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Updated Sept 2010

"The best person to imitate is yourself. Your best competition is what you've done before"

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Clock the Musicians Photo/Art Museum Thanks to U.K. artist/musician, Bard of Ely for the first contribution.


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*** 'Allo, & warm welcome to Indie Music supporters. Members of the ROCK-N-GO NO HALL tm are honoured here & don't have to bother about "acceptance speeches" for their Rock-n-Go No Hall "Awards". ! "DAFT RULES FOR MEMBERS" are just that & to add smiles to the "stiff upper lip needed to carry on in the frantic music world.

SYD ZED made NO.1 on WPRK (91.5) Local Artist Charts the last week in Feb 2007.

Sept/Oct 2006: SYD ZED has performed with Danny Feedback ("Hippie Gone Wrong") at Back Booth; Freddy Mullens (Fantasie/Hate Bombs/Sunshine Artillery, Johnny Wells (Fantasie/Sunshine Artillery), Matt & Dave (Franchise) at the SYD BARRETT LIVE TRIBUTE Show Aug 11, at the Peacock Room.

Aug 11, 2006:
MAGDALENA performed with Jim O'Rourke (Filthy Little Lies); Lue Velvet (Purple Snails) and Josh (Filthy Little Lies/DJ Sleepy Hippy) at the SYD BARRETT LIVE TRIBUTE at The Peacock Room. Reportedly the place was packed out the door, and the crowd was positive, upbeat and receptive to all the acts and their renditions of Syd Barrett songs. Filmmaker JOE MAUCERI, performed a surprise acoustic set with Freddy.

Sept 28, 2006:
SYD ZED and MAGDALENA A. performed an all original set at the "Puppets in the Attic Show" presented by Jim O'Rourke and Lue Velvet (Purple Snails) at the Peacock Room. Many of the clever puppets were provided by Wavy Davy (artist). Tina (from S.O.U.P.) offered some lovely compliments about the performance, as did quite a few of the excellent musicians who were there. Danny Feedback & Bobby Clock, "Hippy Gone Wrong" were uniquely vibrant, yet mesmerising. The Purple Snails (Jim, Lue, Wing, Sam, Pete) were tightly psyched and surprised the audience with a few spacey moments, including Jim playing keyboards with an electric eggbeater. There's a video of most of the evening, which is worth seeing again and again.


ROCK N' GO BACKWARDS AWARD goes to KEVIN "MAESTRO" for his innovative filming of "Flashlight Party's" music Video. Here's a bird's eye view:

Awesome Video Experience - (by Magdalena A.)

On Sunday, 24th September 2005, i was happy to witness and participate in a brill music video (little "cameo" appearances) filmed and directed by Kevin "Maestro" for "Flashlight Party", which was a truly unique and exciting experience. It was one of Kevin's experiments, which was not only fascinating, but fun. Filming took place at the Back Booth,in Orlando, through most of the areas of the club.

Kevin directed Jacob (singer/keyboardist) to mime the words to the song "Send Love and Warning Lights" backwards (!) and to walk backwards through the whole video, while Justin (guitarist) myself, and others were doing various "scenes" in the different areas, as Kevin moved continuously with the camera. Then he played/rendered the video backwards, so Jacob appeared to be doing his parts & walking Forward, while everyone else was in reverse. If I hadn't been there to see Jacob going backwards throughout, I would not have been able to tell he did that, from what I saw later. It was incredible watching this, even the roughs & outtakes. The video was done in one swoop --no editing together parts--. with only time for 3 full takes, as there was a show at the club scheduled for later. I still can't get over how Kevin steadily and quickly maneuvered the camera through all the scenes without stopping!

Everyone in it was tres cool, each doing their parts naturally and spontaneously upon his direction, with very little "rehearsal" time. There was no dolly used. Kevin used instead a "SteadiCam",--- a full body vest-- supporting arm system, and "gimbal" which holds the camera on the top of the arm, and a weight system and monitor at the bottom of the gimbal (pole).

