lived Austin TX

E5(7-2-1) ALVA CROSLIN b. 5/24/1906 m. 8/17/1926 to J CALVIN WARD

E5(7-2-1-1) CALVIN CROSLIN JR b. 10/2/1929 lived Austin TX

E5(7-2-2) KALSTAH CROSLIN b. 5/26/1914 lived Austin TX

E5(7-3) ELIZABETH CROSLIN b. 1/23/1879 Simpson County KY m. 1st 8/12/1910 TX to CHARLES B ALLEN d. 3/27/1912 m. 2nd 6/27/1915 to J B BREHM of Pittsburg lived Hutto TX No issue
E5(7-4) FANNIE CROSLIN b. 7/3/1886 Hutto TX m. 8/18/1906 to PORTER WALKER lived Hutto TX

E5(7-4-1) FAYE WALKER b. 1/9/1910
E5(7-4-2) FRED WALKER b. 8/28/1912
E5(7-4-3) ALLENE WALKER b. 8/8/1916
E5(7-4-4) DORIS WALKER b. 2/2/1923

E5(7-5) LEVETA CROSLIN b. 8/6/1889 Hutto TX lived Taylor TX

E5(8) ROBERT SELDON BAIRD (MILES, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 12/25/1853 Simpson County KY d. 6/21/1897 Hutto TX bur. next to MILES & ELIZABETH Hutto TX m. 2nd 1882 Greenbrier TN to MARY M JONES d. 11/2/1915 Greenbrier TN buried there

E5(8-1) LELA BAIRD b. 1883 Hutto TX d. 11/26/1916 Greenbrier TN m. 1900 Plains TN to W R YOUNG b. Cross Plains TN

E5(8-1-1) RALPH YOUNG b. 7/2/1904 Cross Plains TN
E5(8-1-2) BEATRICE YOUNG b. 4/2/1908 Cross Plains TN
E5(8-1-3) GAYBELLE YOUNG b. 11/13/1910 d. 9/27/1921 Springfield TN

E5(8-2) VIRGIE BAIRD b. 12/18/1885 Round Rock TX m. W O Covington d. 3/29/1930 White House TN lived White House TN (1932)

E5(8-2-1) VERNON BROWN COVINGTON b. 11/8/1905 m. 1927 to MARY LIVINGSTON

E5(8-2-1-1) BILLY RAY COVINGTON b. 1928

E5(8-2-2) GLADYS ESTES COVINGTON b. 4/27/1911
E5(8-2-3) MARY LUCILLE COVINGTON b. 8/14/1914

E5(8-3) TEXIE ANNA BAIRD b. 5/25/1887 Hutto TX d. 8/21/1925 Greenbrier TN m. 12/25/1910 Greenbrier TN to BOYD WESLEY JONES b. 9/2/1887
E5(8-4) VIRGIL BAIRD b. 7/6/1889 Round Rock TX 1/12/1913 Greenbrier TN m. EDITH WARREN d. 8/19/1984 Greenbrier TN

E5(8-4-1) RUBY ALONA BAIRD b. 6/30/1917
E5(8-4-2) JAMES DONALD BAIRD b. 11/1/1925

E5(8-5) DAVIE CROCKETT BAIRD b. 1/2/1890 Robinson County TN m. 5/17/1914 White House TN to EVA SIMMONS b. 8/2/1896 lived Springfield TN

E5(8-5-1) ROGER DENNIS BAIRD b. 7/23/1915 d. 12/12/1915
E5(8-5-2) THOMAS UDELL BAIRD b. 1/26/1917
E5(8-5-3) GLENNA RUTH BAIRD b. 5/10/1919
E5(8-5-4) "Infant" BAIRD b. & d. 8/12/1924
E5(8-5-5) MARTHA LOUISE BAIRD b. 2/28/1926
E5(8-5-6) JOE MILLER BAIRD b. 5/1/1928

E5(8-6) CHARLES WESLEY BAIRD b. 3/7/1893 TX m. 8/11/1915 Springfield TN to MAMIE WILSON Mamie b. 7/3/1897 Springfield TN

E5(8-6-1) MARGARET LOUISE BAIRD b. 3/6/1918
E5(8-6-2) PAULINE BAIRD b. 11/4/1920
E5(8-6-3) BONNIE BELLE BAIRD b. 5/5/1923
E5(8-6-4) CHARLES DEAN BAIRD b. 7/24/1927
E5(8-6-5) EMMA JEAN BAIRD b. 8/3/1930

E5(8-7) VERNON KING BAIRD b. 5/20/1895 Hutto TX m. 1/9/1916 Greenbrier TN to RUBY MAE WARREN b. 6/22/1897 lived Greenbrier TN

E5(8-7-1) ROYCE LEON BAIRD b. 8/7/1917
E5(8-7-2) ROBERT WARREN BAIRD b. 10/12/1920
E5(8-7-3) JEWEL FRANCIS BAIRD b. 8/25/1922

E5(8-8) ADDIE SELDRON BAIRD b. 8/2/1897 Hutto TX m. 10/20/1916 White House TN to JOHN LYMON SIMMONS b. 11/14/1897 lived White House TN

E5(8-8-1) LOYCE FRANCES SIMMONS b. 9/2/1917
E5(8-8-2) MARY LORENE SIMMONS b. 7/3/1922

E5(9) JOHN HENRY BAIRD (MILES, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 8/14/1856 Simpson County KY d. 11/1883 Round Rock TX Unmarried
E5(10) IROCHUS "IRA" BAIRD (MILES, WM J, ALEXANDER b. 11/9/1858 Simpson County KY d. 7/18/1936 m. 12/22/1886 Liveoak Church near Georgetown Williamson County TX to ISABELLE EMMALINE "BELLE" PAYNE b. 9/9/1866 d. 12/30/1940 lived Loraine TX

E5(10-1) HUSHEL ELMO BAIRD b. 5/20/1888 Williamson County TX m 4/10/1910 to NETTIE BARDWELL b. 1891 San Antonio TX d. 4/15/1991(age nearly 100) San Antonio TX

HUSHEL BAIRD attended the renowned Cumberland University Law School at Lebanon TN (late 1920's), teaching at Cumberland at the time was Professor JAMES O BAIRD (A277) a descendant of JOHN BAIRD, brother to HUSHEL'S grandfather, WILLIAM JENNINGS BAIRD. HUSHEL practiced law at San Antonio TX.

E5(10-1-1) BETTY BAIRD b. m. KENNETH CHISM lived San Antonio TX (1991)

E5(10-2) ROY SANDERS BAIRD b. 6/14/1890 Williamson County TX d. 10/3/1940 m. I10/8/1919 to IDA MEEK. IDA lives Loraine TX & contributed greatly to this compilation on IRA'S family.

