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The Brotherhood of Scouting


                         WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE?

                         The Brotherhood Fund is Canadian Scouting's primary financial means of
                         supporting projects in World Scouting's Community Development Program
                         in countries where the need is demonstrated.


                         WHAT IS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT?

                         Community development is a process by which individuals and groups
                         within a community work to improve the quality of life for themselves and
                         their community at large.

                         In the projects helped by Scouting organizations, groups of Scouts in needy
                         countries identify and carry out projects to improve their lives.


                         WHERE DO WE COME IN?

                         Scouts in wealthier countries like Canada help Scouts in needy countries get
                         started on the road to self sufficiency. Grants from the Brotherhood Fund
                         provide the "seed money" for many and various community development

                         Canadian Scouts become educated about community development. They
                         become more responsible and resourceful members of their own
                         communities by gaining an understanding of the problems many young
                         people have to live with in developing countries.



                         Brotherhood Fund grants help in many ways. For example: The World
                         Scouting community moved fast in 1998 when Nicaragua and Honduras
                         were devastated by Hurricane Mitch. The Brotherhood Fund assisted these
                         efforts with a contribution of $20,000.

                         A short time later, parts of Colombia were destroyed by an earthquake. Once
                         again the Brotherhood Fund provided a grant of $10,000 to the Colombian
                         Scout Association to aid its work in providing direct relief to earthquake

                         In July 1998 a group of 14 Venturers and six advisors travelled to Costa Rica
                         to assist in building a forestry training centre and auxiliary cabin in
                         partnership with local Scouts. A grant of $25,000 helped the group purchase
                         materials for this project.

                         Currently the Brotherhood Fund is providing on-going support to several
                         projects around the world through a recently implemented five year plan.

                         Shi-Won Hong, a young Korean girl travels to Montreal regularly for
                         rehabilitation treatment and new artificial legs. This project began in 1991
                         when Shi-Won lost her legs in an accident when she was three years old. It
                         was started by members of the Canadian contingent to the 17th World
                         Jamboree. This is a long term project as Shi-Won will need new artificial legs
                         every one or two years until she is fully grown. Fund raising for this project
                         is therefore, an ongoing activity.


                         WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM?

                         About 15% of all revenue generated by Scoutrees for Canada goes into the
                         Brotherhood Fund. In this annual project, Canadian Scouts obtain financial
                         pledges from people in their communities to sponsor them in planting
                         millions of tree seedlings.

                         Individuals, Scout groups, Scouter's Clubs, training courses and local Scout
                         Councils make direct donations to the Brotherhood Fund from their own
                         resources or from organized fund-raising projects.

                         A number of provincial and regional councils have been able to support
                         Brotherhood Fund projects directly in the last few years. In some cases this
                         has led to Canadian Scouts and Venturers travelling to countries like Kenya
                         or Ghana to work alongside African Scouts to build a health clinic or a
                         school. In a very significant way this has helped Canadian youth and adults
                         appreciate the importance of community development in the developing


                         HOW CAN WE GET MORE INVOLVED?

                         Learn about life in developing countries. As a group, get involved with your
                         district, regional or provincial council in accepting responsibility for a
                         project in the Third World.

                         Get involved in a fund-raising project to contribute to the Brotherhood
                         Fund. Read the Canadian Leader magazine for further news about world
                         Scouting community development.

                         Participate in Scoutrees for Canada. Fifteen cents of every dollar raised
                         goes to the Brotherhood Fund. Planting trees also contributes to the
                         ecological health of our own local communities.