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The ARHS Crest/Emblem has an interesting story in its design?

"The school crest or emblem was officially adopted by the (Amalgamated) Board on April 10, 1956. At the time the Board was discussing a bond issue to raise money to pay for the school, and it was necessary to have a school seal to place on school documents.

The school emblem shows six books between two globe book stands.

The lamp of learning signifies that the school is an institute of learning.

The Latin motto LABOR OMNIA VINCIT, when translated into English reads WORK OVERCOMES EVERYTHING."*

1. Who designed the crest?
2. What is the significance of the 6 books and the 6 points on the lamp flame?

1. Mr. W. C. Robbins, the Principal was requested to submit a drawing for the approval of the Board.
2. The six books and six points on the lamp flame represent the six non-Roman Catholic School Boards of the Corner Brook area, which amalgamated to form the Amalgamated Regional High School Board.





The school colours - RED, WHITE and BLUE - were chosen by the school authorities during the summer of 1956. The school crest had already been adopted officially by the Board during the month of April and since it was considered necessary to order the school rings and pins with the crest of the school engraved showing the school colours, the colours had to be decided in time to have this work done during the summer holidays.

The three colours represent all schools which have amalgamated to form this school:

RED and WHITE, the colours of the cross of Saint George, represent schools of the Anglican Faith.
BLUE and WHITE represent the United Church Schools
RED and BLUE represent the Salvation Army School.
Red is also one of the colours of the Corner Brook Public School

The school colours were worn officially for the first time during a hockey game held in the Stadium on March 25, 1957.*


In its first year Amalgamated Regional High School had eighteen teachers on staff.*

The first teachers at Amalgamated in 1956 / 1957 were:*

  • Mr. H. S. Hollett
  • Mr. C. Burry
  • Miss Carolyn Miller
  • Mr. F. Ollerhead
  • Mr. G. Stanford
  • Mr. C. King
  • Mr. J. Porter
  • Mr. E. Vincent
  • Mr. L. G. Hoddinnott

  • Mr. C. L. Buffett
  • Miss Gladys Burton
  • Miss Sheila Hedges
  • Mr. R. W. Skinner
  • Mr. G. Belbin
  • Mr. C. Stratton
  • Mr. D. Feltham
  • Mr. R. G. Gray
  • Mr. C. K. Brown
  • *as appeared in the 1956/57 Yearbook.
    Forwarded by Judie (Hilliard) Gushue (Class of 1964)