E5(10-2-1) HERMAN ROY BAIRD b. 11/26/1920 d. 11/27/1971
E5(10-2-2) EUGENE CARLTON BAIRD b. 6/20/1924 d. 6/25/1985 m. MELBA ___ d. 1985
E5(10-2-3) IRA DALE BAIRD b. 1933 m. 1962 to OLGA ANN REICHLE live Dallas (1991)

E5(10-3) AVIS MINTIE BAIRD b. 10/27/1891 Williamson County TX m. 12/22/1911 to OMA FULLER WAGLEY b. 10/8/1891 Scranton TX d. 7/13/1963 Moran TX AVIS m. 2nd 8/2/1936 to RUEBEN W BROOKS (2 divorces then AVIS took back her maiden name of BAIRD) d. 12/20/1972 Startton TX bur. Loraine TX

E5(10-3-1) RUBY BONNIE WAGLEY b. 2/28/1913 m. 5/27/1937 to HORACE FLOYD DUNN Methodist Minister b. 2/23/1916 Abilene TX lived(1991)

E5(10-3-1-1) WEYMOND RICHARD DUNN JR b. 4/26/1938 m. 6/6/1959 to BETTY BYARS b. 7/17/1939 lived Dallas TX (1991)
E5(10-3-1-2) ELEANOR KAYLENE DUNN b. 10/1939 m. 4/8/1966 to MARK GOEN Mark (divorced 1968)

E5(10-3-2) BERNICE FAYE BAIRD b. 10/22/1916 m. 1/31/1937 Tyler TX to JEWELL COGGIN RUSSELL lived Abilene TX (1991)

E5(10-3-2-1) MADELINE AVUS RUSSELL b. 5/21/1939 d. 12/21/1939

E5(10-4) BESSIE BERNICE BAIRD b. 5/30/1893 Hutto, Williamson County TX d. 3/27/1986 m. 9/15/1912 to ROBERT BONNIE DOWDY d. 2/12/1947 lived Houston TX

E5(10-4-1) ERNESTINE DOWDY b. 1915 Snyder TX d. 12/1948 m. 1932 to JACK E COOPER

E5(10-4-1-1) LILLY CAROLYN COOPER (RN) b. 1935 m. 1955 to ROBERT C MANNING (DDS)
E5(10-4-1-2) JACK E COOPER b. 12/8/1936 m. 1st to ROSEMARY WHEELER m. 2nd 1966 ROSE SZATKOWSKI lived Westfield MA (1991)
E5(10-4-1-3) ROY VERNON COOPER b. 1/1/1939 Houston TX m. 6/22/1961 to BARBARA ANN (FAULK) PLANT (Atty) b. 9/28/1940 Houston TX m. 2nd 5/16/1986 to JUDY ELIZABETH (CAREY) BEGLY (RN) b. 12/11/1946 Springfield MA lived Binghampton NY

E5(10-4-2) MILDRED DOWDY, b. 6/8/1920 Ft Worth TX m. LESTER ROBERTS Houston TX
E5(10-4-3) RUTH E DOWDY b. 1923 Hadley TX (now FT Worth) m. 2/1942 JACK L RUTLEDGE d. 1981 lived Sargent TX (1991). Ruth has contributed greatly to the compilation on IRA'S family

E5(10-5) NOLA LEE BAIRD b. 3/19/1895 Williamson County TX d. 4/20/1978 m. 11/9/1915 JOSEPH J BENNETT lived Loraine TX

E5(10-5-1) HELEN LARUE BENNETT b. 10/2/1918 m. 11/25/1951 IRA WILLIAMSON lived Colorado City TX (1991)
E5(10-5-2) MARGARET LOUISE BENNETT b. 4/16/1920 m. 1944 ALAN GRIFFITH d. 1964 lived San Angelo TX

E5(10-6) RAYMOND CALVIN BAIRD b. 1/3/1889 Dear Sweetwater, Nolan County TX d. 8/20/1938 m. 1923 Jewell Kidd lived Houston TX

E5(10-6-1) BUENA BAIRD b. 1924 d. unmarried
E5(10-6-2) GLORIA BAIRD b. 1925 d. ?

E5(10-7) ELMER MAXWELL BAIRD b. 3/12/1902 Sweetwater, Nolan County TX d. 6/2/1981 m. 5/3/1924 MADELINE BARDWELL d. 6/1981 lived San Antonio TX

E5(10-7-1) MARY LOUISE BAIRD b. 1925 San Antonio TX m. 1947 San Antonio TX to ROY MILLER d. 1991 San Antonio lived Graham TX (1991)
E5(10-7-2) VIRGINIA MAE BAIRD b. 1929 San Antonio TX d. 4/13/1981 m. 5/29/1950 Virginia WILLIAM PATTEN FISCHER lived Corpus Christi (1991)


E6 WILSON BOSTICK BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) Justice of Peace Dyer Co TN b. 10/24/1817 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 2/18/1861 Dyer County TN m. 3/21/1844 Wilson County TN to MARTHA ANN BAIRD (DAVID BAIRD & MARY WYNNE AVERY) b. 12/21/1827 Wilson County TN d. 1/30/1913 Humboldt, Gibson County TN bur. with WILSON Poplar Grove Cemetery, Newburn, TN

MARTHA BAIRD'S parents: DAVID BAIRD b. 1778 NC d. 1/14/1862 Dyer County TN. MARY WYNNE m. 1st 12/29/1817 Wilson County TN to ALLEN AVERY

E6(1) MARY BAIRD (WILSON, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. abt 1847 TN d. early age
E6(2) VICTORIA ANN BAIRD (WILSON, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 7/16/1851 d. 12/1/1876 m. WILLIAM H WALKER Attorney b. 1844 d. 7/27/1907 bur. together Poplar Grove Cemetery, Newburn TN (

E6(2-1) ROBERT BAIRD WALKER (raised by maternal grandmother) b. 8/3/1872 Dyer County TN d. 5/1/1951 bur. Rose Hill Cemetery, Humboldt m. 7/16/1876 Jackson TN to LOUISE BEARE (SAMUEL & SARAH) d. 6/17/1947 Humboldt TN operated ice company Humboldt, TN & Quitman MS then worked for CULLOM & GERTNER Nashville TN. BOB was on a business trip when his grandmother, MARTHA ANN died suddenly. The family did not know how to reach him. He returned home, unexpectedly, the day she died, explaining he felt something was wrong with "Grandma". The family lived at Humboldt TN

E6(2-1-1) ROBERT TAYLOR WALKER Druggist, Sec'y ST BD of Pharmacy b. 1/3/1897 d. abt 1975 Nashville TN m. LORENE DONAHO
E6(2-1-2) JULIAN WILSON WALKER Printer(Hetteman Bros) b. 6/21/1899 Newburn TN m. LOUISE CARTER (JAMES) b. 1896 Quitman MS d. 10/8/1976 Jackson MS

E6(2-1-2-1) EVELYN WALKER b. 8/5/1926 Jackson MS m. WILLIAM HERIN
E6(2-1-2-2) ANN WALKER b. 1930 Jackson MS m. ROBERT W MCGILL

E6(2-1-3) MARIE WALKER b. 4/25/1901 m. WALLACE COWAN NELSON Nashville TN lived Memphis TN
E6(2-1-4) MARTHA WALKER b. 3/3/1903 m. MILTON JAMES RYMAN b. 5/3/1903 Nashville TN. Milton operated Ryman Pontiac in Dalton GA

E6(2-1-4-1) MILTON JAMES RYMAN JR (Car Dealer) b. 8/10/1929 Nashville TN m. MARY MANLY lived Dalton GA
E6(2-1-4-2) CAROLINE RYMAN b. 4/19/1939 Dalton GA m. 1st ARMIN MAIER JR m. 2nd W HENRY MILNER lived Dalton GA

E6(3) ROBERT C. BAIRD b. 10/27/1853 d. 3/28/1869 Dyer County TN bur. Poplar Grove Cemetery, Newburn TN

*********************MISSING 2 PAGES HERE ****************************

E6(4-2) HAROLD JAMES BAIRD (WILLIAM WILSON BAIRD & MYRTLE NOEL COLLIER) b. 1/23/1898 Humboldt TN d. 8/27/1963 Nashville TN bur. Mt Olivet Cemetery Nashville TN (JOHNSON/RUSSELL lot) m. 2/18/1925 Nashville TN to STELLA LOUISE "LUDIE" RICE (WILLIAM JONES RICE (Policeman), JOHN S (Baptist Minister & NELLIE MAE RUSSELL) b. 2/4/1904 Nashville TN.

