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Remember ...

The Maple Leaf?
And Hackbar's scary tantrums?

Mrs. Piercey's Chip Stand
or the fabulous dark vinegar
at The KNOB!!!

The Majestic?

Drama Club

Those men in tights!! er KILTS

P-p-publ-l-ic sp-sp-speaking?

Glenda's screams when we heard about the President.

Chess Club?

Dare I say "gardening club?"
...What was that we were growing on Mr. Matthews' desk?

...Lady Patricia Hair Spray!!! We'd lose all our credibility if our kids knew how much time we spent on our hair, wouldn't we girls?!

We didn't have boom boxes, but... we still managed to tune in to our favourite songs and tune out our Neanderthal parents
- just like our kids!!!

Victory over Regina High. How sweet it was!!!And the chocolate cakes Judy made to celebrate!

...the sinking feeling we Curlingites got when our ex Principal showed up as our algebra teacher at ARHS!!!

Maureen (Grade 11 '63 - '64) and Johnny? She sat behind Judie all during Grade Eleven praying for Johnny L. to ask her to marry him!! Oh! Johnny Oh! He did ask her before they graduated, and they are still together after all these years!

Darius in Latin Class? - Quid rides? Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur.

When Bill came to the Hallowe'en dance dressed only in a diaper and carrying a bottle of Blue Star with a rubber nipple on the end? So outrageous at the time!!!

How the mayor could dance!!!

"...yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Friday nights at the White House?
"eeeaaahhh - - - - Wipeout"

Saturday nights at the Stadium?
But it was rollerskates back then!!

Skiing at Marble Mountain when all it had was a rope tow!! Our weekends were exhausting!

"Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Amalgamated! Amalgamated! Amalgamated! Yaaaayyyyy!"

Yank basketball players from Harmon Field? They slaughtered us every time but somehow the girls in the bleachers didn't seem to mind.

Were those Chem Labs really the main thing on our minds in Byron's class, girls??!!

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