Justin's sister, Kelsey, performed a bit of ballet in it, which added a classic touch. I cannot remember the girl's name who was dancing on the edge of the counter (in the pink dress) and jumped off, then slid down the railing... (repeating this about 6 times for rehearsals and takes!). I admire her stamina, and it looked great in reverse. Rachel, a very artistic photographer, who also made an appearance in a scuba mask (!), took some excellent photos and was colourful and smashing dancing about in her red and white dress. I like her sense of humour as well. Sorry for not knowing all the names properly. Here's ones I recall: Production staff: Kevin, Steve, Michelle, Brittani.
The Scenes: Jacob, Justin, Kelsey, Caleb, Rachel, Brittani, Brittney, Marina, Holly (Kevin's mother), Tess, Nichole, Steve, Lauren, Magdalena.

A bit more history about this type of music video. People have done "one-shot" music videos before. They've even done ones where everything was reversed. There have been music videos before where the singer had to sing his song backwards and they reversed it... BUT.. it was never done in a "one shot" video. Coldplay's video for "The Scientist" was a backwards video where he had to sing his song Backwards in production.. but he was walking forward and singing backwards.. so that in the video he was singing normally but going in reverse. So this was indeed, a first.

"Flashlight Party" use analog synths (including a moog) for their music. . Jacob's voice at times reminds me of the Cure (one of my favs).

Kevin moved to Seattle, for a much deserved position at a film Company. Kevin is shooting a couple commercials his first weeks there. He and Michele are also working on a brilliant film idea (from Michele's story)... using still photos. They have some interest in it already after presenting some clips to a few prestigious companies.

March 2005:
SYD ZED's "Digital False Teeth" CD reached NO.1 in the Local Charts at 91.5 WPRK Radio, where he was interviewed live, Magdalena cowrote some of the lyrics to "Made In Taiwan", which reportedly is one of the favs from the CD. She is also doing a short vignette vocal on "Go Magdalena". SYD was interviewed on the 110 Hour DJ Marathon, and for the documentary. SYD is featured in a video, which is somewhere in San Francisco!

31 January 2005:
Oh no, newz is that some other DJ actually stayed live on air for 121 Hours, which was announced shortly after Dave Plotkin broke the Guinness Record of 105 Hours! Dave took it with a grain of salt and in good humour. Lena took a video of him announcing it at a party. He did a great job, nonetheless, and raised much needed funds for Rollins Radio. Dunno if the other DJ had live bands and as much fun.
21 January 2005:
WPRK DJ DAVE PLOTKIN airing a 110 HOUR MARATHON broke the GUINNESS World Book of Records for the longest time one DJ has been continuously on the air. Previous record was 105 hours set by a radio DJ in Switzerland. Under the auspices of DAN SEEGER, General Manager, and ERIN MILLER, Station Manager -- and with the help of WPRK's hardworking staff of Producers, DJ's & numerous Volunteers, including a medical team, much needed funds were raised for the nonprofit Rollins College station, which has been on the air for over 50 years. A special private shower & mic were set up for Dave, in order to keep broadcasting, while splish-splashing under icy cold water, surrounded by cameras & volunteer staff, and at one point, Channel 2 News! (hot water was not accessible). We could all "feel his pain"!

Over 60 local bands performed live at the station, adding an upbeat buzz, and keeping Dave awake. There have also been some notable guest interviews and a rather button-pushing live segment on the Howard Stern show, which Dave handled with finesse, and his positive mild manner. WPRK gets a "DONT STOP NOW" Award for its open independent programming, which is not formulated by big corporations, and gives local and indie music an avenue to be heard.
Per Guinness rules, Dave was allowed one 15-minute break every 8 hours, and had to announce the artist & title of each song played (for live bands & prerecorded music) No song could be played more than once per 3 hour intervals. DODGER & FRIENDS (including avant garde diva, NATALIE WEISS) recorded a theme song for the Marathon, which Dave had been playing every few hours, since he first heard it. They also did enticing live sets and Matt (from Dodger) introduced his pet sugar glider (a small marsupial which fits in a sock!) "Pixie Pepper". Pixie is very quiet, so couldn't be heard on the broadcast.
MAGDALENA A. ("Le Deux" ) was grateful & proud to be one of the volunteer Show Directors and part of the overall uplifting comeraderie during the event. A documentary was filmed by Ambush, as well as the Rollins Student staff. *************

25 December 2004:
The "theme song" from the No Hall -- "Rock N Go Hall of No Fame", plus "God's Not Money" by CAT CLUB ZED were given airplay on the early morning WPRK Christmas Radio Show, hosted by LUKE BAILEY & CAPTAIN RADIO, who were given "Honorary Member" certificates, but no statues. (heh) Luke's children were there to liven up the humour & on air games. Some video clips were taken.