HAROLD JAMES BAIRD Manager Nashville Airport & City Commissioner also partner with brother, WILL COLLIER, in BAIRD & Co., a flour broker­age business.

E6(4-2-1) WILLIAM WILSON BAIRD b. 11/6/1925 Nashville TN m. 10/21/1950 Corinth MS to ELEANOR JACQUILINE LEE (CECIL RAY LEE & MARY CATHERINE BETHEL) b. 10/12/1930 Barlow KY lived Nashville TN
E6(4-2-2) NELL MYRTLE BAIRD b. 3/17/1928 Nashville TN m. 11/30/1948 Nashville TN to ALFRED BLACKMAN HUDDLESTON Attorney & MARY HELEN BECKER of Murfreesboro TN lived Marietta GA
E6(4-2-3) LOUISE "SIS" RICE BAIRD b. 11/21/1931 Nashville TN m. 8/22/1953 Nashville TN to JOHN PARKES KINNARD JR (MD) (JOHN PARKS KINNARD & MARTHA SMITHSON of Franklin TN)
E6(4-2-4) HAROLD JAMES BAIRD, JR (HAROLD JAMES BAIRD & STELLA LOUISE RICE) b. 3/6/1935 Nashville TN. m. 6/10/1959 Nashville TN to CAROLYN ISABELL (MANSFIELD) ALDER b. 9/18/1931 (WILLIAM VIVIAN MANSFIELD druggist & HETTIE CREN WALKER) her children adopted by HAROLD


E7 ELIZABETH BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 3/6/1822 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN m. 6/17/1840 Wilson County TN to JAMES MARTIN m. 2nd __ LANOIR (LANIER) lived MO. JAMES MARTIN brother of MARY MARTIN, 1st wife of THOMAS JEFFERSON BAIRD (E4) & brother of WESLEY MARTIN, husband of MARY BAIRD (El2)


E8 SARAH "SALLIE" C BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. abt 1824 Wilson County TN d. 1901 bur. Oakwood Cemetery Dyer TN m. 11/3/1841 Wilson County TN to WILSON A BEAM b. 1821 Wilson county TN d. 1901 bur. Oakwood Cemetery Dyer TN.

WILSON A BEAM owned & operated W A HEARN Foundry later called BEAM Brothers Carriage & Wagon Co Dyer TN. He is credited with building the Dyer Cunberland Presbyterian Church (See pgs 131-132 & 512 GIBSON COUNTY PAST AND PRESENT). (See LOST LINKS pg 470). (See 1850 census of Wilson County TN ~912-998)

E8(1) FOSTER HEARN b. abt 1842 Wilson County TN
E8(2) MARY JANE HEARN b. 7/2/1843 d. 11/6/1880 Gibson County TN m. ROBERT E BAIRD d. 1853 TN bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Dyer TN

E8(2-1) JOHN BAIRD b. abt 1875 m. MISSIE LANDRUM
E8(2-2) IDA BAIRD b. 11/19/1876 d. 8/26/1882 Dyer TN
E8(2-3) ESSE BAIRD b. abt 1878 m. WALTER CRABTREE lived Chattanooga TN
E8(2-4) CASSIE L BAIRD b. 1/8/1880 d. 7/1880 Dyer TN
E8(2-5) BERTHA BAIRD m. __ Gauldin

E8(3) WILLIAM G HEARN Circuit riding Preacher b. abt 1845 Wilson County TN m. Jane __ . He was charter member Dyer TN Baptist Church (1885)(See pg 364, GIBSON COUNTY PAST AND PRESENT)


E8(2-1-1) GEORGIE RUTH HEARN m. 1st to __ OVEWRALL m. 2nd to GLENN GLADHILL in Dyer TN


E8(4) MARTIN HEARN b. abt 1846 Wilson County TN
E8(6) CASSIE HEARN b. abt 1852 d. 1923 Dyer TN. They raised Cassie's niece, SALLIE MAE HEARN. No issue
E8(7) ROBERT H HEARN b. abt 1856 m. 1st to __ MCDANIEL m. 2nd to ADA MCDANIEL sister of 1st wife. (These sisters had a brother R B MCDANIEL who married TENHIE HEARN
E8(9) ROBERT HEARN "foremost" builder(1890's) Dyer TN d. 1935 m. 2nd ADA _____ b. 1866 d. 1947 both bur. Oakwood Cemetery Dyer TN.

ROBERT HEARN ran a saw mill, a shingle mill & was a framing carpenter. He built commercial buildings for rental purposes. His firm was HEARN-MCDANIEL Co & later H J CRAVER; Alderman 4th Ward Dyer TN & Elder The First Presbyterian Church(See pgs 132-134 & 550 GIBSON COUNTY, PAST & PRESENT).


E8(8) JOHN W HEARN b. abt 1858 d. abt 1937
E8(9) TENNESSEE "TENNIE" HEARN (WILSON A HEARN & SARAH C BAIRD) b. abt 1849 Wilson County TN (One record gives birth date as 7/5/1861 in Dyer TN) d. 6/18/1895 m. R B MCDANIEL (brother to wife of ROBERT HEARN(E8(6)) b. 6/2/1858 d. 6/14/1933. R B was President of the Farmers and Merchants Bank Dyer TN br>
E8(9-1) PEARL MCDANIEL b. 1882 m. HOLLIE G MCFARLAND b. 3/14/1887 d. 10/9/1961 lived Jackson TN


E8(9-3) CHARLES WILSON MCDANIEL b. 9/4/1889 d. 7/30/1976 Dyer TN m. 1st MAGGIE BARROW d. 1917 during childbirth m. 2nd 10/22/1919 LELA HOLLAND b. 8/5/1899 d. 10/1977. Charles worked at the Farmers & Merchants Bank of Dyer TN for 59 years and was President of the bank until his retirement in the 1970's.

