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Welcome to the crazy world of Nurse Frisky

*Nurse Frisky (the star of this place) bows so deep that her
boobs hits the ground .

This week is my "new start in life week",
I will try to stop smoking.
I started tis monday...*phew*
it was a lot harder than I have thought!!
So I bought a lot of Nicotine patches...
guess what I got? Nicotine poisen...*Puke..Puke again!!*
I´m not giving in just yet...not just yet!

My page is not for sensitive persons with pointy tits,
if you feel a bit saggy
and you have forgot to shave your armpits for a month or two,
this site is for you!!
Welcome to the crazy world of the women with the most saggyest tits in the world!!
(remark from the author Lena Wennberg:
"This site is made for the wild crazy fans of Nurse Frisky
a number that is growning increasly each day.
If you are a tight ass person don´t go further
you will only have trouble sleeping if you do.":-)

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