11 December 2004:
Guest Artists, Rich Deacon (formerly w/"Sister Machine Gun" & "Final Cut") & Magdalena A. (performing songs, "Sweet Angel" & "Bluelight's Winter Night" from their project plus one ("Synthpoppy") from LE DEUX) did a live gig for MENDING HEARTS CHARITIES, ( which helps low-income and the disabled to find affordable housing. Although the turnout was not as expected, and there were sound & shedule snafus, it was quite memorable, as it was Magdalena's first live show with R. Deacon.

Lena has had some health problems due to car accidents, and knows what it's like to not be able to do things as easily as before. Unfortunately, due to a few sadistic prejudiced stirrers, she has taken bashings. Lena has fought for fair credits/artist rights. She's put her heart, passion & emotion into live performance, as well as music she cowrites with several brill & inspiring musicians/performers. She admires anyone with what some call "flaws" (be it physical, emotional or mental) who has the courage to do their creative best, despite pain or nagging feelings of being treated as a "lesser person". Hopefully, Mending Hearts, and other like-minded charities, can reach out to many people and help them to embrace their true worth and shine outside, as bright as they are inside.
Many thanks to NIKEI (sound engineer) STEPHANIE RICHARDS (Mending Hearts), & WMMO Radio for their organising and positive vibes during the gig. It was also the first time these Artists shared the bill with a live baby Alligator (from Gatorland)! He didnt move about much, but he was rather cute and kids got to pet him. (Wouldnt want to be too too close when he gets bigger!)

August 2004:
MAGDALENA's collaboration with British musician STUART ELLIOTT, "Alien Encounter", reached No.1 in the Ambient Alternative Charts at Soundclick for 2 weeks, in August, during which LE DEUX's "Your Obsession" slipped into the same charts at No. 13.
"Alien Encounter"; "Your World"; "Signs of Life" & "Olympus Mons" (#20 in World Fusion)... are on the ambient/triphop EP. **

"I'll Turn Away", a Vocal DnB song, (Magdalena A/Starscape) reached #15 in the Trip Hop/Alternative Charts (Aug 18);
"Come September" demo(Le Deux) hit #6 in the Classical Film Music Charts at Soundclick.
"Your Will Be Done" ( w/Rachel Nusbaumer), a beautiful, spiritual song in Latin, hit No. 16 in the Classical Contemporary Charts.
"In Honour of the Crusader" demo( w/Rachel) reached #8 in Classical Medieval Charts and stayed in the charts for several months.


JOY ASKEW's "ECHO" group track, "Surrender" is featured in a film on New Line Cinema called "How To Deal", released 18 July 2004. The soundtrack CD, which also includes "The Donnas", Liz Phair, Cat Stevens, "The Flaming Lips" and others, was released 8 July on Capital Records.

STEVEN VAN ZANDT's syndicated radio show, is on (Q104.3 FM) in NY, as well as, in many other States. He produced an EP for Richard & the Young Lions and has been airing some of their retro tunes..... RYL also recorded a "few bars" (mind the pun) for a DOVE Soap commercial.

Sadly, RICHARD TEPP (vocalist for Richard & the Young Lions) passed away. He shall be dearly missed. There is a tribute to him and DVD available at the RYL website (see Links section).

PLEASE SUPPORT INDIE ARTISTS - BUY THEIR CD's, or we'll put your silliest photo up of you in the Go No Hall. (grin)

Colourful Personalities in the No Hall:
(See also Artist Webpages in LINK-N-GO Section):

Anyone who wants to "nominate" themselves, or someone else, can bribe ROCCO who takes 50 Pence bribes, towards his Cadbury Chocolate addiction.