E8(9-3-1) ROBERT HOLLAND MCDANIEL b. 4/11/1925 d. 3/14/1969 m. CLYDENE HODGE b. 8/24/1929 the Ozarks lived Dyer TN

E8(10) CHARLES L HEARN b. 1863 d. 1931 m. JOSEPHINE KIMBRO b. 1876 d. 1952 bur. Dyer TN

E8(10-1) MARY MAUDE HEARN, m. JAMES A HADLEY Civil Engineer lived Humboldt TN

E8(11) JAMES CLINTON HEARN b. 11/201868 d. 10/1/1909 m. LELA K BAIRD b. 8/16/1867 (JOHN WILLIAM BAIRD & SARAH ANN ROE Humboldt TN; David Baird (b. 1778 NC)) d. 11/12/1906. Reported­ly, JAMES HEARN'S parents went by two horse wagon to visit the BAIRD'S in Humboldt TN. When they were ready to return to Dyer TN they invited LELA BAIRD to visit them in Dyer and attend a "big meeting" in Dyer. LELA accepted. CHARLES HEARN (E8(10)) fell for LELA at once and escorted her all around, while all the time she was "ogling" his brother, JAMES. When LELA was dying her daughter, SALLIE MAE, remembers Cousin MYRTLE BAIRD (wife of WILLIAM WILSON, (E64) sending her sister to help during the illness & and how good MAE COLLIER was to her mother. JAMES & LELA bur. Oakwood Cemetery Dyer TN.

E8(11-1) SALLIE MAE HEARN (JAMES) b. 9/15/1889 m. ERNEST HALL b. 1/31/1889 d. 12/22/1963 bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Dyer TN. Sallie Mae lost her parents early in life and was raised by her AUNT CASSIE (E86). SALLIE MAE was still living in 1977 and taught piano lessons in Dyer TN. She lived alone and used a wheel chair and walker due to a stroke several years earlier. She remembers visiting with COUSIN MYRTLE and COUSIN WILL and AUNT MARTHA (E64) in Humboldt TN

E8(11-1-1) ELIZABETH HALL b. abt 1913 m. ___ DORSEY lived Memphis TN
E8(11-1-2) RAYMOND HALL b. abt 1921 m. ESTER MURL FLETCHER (O T FLETCHER of Fletchertown Commun­ity of Gibson County TN. Operates a large farm near Dyer TN. Children's names unknown.

E8(11-2) ALFRED BAIRD HEARN b. 10/5/1893 d. 2/1973 Ridgley TN m. IVY MCBRIDE

E8(11-2-1) LELA HEARN
E8(11-2-2) JAMES HEARN

E8(11-3) WILLARD HEARN BAIRD b. 1/3/1897 d. 2/25/1907 bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Dyer TN


E9 MARTHA "PATSY" BAIRD (WM J & LUCINDA BENNETT, ALEXANDER) b. 7/4/1826 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 7/12/1876 m. 11/11/1845 Wilson Co TN to GEORGE W THOMPSON b. 10/22/1822 d. 2/27/1900 Both bur. Thompson Graveyard, 19th District, Wilson County TN on Gainesville Road, 10 miles south of Lebanon TN (See GOODSPEED HISTORY OF TN-Wilson County, pg 1120 and BIBLE RECORDS-TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS by Acklen). Also see 1850 TN Census, Wilson County %1094-1025). VIRGINIA MAJORS, a great granddaughter of MARTHA corresponded with RIDLEY BAIRD of BAIRD'S Mill with information on MARTHA abt 1930.

E9(1) WILLIAM T THOMPSON b. 8/13/1846
E9(2) CHARLES C THOMPSON b. 9/20/1848 d. 7/12/1890
E9(3) ELIZABETH FRANCES THOMPSON b. 11/20/1850 d. 6/9/1889 bur. Thompson Graveyard w/parents m. WILLIAM L MARTIN


El0 WILLIAM JENNINGS BAIRD JR (WM J & LUCINDA BENNETT, ALEXANDER)Civil War/Pvt, Co I 24th Inf, CSA b. 3/8/1828 BAIRD'S Mill Wilson County TN d. 2/9/1910 m. 1st 11/5/1850 to MARTHA WILLIAMS (JULIUS (NC), JOSEPH) William J. Jr. m. 2nd 12/14/1889 Norene TN to NANNIE ESTES lived Norene TN (1932)

E10(1) MARY BELL BAIRD (WM J JR, WM J, ALEXANDER) Inspector of Patents b. 11/20/1850 Wilson County TN d. 2/1927 Nashville TN m. 4/1877 Wilson Co TN to CHARLES HENRY DAVIDSON b. 12/1852 d. 6/1928 Nashville TN

E10(1-1) MARTHA "MATTIE" DAVIDSON b. 3/1/1878 Wilson County TN m. 3/1/1924 Alexandria VA to RICHARD T DAVIS lived Highlands VA
E10(1-2) WINNIE DAVIDSON b. 5/2/1880 Wilson County TN m. 2/22/1906 lived Lawrenceburg TN

E10(1-2-1) JOHN CLARENCE CANNON JR b. 1/14/1907 Lawrenceburg TN m. 5/12/1931 to MARY REYNOLDS lived Gary IN
E10(1-2-2) MARTHA VIRGINIA CANNON b. 9/19/1909 Lawrenceburg TN lived Washington D. C.
E10(1-2-3) WILSON CANNON b. 10/2/1913 Lawrenceburg TN
E10(1-2-4) JAMES BUFORD CANNON b. 12/19/1916
E10(1-2-5) WINNIE LUCILLE CANNON b. 1/23/1920
E10(1-2-6) JOE CANNON b. 8/8/1922

E10(1-3) HENRY ANDERSON DAVIDSON b. 5/5/1891 Nashville TN m. 10/7/1917 Lawton OK to MARY ETHEL PEACOCK lived Nashville TN

E10(1-3-1) MARJORIE DALLAS DAVIDS0N b. 10/6/1919 Alexandria VA
E10(1-3-2) CHARLES HENRY DAVIDSON b. 4/18/1921 Alexandria VA
E10(1-3-3) JUANITA LOUISE DAVIDSON b. 4/12/1923 Alexandria VA d. 3/22/1928
E10(1-3-4) MARY LEE DAVIDSON b. 3/22/1928 Nashville TN

E10(2) ANDREW JOHNSON BAIRD M.D. b. 4/13/1855 d. 1924 Gatesville TX m. 1888 TX to NANNIE PHILLIPS (D F PHILLIPS) b. Arkansas d. 1931 Gatesville TX lived Osage TX (1881)

E10(2-1) INFANT BAIRD died at birth
E10(2-2) DORA BAIRD adopted niece of NANNIE PHILLIPS
E10(2-3) JOHN BAIRD b. & m. TX
E10(2-4) BERNICE BAIRD m. GEORGE T STEWART lived near Nashville TN
E10(2-6) EVELYN BAIRD lived with sister BERNICE near Nashville TN

E10(3) CHARLES WILLIAM BAIRD b. 7/22/1858 m. 12/6/1882 Rutherford County TN to MOLLIE KATE OWEN lived Lascassas TN

E10(3-1) WILLIAM OWEN BAIRD b. 11/21/1883 Wilson County TN m. 9/12/1905 to MAUD BOND d. 8/18/1887 lived Dallas TX

