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We have been fortunate in receiving some photographs of the past that we would like to share with you. To enable you to choose which of our photo pages you would like to view, I have given a brief description of each page and a corresponding link to that page of pictures below. Each page of photos contains a link to each of the other photo pages as well. Enjoy!

Photos from the '60s, some taken on a field trip to Harmon Field and some of "Cadet Night" at the Armouries. Others are just taken "around town". Page 1
More pictures similar to those on Page 1.Page 2
More '60s photos taken on the field trip and some around town. Page 3
This page has newspaper clippings of achievements in ARHS sports in the 1960s.Sports Stars
This page has a picture of the 1962 ARHS hockey team and one of the 1963 ARHS hockey team Hockey Stars
This page has pictures of the 1963 ARHS Cheerleaders and the Library Prefects the same yearMemory Lane
This page contains pictures of the 1964 basketball team and the first hockey team at ARHS.More Memory Lane
This page has two clippings from newspapers in Corner Brook telling about the planning and organizing of this fantastic Reunion 2000!! In The News
Some Girls you might remember!!Girls! Girls! Girls!
Some of the members of the ARHS Reunion 2000 Committee at Work!!Committee