Guitarist/vocalist SYD ZED is still as cheeky as he was during his "Bingo Hall" gigs in England (B4 ?) when he was a wee lad,. He played with his two brothers in Britpop group, THE FENDERS at Workingmen's clubs, pubs & halls in UK's Midlands region. They had a taste of "fan frenzy" when at one gig, where they opened for some "name" bands, a crowd mistook them for a "famous" group, & chased them down an alley to their minivan......oh aye! )) Check out the Fab Fenders Foto Page

SYD's many influences include "The Shadows", "The Kinks", "The Who", "Fun Boy Three", "The Damned", "Syd Barrett", "Captain Sensible"; & "The Sex Pistols". ..... He once caught flying bits of the pickup off Pete Townshend's guitar, after one of Townshend's infamous smashing bouts.... Plus eventually, he met Townshend and learned a few chords from him. SYD also met Bill Gates, which inspired his "surfer" song, altho not about the internet.

SYD helped form Coventry group "THE HANDSOME BEASTS", before their music direction went heavier than he liked. They had an album released in the UK after Syd left, but the story is they disbanded after one of the members had his "hands in the till." (there always seems to be one, eh!)

SYD sauntered down to London, where he played in various original groups & wrote about wacky experiences & characters he encountered. His profound lyrics, often contain that certain indescribable English wit, ala Monty Python.

NEW CD, titled "Digital False Teeth" is available, which has upbeat guitar-layered semi-techno rhythyms and quirky lyrics, with a few surprises. SYD's words in "Nutter" show his sarky humour:

I'll do anything for fame
People say that I'm insane
I don't care coz I like my name
You won't believe all the nicks I've been in--
Brixton, Wandsworth & the Green

If you argue with me, you'll get hurt
I'm not a thug or a vandal--I'm worse
I'm a Nutter
(c)1992 Syd Zed

Cat singer & synth player, MAGDALENA A., co-wrote the satirical "Rock N Go Hall of No Fame" (BMI) with Syd. She enjoys collabs & performing with various musicians/singers.

Her latest ventures include an enticing range of ambient, surreal, electronica, electro-classical & triphop songs with:
ALLEN FOSTER (keyboards)---former Editor of "Songwriters Monthly". His instrumental was in indie film "Shufflemania and he's appeared in scenes on "Hack"; & the film "Jersey Girl" w/Jennifer Lopez & Ben Afleck);
R. DEACON (bassist/guitarist/producer- - formerly w/Sister Machine Gun and Final Cut) ---cowriter of soundtracks in "Scream" & "Mortal Kombat" (produced by Jon Fryer---4AD/Depeche Mode);
STUART ELLIOTT (keyboards/producer)--trained for 12 months at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in England. His music was featured on a BBC radio show in Newquay. His solo CD "Solitude" has received rave reviews, & radio play on Vanderbilt Unversity's station in Nashville, TN.
RACHEL NUSBAUMER (keyboards/programming) - Classically-influenced unique musician from Switzerland.
DAVE EAST-- "Synse of Balanse"--(keyboards/engineer) "half-Brit" brilliant writer in the deep south.
J.R. HOPKINS--keyboards/programming
D. MEZZER (Meredith) - (keyboards/producer) from England
RANDALL SANDLAND, DJ & electronic musician, who has a club song on a compilation released August 2004, in France.
ROBIN DAY - keyboards/producer
ANDY VAN WORT - Guitarist/producer from CA.
MASIO T. GRAY - Keyboardist/producer from Germany.

Magdalena A. has a miaow mix of favs/influences:. Bat for Lashes, Florence & the Machine, Garbage, Enya, Massive Attack, Joy Askew, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Muse, Frou Frou, Depeche Mode, Moby, Sigur Ros, Imogen Heap, Loreena McKennitt, Cocteau Twins, Eurythmics, Procul Harum, Pink Floyd, Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Dido, Peter Schilling, Tears for Fears, Talk Talk, Halou, Hooverphonic, Duran Duran, Green Day, etc.

Her experiences with original bands began in London, where she lived for some time. Amongst the musicians/singers she's created with in the UK are Joy Askew, ; guitarist/writer Rob Le Mesurier, (played w/ Rod Stewart & Bernie Taupin); Lisa Bancoft (sang w/ "Pink Floyd's" Nick Mason); Simon Humphries ("Clash" engineer); Rod Nielsen; Nicky Hogarth (former Curtis Knight keyboardist;) & Paul Griffiths (formerly on Island Records Italy.)