E10(3-1-1) WILLIAM CLIFFORD BAIRD b. 1/11/1907 Dallas TX
E10(3-1-2) WALTER FOSTER BAIRD b. 8/16/1912 Dallas TX
E10(3-1-3) WINNIFRED DOAK BAIRD b. 12/14/1917 Dallas TX
E10(3-1-4) JEAN BAIRD b. 10/27/1922 Dallas TX

E10(3-2) WALTER LEE BAIRD b. 8/4/1885 Lascassas TN d. 11/1888
E10(3-3) ESTELLE BAIRD b. 3/23/1888 lived with sister LUCY
E10(3-4) LUCY ANN BAIRD b. 6/26/1895 m. 5/24/1915 Rutherford County TN to GEORGE MORTON BROWN b. 12/29/1893 lived Murfreesboro TN

E10(3-4-1) PEGGY MARY BROWN b. 9/23/1921
E10(3-4-2) ESTELLE KATHRYN BROWN b. 4/30/1928


Ell CHARLES L BAIRD (WM J & LUCINDA, ALEXANDER) b. 5/8/1830 Wilson County TN d. 8/18/1910. Served CSA as Sgt 45th TN Inf Co H. (See Civil War Pension Applications-TN Library & Archives, Nashville) m. SARA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS (M M b. 1807 TN) b. abt 1838 TN d. 1/18/1912 Both bur. Wilson County TN

El1(1) girl BAIRD b. abt 1869
Ell(2) CHARLES B BAIRD b. 10/2/1871 m. 8/9/1894 ADA BASKINS lived Murfreesboro TN

Ell(2-1) LELAN T BAIRD b. 12/22/1895 m. 1/21/1923 to IRENE BASKINS

Ell(2-1-1) SARAH ELIZABETH BAIRD b. 6/30/1925
Ell(2-1-2) ROBERT ELLIS BAIRD b. 10/23/1926
Ell(2-1-3) CHARLES L BAIRD b. 1/12/1928
Ell(2-1-4) JOHN DUDLEY BAIRD b. 3/18/1929 m Dorothy _______
Ell(2-1-5) CHRISTINE BAIRD b. 1/11/1933 m. CLYDE HUDDLESTON lived Murfreesboro TN

Ell(2-1-6) SAMUEL GARY BAIRD b. 1/16/1935

Ell(2-2) ORA W BAIRD b. 1/1/1897 m. 6/22/1917 to JOSEPH L GLEAVES lived Murfreesboro TN(1979)
Ell(2-3) WILLIE RICHARD BAIRD b. 3/16/1899 d. 1949 m. 7/15/1922 SAUMNIE BELL SINGLETON d. 1964 Both bur. Republician Grove Cemetery (now Hillview Baptist) on Lascassas Pike Rutherford County lived Lascassas TN

Ell(2-3-1) WILLIAM MINUR BAIRD b. 3/21/1923
Ell(2-3-2) THOMAS EDWARD BAIRD b. 11/15/1925 d. 12/1982 m. CATHERINE ______ lived Murfreesboro TN
Ell(2-3-3) MARY EVELYN BAIRD b. 12/8/1927 Lived Madison TN
Ell(2-3-4) VERNON GENE BAIRD b. 12/21/1931 m. 6/1963 Huntsville AL to MAY BELLE OLANDER lived Pinson AL (1991)

Ell(2-4-1) ADA MAI HERROD b. 9/2/1920
Ell(2-4-2) LILLY KATHERINE HERROD b. 8/27/1922

Ell(2-5) ANNIE E BAIRD b. 12/1/1904 m. 8/28/1926 to RICHARD G LEONARD lived Sharpeswell TN

Ell(2-5-1) CHARLES KENNETH LEONARD b. 1/22/1928
Ell(2-5-2) RICHARD GUY LEONARD b. 9/28/1931

Ell(2-6) ETHEL L BAIRD b. 8/10/1908 m. 5/5/1927 to WILLIAM D HALE d. 8/12/1929 m. 2nd ____ VINCION lived Murfreesboro TN (1991)


Ell(2-7) LILLIAN P BAIRD b. 6/3/1910 m. 4/21/1929 to HORACE H HALE lived Blackman TN

Ell(2-7-1) ETHEL PAULINE HALE b. 1/25/1930

Ell(2-8) JOHN L T BAIRD b. 1/11/1912
Ell(2-9) LILLARD EDWARD BAIRD b. 5/2/1914
Ell(2-10) EDNA D BAIRD b. 11/1/1916

Ell(4) SAMUEL BAIRD b. Wilson County TN m. ALLIE PATERSON lived Lebanon TN
Ell(5) WILLIE BAIRD died as a child



E12(1) JAMES "BULLY" WILLIAM MARTIN b. 5/23/1853 d. 3/9/1891 m. NANNIE MAJOR b. 5/31/1857 d. 10/12/1907 Ordained Baptist Minister (JAMES) at Rocky Valley Baptist Church 5/3/1876

E12(1-1) SAMUEL WESLEY MARTIN b. 5/31/1876 d. 12/21/1926 m. 8/27/1902 to NANNIE LANNOM b. 10/2/1883 d. 1/25/1974

E12(1-1-1) MARY LEE MARTIN b. 11/27/1903 d. 10/8/1924
E12(1-1-2) MATTIE MYRTLE MARTIN Teacher ret. 1972 b. 7/29/1907 m. 7/14/1951 Union Methodist Church to EDGAR JERRY BILBO b. 11/21/1903 lived Gladeville, Wilson County, TN (1976) Gladeville Baptist Church
E12(1-1-3) WILLIAM MARTIN Teacher ret. 1975 b. 4/7/1912 m. FRANKIE HENDERSON b. 7/5/1920 d. 4/25/1971 Lived Gladeville TN (1979)



E12(2-1) JOHN WILLIAM CARTWRIGHT b. 6/25/1901 m. 1st RUBY ROBBINS (FINIS) m. 2nd FREIDA DUKE lived Nashville TN (1976)

E12(2-1-1) EUGENE CARTWRIGHT lived Old Hickory TN

E1(2-2-1-2) WYLENE CARTWRIGHT m. 2 children

E12(2-2) Infant CARTWRIGHT (twin) b. 8/2/1910
E12(2-3) NANNIE LEE CARTWRIGHT (twin) b. 8/2/1910 m. WILLIAM EDGAR MARTIN b. 3/25/1910

E12(2-3-1) MOLLIE MARTIN b. 7/24/1934 m. RAYMOND CARSON (1950)
E12(2-3-2) NANCY MARTIN b. 1/1/1938 m. 1955 to GORDON KING
E12(2-3-3) JOHN WILLIAM MARTIN b. 10/13/1936 m. 1958 to DIANE JOHNSON of Lebanon TN
E12(2-3-4) THOMAS EDWARD MARTIN b. 5/11/1935 d. 1979. m. 1962 to LINDA DIXON


E12(3-1) NANIE SUE FOSTER b. 1907 m. ORRIS LANNON lived Murfreesboro TN (1976)


E12(3-2) JAMES WILLIAM FOSTER b. 7/16/1914 m. MILDRED GRAVES of Knoxville TN lived Huntsville AL (1976)

E12(3-2-1) Infant FOSTER d. at birth.
E12(3-2-2) SUSAN FOSTER d. age 12
E12(3-2-3) JUDITH ANN FOSTER m. 1st RICHARD DRIVER m. 2nd DR JOHN GEARY lived Chattanooga TN (1976)

E12(4) DORA MARTIN b. 3/12/1882 d. 8/23/1967 m. BERRY O FOSTER b. 1/12/1879 d. 2/5/1945

E12(4-1) WALTER SPURGEON FOSTER b. 7/21/1890
E12(4-2) MARTIN FOSTER b. 10/7/1911 Unmarried lived Lebanon TN (1979)


El3 EVALINA "EVELYN" BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 5/26/1836 or 5/2/1836 d. 6/1/1853 m. JOHN M CASON bur. WILLIAM BAIRD Graveyard at the old homeplace at BAIRD'S Mill, 21st District of Wilson County, ½ mile east of the Mill. (See Acklen-BIBLE RECORDS & TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS)

E13(1) Infant CASON died at birth bur. next to his mother at the homeplace


E14 ANN JEMIMA BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. abt 1838 Wilson County TN d. 7/3/1859 age 20 years & 3 days bur. WILLIAM BAIRD Graveyard on the homeplace at BAIRD'S Mill


E15 ROBERT ALLISON BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 8/15/1842 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 7/28/1874 McKinney TX m. 1st 9/4/1860 to NANCY MASSEY b. 7/16/1845 d. 9/29/1871 McKinney TX. ROBERT m. 2nd to 5/1/1873 McKinney TX to MARGARET GILLIAN BEARD b. 4/24/1842 Monroe County AL d. 11/8/1925 Castleberry, Conecuh County AL. Her father was NEAL(NEIL) BEARD b. 1780 NC Mother: ANN A MOORE b. 7/28/1796 NC. ROBERT may have served CSA as Pvt Co C 38th TN Inf and Cpl H Co 45th TN Inf

E15(1) JOHN J BAIRD Minister b. 10/2/1862 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 4/18/1933 m. 9/27/1894 NETTIE E CHILDERS b. 1/5/1874 Ft Deposit, Lowndes County AL lived Shamrock TX (1933)

E15(1-1) MAUDE LYLE BAIRD b. 7/8/1895 m. 5/10/1917 D G REYNOLDS

E15(1-1-1) ROLAN HUGH REYNOLDS b. 3/27/1920
E15(1-1-2) ARLENE REYNOLDS b. 9/11/1924

E15(1-2) ROBERT C BAIRD (DR) b. 11/4/1896 m. 7/9/1917 to HAKKIE LOU MCCORMICK

E15(1-2-1) ROBERT M BAIRD b. 3/5/1918

E15(1-3) ERNEST M BAIRD b. 9/8/1900 m. 6/12/1921 to THELMA RIGGAN

E15(1-3-1) ERNEST M BAIRD JR b. 3/31/1925

E15(2) MONROE BAIRD d. at birth
E15(3) MOLLIE WILSON BAIRD b. 10/14/1868 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN m. 8/3/1890 Lebanon TN to BURKETT RIGGAN b. 10/19/1871 Leeville Wilson County TN lived Guymon OK

E15(3-1) JOHN OWEN RIGGAN b. 7/5/1891
E15(3-2) CARRIE MAE RIGGAN b. 1/25/1894 m. ____ HALL

E15(3-2-1) JAMES M HALL b. 12/21/1910
E15(3-2-2) EALYTHE HALL b. 7/5/1912
E15(3-2-3) PEARL E HALL b. 3/8/1914
E15(3-2-4) VIRGIE W HALL b. 5/15/1917
E15(3-2-5) ROY W HALL b. 12/5/1919
E15(3-2-6) R CLEO HALL b. 9/1/1924
E15(3-2-7) BESSIE MAY HALL b. 11/22/1927

E15(3-3) BAYES MCFARLAND RIGGAN b. 11/7/1896

E15(3-3-1) VIRGIL BURKETT RIGGAN b. 2/2/1927

E15(3-4) LOUISA RIGGAN b. 12/11/1913 1st m. ____ MADSON

E15(4) ROBERT ALLISON BAIRD, JR b. 5/1/1874 McKinney TX m. 1st 4/20/1899 Lutcher LA to TINA EVANS d. 10/13/1899 m. 2nd 12/1901 Castleberry AL to AMY CREIGHTON BURLINGTON lived Miama FL(1932) No issue


E16 ANDREW JACKSON BAIRD (WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 8/25/1845 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 2/25/1917 BAIRD'S Mill Wilson County TN m. 3/14/1867 to MARTHA TATUM (A F Tatum) b. 1/4/1847 d. 12/6/1923 Both bur. Rocky Valley Baptist Church Cemetery South of Lebanon TN just off Hwy 231 Acquired Paternal home


E16(1) (W?) HARRIS BAIRD (ANDREW J, WM J, ALEXANDER) b. 1/27/1868 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 1935 Nashville TN bur. Rocky Valley Baptist Church Cemetery Wilson County, 8 miles south of Lebanon TN just off hwy 231 m. 12/28/1893 to CORA BARRINGTON. HARRIS was one of the managers of the store at BAIRD'S Mill owned by BAIRD Enterprises in the late 1800's. He later learned the cabinet makers trade in the Furniture Factory of BAIRD Enterprises and operated a cabinet shop and furniture business with his youngest brother, EARL BAIRD, at 12th & Church Streets in Nashville TN (1912)

E16(1-1) PAUL HARRINGTON BAIRD Letter Carrier b. 7/8/1896 d. Nashville m. 2/2/1924 to ROSIE MAE LONGWORTH lived Nashville. ROSIE lives with her daughter, MAE FRANCES KEETON Nashville (1991)

E16(1-1-1) FRANK PAUL BAIRD Postal worker b. 8/9/1925 Nashville, Davidson County TN d. 6/17/1982 Indianapolis IN (unmarried)
E16(1-1-2) MAE FRANCES BAIRD b. 3/5/1927 Nashville, Davidson County TN m. 5/4/1956 Nashville TN to JAMES WYLIE KEETON b. 10/14/1925 Nashville, Davidson County TN live Nashville TN
E16(1-1-3) DOROTHY ANN BAIRD b. 10/24/1929 Nashville, Davidson County TN d. 1/1972 Silver Springs MD m. PETER JOHN MONROE of Queens NY
E16(1-1-4) HARRY SUMPTER BAIRD b. 11/17/1932 Nashville, Davidson County TN m. EMMA JEAN _____ lived Indianapolis IN
E16(1-1-5) WILLIAM ORBRA BAIRD Minister b. 10/7/1934 Nashville, Davidson County TN m. 10/12/1956 Springfield TN to ERNESTINE MITCHELL (JAMES MARSHALL MITCHELL & MINNIE PEARL JOHNSON) b. 5/27/1937 Nashville, Davidson County TN

E16(2) ANNA BAIRD b. 11/18/1869 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 3/19/1954 Unmarried
E16(3) WALTER BAIRD b. 8/25/1871 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 3/12/1877 diptheria
E16(4) HARVEY BAIRD b. 12/7/1873 BAIRD'S Mill, Wilson County TN d. 10/28/1878
E16(5) RIDLEY BAIRD b. 1/17/1876 d. 10/23/1957 m. 6/30/1904 Wilson County TN to MATTIE PEARL CLEMMONS b. 6/30/1883 d. 5/1949.

RIDLEY BAIRD lived on the WILLIAM JENNINGS BAIRD (E) homeplace, having acquired the ancestral home and 120 acres of the original grant from the heirs of ANDREW JACKSON BAIRD. The property was sold at auction in 1958. The home was still standing and in living condition and was said to be the oldest standing structure in Wilson County at the time. RIDLEY BAIRD served with distinction on the Wilson County Court and served on the Wilson County Board of Education for 25 years, 8 years of which he served as it's chairman. MRS RICHARD BAIRD, RIDLEY'S daughter-in-law of Lebanon TN has inform­ation on this family

E16(5-1) SARAH ELIZABETH BAIRD b. 4/4/1906 m. 5/27/1927 at home to JOHN HOUSTON SMITH

E16(5-1-1) CALVIN BAIRD SMITH b. 1/13/1928 m. 1948 to PEGGY NEAL
E16(5-1-2) EUGENE SMITH b. 12/23/1930
E16(5-1-3) HENRY CARL SMITH b. 4/4/1932 m. 1980 br> E16(5-1-4) MARY LUCILLE SMITH b. 10/12/1934 m. 1954 to RALPH WATERS
E16(5-1-5) MARTHA ELIZABETH SMITH b. 11/10/1938 m. 2/25/1961 to HAROLD HACKETT b. 1/20/1935

E16(5-2) ALEXANDER BAIRD b. 1/17/1908 m. 1937 to WINNIE BATES

E16(5-2-1) BETTY SUE BAIRD b. 12/18/1938 m. BERNIE LANE

E16(5-3) HUGH BAIRD b. 7/27/1909 m. FRANCES HARKREADER b. 1/11/1914
E16(5-4) CLYDE BAIRD b. 8/13/1911 m. 12/21/1940 Birmingham AL to CLARA MCKEEVER (FRED MCKEEVER & DORA NELSON) lived Nauvou AL(1991)
E16(5-5) RICHARD BAIRD b. 3/25/1913 d. 1981 m. 12/25/1935 to MAMIE LOUISE ALSUP b. 4/12/1915 lived BAIRD'S Mill (1991)

E16(5-5-1) DAVID ALLAN BAIRD b. 10/3/1938 Wilson County TN m. 3/29/1964 to JUDITH GAYE CIERANONS (a twin) lived Ulster Park NY. DAVID & GAYE work for IBM. m. 2nd 9/18/1970 to JOHN RIGGS

E16(5-6) LUCY BAIRD b. 12/8/1914 Wilson County TN d. 1/13/1989 m. 12/25/1935 to CLYDE ALSUP, brother of MAMIE LOUISE ALSUP (double wedding) lived Wavefly, Humphreys County TN

E16(5-6-1) NANCY BELL ALSUP b. 4/19/1938 Nashville, Davidson County TN m. GLEN HOLDER lived Tullahoma TN (1991)

E16(5-7) MARIE ALLEEN BAIRD b. 9/22/1916 m. LAWRENCE SMITH b. 9/21/1902 lived Lebanon TN
E16(5-8) WOODROW WILSON BAIRD b. 2/24/1919 m. 11/24/1948 to ELEANOR BURNETT b. 5/20/1913 lived Mt Juliet TN (1991)
E16(5-9) JOHNNIE KATE BAIRD b. 7/10/1922 m. 11/17/1944 to JOE ANDERSON GOURLEY b. 5/29/1917 d. 12/9/1988 lives Smyrna TN (1991)

E16(6) EDNA BAIRD (twin) b. 8/19/1879 m. 8/31/1911 Nashville TN to GEORGE SANDERS Farmer lived near Jefferson at Smyrna, Rutherford County TN

E16(6-1) JAMES BAIRD SANDERS b. 11/8/1916 Rutherford County TN d. 3/24/1976 m. ____ had one adopted daughter lived Ft Myers FL
E16(6-2) CLARENCE EARL SANDERS b. 3/15/1919 Rutherford County TN m. 8/19/1939 to MARY MOORE RIDLEY d. 1990 (div. 8/19/1965 neither remarried at the time of MARY MOORE'S death lived Smyrna TN

E16(7) ARTHUR BAIRD (twin) b. 8/19/1879 d. 8/19/1958 m. 12/11/1913 to JESSIE CLEMMONS no children
E16(8) CARRIE BAIRD b. 6/15/1882 Wilson County TN d. 6/16/1909 typhoid fever in nurses training at St Thomas Hospital, Nashville TN Unmarried
E16(9) JAMES "JIM" BAIRD b. 12/30/1884 m. 1/4/1916 to PAULINE SWANN Teacher Forrest Hills School (abt 1915). It had been reopened that year after being closed for a number of years. Another JAMES BAIRD (Al), son of JOHN BAIRD, a nephew of WILLIAM JENNINGS BAIRD (E) built the house for Professor ROBERT M BAIRD (G61) abt 1840, and later it became Forrest Hills Academy. Many of the early BAIRD'S attended the school. Our JIM (E169) was also a framing carpenter and framed hundreds of residential and commercial struct­ures in Wilson and the surrounding counties. JIM and his younger brother, EARL, were born at the ancestral home built by their grandfather abt 1802.

E16(9-1) FRAZIER BAIRD b. 6/6/1916 Wilson County TN d. 9/5/1947 auto accident m. MARGARET SIMPSON
E16(9-2) MARTHA LOUISE BAIRD b. 5/12/1918 Wilson County TN m. THOMAS WHITEHEAD lived Lebanon TN (1991)
E16(9-3) JESSE SWANN BAIRD b. 9/15/1920
E16(9-4) ANNA MARGARET BAIRD m. ____ WHITE lived Orlando FL (1990)

El6(10) EARL BAIRD Cabinet Maker & authority on Early American Furniture b. 6/3/1888 BAIRD'S Mill Wilson County TN d. 9/14/1973 m. 6/3/1914 Montgomery AL to NONIE CONNERS (JOHN J CONNERS & KATHERINE GRIER) b. 8/20/1894 Columbus GA d. 3/31/1990 Nashville TN age 96 Both bur. Calvary Cemetery, Nashville TN

E16(10-1) EDNA MARIE BAIRD b. 11/3/1916 Nashville TN m. CHARLES LOUIS "HICKEY" MCCAFFREY d. 8/22/1982 bur. Calvery Cemetery Nashville TN lived Nashville (1991)

E16(10-1-1) CHARLES LOUIS MCCAFFREY JR b. 8/17/1942 Nashville TN d. 5/24/1953 drowned neighborhood swimming pool

E16(10-2) JOHN CONNERS BAIRD b. 12/17/1920 Montgomery AL m. 8/30/1950 to GENEVA ANDERSON of Knoxville TN


E17 JEROME RIDLEY BAIRD (WM J & LUCINDA BENNETT, ALEXANDER) b. 1/16/1848 BAIRD'S Mill Wilson County TN d. 1/11/1936 m. 1/16/1868 to FRANCES "FANNY" CASON b. 7/14/1848 Wilson County TN d. 2/9/1930 both bur. Kempnet TX where they lived.

E17(1) THOMAS EDGAR BAIRD b. 11/5/1868 Wilson County TN d. 3/26/1946 m. 10/3/1888 Wilson County TN to BERTHA STEED b. 9/1872 Wilson County TN d. 3/6/1964 bur. Kempnet TX

E17(1-1) BESSIE ADA BAIRD b. 7/7/1890 Collinsville, Grayson County TX d. 1/1/1975 bur. San Benito, Cameron County TX m. 1ST 9/29/1907 San Benito TX to HARRY RANDOLPH HALLBECK b. 5/13 Olney IL d. 6/12/1937 bur. Kempner TX m. 2ND 1/10/1967 to RALPH SYLVESTER d. 11/28/1974

El7(1-1-1) THOMAS EUGENE HALLBECK b. 1/7/1910 Guthrie, Logan County, OK d. 5/31/1988 m. 7/5/1929 San Benito TX to YVONNE WOOLAN b. 2/24/1914 San Augustine TX d. 1/1989

E17(1-1-1-1) VERNON EUGENE HALLBECK b. 10/12/1933 San Benito, Cameron County TX
E17(1-1-1-2) JAMES THOMAS HALLBECK b. 10/8/1945 San Benito, Cameron County TX d. 1/2/1948

E17(1-1-2) WILLIAM RIDLEY HALLBECK b. 1/28/1912 Guthrie, Logan County, OK d. 1/20/1978 m. 12/25/1911 San Benito, Cameron County, TX to DOROTHY GETEAU b. 12/26/1914 Edgely ND

E17(1-1-2-1) MOLLY JO HALLBECK, b. 7/30/1934 San Benito, Cameron County, TX.
E17(1-1-2-2) VIRGINIA MARIE HALLBECK b. 6/29/1937 Sioux City IA

E17(1-1-3) ROY B HALLBECK b. 9/15/1916 Kempher TX d. 5/7/1985 m. 9/6/1942 to VERA
E17(1-1-4) EARLENE MARIE HALLBECK b. 1/13/1918 Kempner, Lampasas County, TX m. 1/23/1937 to CECIL BRAXTON MCCARTY b. 9/16/1914 Hondo, Medina County, TX d. 1/11/1989
E17(1-1-5) DORIS FLORENE HALLBECK b. 1/4/1921 Killeen, Bell County, TX m. 8/13/1949 to ZANE ELMO DUFF b. 1/14/1926 Breckenridge LA
E17(1-1-6) BETTY LOU HALLBECK b. 9/23/1925 Killeen, Bell County, TX d. 9/23/1915

E17(1-2) CALLIER ANDERSON BAIRD b. 2/17/1893 Happy, Swisher County, TX d. 3/19/1948 bur. San Benito, Cameron County, TX m. 11/10/1914 to NETTIE MAE BATES b. 8/7/1895 Topsy TX

E17(1-2-1) ELZIE ANDERSON BAIRD b. 9/4/1914 Pidcoke, TX m. MARY VIRGINIA DIVINE b. 2/2/1915 LaCross WI
E17(1-2-2) CALLIER EARL BAIRD b. 7/16/1920 Pinehurst, Montgomery County, TX d. 1989 m. SHIRLEY JEAN BAGER b. 11/26/1923 Dunkirk NY lived Killeen TX (1990)
E17(1-2-3) PEGGY RUTH BAIRD b. 2/11/1931 Kempnet, Lampasas County, TX m. BOWELL ECKHOLL

E17(1-3) WILLIAM LAFAYETTE BAIRD b. 1/15/1895 Canyon, Randall County, TX d. 6/25/1951 bur. Oakland CA m. 1st 11/29/1919 Lampasas TX to MAUD BELLE ROBINSON m. 2nd 11/29/1931 Vallejo CA to FLORENCE ELIZABETH MILLER b. 1/20/1908 Shawnee OK lived Ft Bragg CA (1990)

E17(1-3-1) FREDDIE LUCILLE BAIRD b. 11/13/1926 Oakland CA
E17(1-3-2) WILLIAM EDGAR BAIRD b. 7/21/1932 Oakland CA m. 1st 7/6/1952 Oakland CA to FRANCES KATHERINE GANNON b. 3/4/1933 m. 2nd 6/17/1978 Lafayette CA to ETHEL MAY POTTER b. 12/11/1930 lived Jackson CA (1990)
E17(1-3-3) ROBERT ELWYN BAIRD b. 8/13/1936 Oakland CA m. 1st 9/3/1955 Oakland CA to MARCIA JOAN SPECNER b. 10/2/1936 Oakland CA m. 2nd 10/3/1973 Carson City NV to CAROLEE ESTER GOTHRUP b. 7/22/1937 Oakland CA lived Pleasant Hill CA (1990)
E17(1-3-4) JOYCE COLLEEN BAIRD b. 9/14/1939 Oakland CA m. 2/4/1956 Tacoma WA to PAUL VINCENT ROBERTS b. 3/4/1934 Marlborough CT lived Bethel VT (1990)

E17(1-4) MAGGIE MARIE BAIRD b. 12/2/1898 Happy, Swisher County, TX d. 6/19/1953 bur Santa Anna Coleman County, TX m. 12/25/1915 Kempner, Lampasas County, TX to ARTHUR ERNEST SWITZER b. 1/28/1894 Valley View, Cooke County, TX

E17(1-4-1) FANNY MARIE SWITZER b. 5/31/1917 Kempher, Lampasas County, TX m. 12/23/1933 Santa Anna TX to CECIL CLAYTON STEPHENS b. 2/19/1911 Silver Valley, Coleman County, TX

E17(1-4-1-1) WILLIAM ARTHUR STEPHENS b. 3/31/1935 Weslaco TX m. 3 times Lives Arkansas
E17(1-4-1-2) A J STEPHENS b. 4/18/1937 Santa Anna, Coleman County, TX m. VIRGINIA ____ lives Dickerson TX
E17(1-4-1-3) MYRNA FOY STEPHENS b. 2/20/1939 Edcouch, Hidalco County, TX m. T J SLANSKY live San Antonio TX

E17(1-4-2) GRETA MAE SWITZER b. 5/23/1919 Valley View, Cooke County, TX m. 11/8/1936 Santa Anna, Coleman County, TX to J D KLINE lived Coleman TX (1990)

E17(1-4-2-1) JEAN KLINE m. ____ Morris live Powderly, Lamar County, TX

E17(1-4-3) IDA LEE SWITZER b. 2/24/1921 Valley View, Cooke County, TX m. 4/7/1940 Santa Anna, Coleman County, TX to OTIS RAYMOND JACKSON b. 9/27/1920 Coleman, Coleman County, TX lived Coleman TX (1990)

E17(3) WILLIAM SELDON BAIRD (a twin) b. 8/11/1877 Wilson County TN d. 1969 bur Kempnet TX m. to TEXIE KAYLOT
E17(4) MOLLIE BAIRD (a twin) b. 8/11/1877 Wilson County TN d. 9/12/1879 bur. BAIRD'S Mill Wilson County TN Her gravemarker indicates that she was born on 8/12/1877.

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