Magdalena's lyrics/ music express many moods, & insights (some with a sarky byte) --from protest & satire, to surreal, mystic & romantic subtleties. She likes experimenting with various vocal sounds/ranges. Despite being wafted by turbulent tides, (from uncanny accidents), & encountering some wily people, she tries to keep afloat, by writing what flows from her mind, heart & soul. She did Singing Telegrams for Western Union/Musicbox for a year... the most memorable one being for an Italian lady from her son, to the tune of "O Sole Mio". The lady started crying, which in turn, brought tears to Lena's eyes, even though the telegrams were supposed to be humourous.

A touch of her angsty satirical lyrics from "Just for Fun":

"Look what you've done, Why? Just for fun You wrecked my song, played it all wrong I'll find you one day, pour beer down your back Cover your face with a day-old big Mac Why? Just for fun......." (c) Lyrics 2003 Magdalena A.

Magdalena recorded her first original demo in a small studio in London with JOY ASKEW--- Brit singer/keyboardist/guitarist/producer--- who played/toured with Joe Jackson, Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, etc!.... Later on, Joy cowrote/arranged a couple jazzy/rock songs, which they recorded at Elephant Studios in London with a few other musicians. She still has these gems.
(More ZedBytes about JOY below)

(cover design by Kevin Corren)

CAT CLUB ZED's indie 7-song CD "Starcat Viale" blends Alt/Britpop with wit, melodic atmospheric spaciness, clever techno undertones, & strong guitar rhythms, beatwaves & smiles. Song Clips: Cat Club Zed


"No Response", which Magdalena co-wrote, and recorded with Brit producer, FRAN ASHCROFT, gets a "Rock On" Award for being a potential "Deborah Harry meets the Beatles song". This upbeat endeavour can be described as having a "Cat-Power Britpop garagey feel".. (figure that one out, mateys!).......a demo is available.

Fran was in the Monos, who toured with The Eurythmics.... & he told of some amewsing larking about with DAVE STEWART (Eurythmics). The road crew on that tour cellotaped Fran to a chair for a laff! Among Fran's productions are THE ELKS SKIFFLE GROUP; DAMON ALBARN (from "BLUR"); those dandys with the great "hula-hoop beats", "THE DANDY WARHOLS"; and the UK telly show, "Thunderbirds Are Go".

MONSIEUR ASHCROFT is a versatile song arranger/writer/guitarist, as well. He is now back in England, after several years in the U.S.
A Rock-n-Go "Gwammy Nomination" is in order for the surprise "one-liner" in his beautiful song, "We Shall Have Rain"::

"Listen sweetheart, I have to tell you, only rich people get married on Thursdays"........

Monsieur Ashcroft is an HONORARY MEMBER of the "No Hall", as he so aptly dubbed it. Naturally, he'll receive a tongue-in-cheek "Rock-n-Go 15 Minutes of No-Fame Certificate",.... which is renewable, and can be traded for a Statue.

......Our luvly "Geordie" inductee, JOY ASKEW, originally from Newcastle, England, has several, excellent, self-produced indie CD's out, on which her intricate vocal harmonies & incredible octave sweeps are charmingly apparent. Her songs are emotive--sometimes ethereal--other times upbeat or jazzy. "Blue Car" off of her "Same Desperado" CD is a must-listen.

JOY's band ECHO toured last summer with David Byrne. She also writes/produces for other artists.

"ECHO" has been getting great reviews and radio play in L.A. and other places, and the CD has some innovative mixtures of jazz and techno, which embrace Joy's sultry vocals delightfully. Find out more on her webpage by clicking at the Link-n-Go page.

On Joy's "Tender City" CD.....PETER GABRIEL lends his velvety vox to Joy's haunting song, "I'm Still Looking for a Home" This song is also featured on a women of rock compilation CD, with a flavourful mix of female artistes, including Sarah McLachlan.

You can find Joy's CD's (as well as Peter Gabriel's & other 'brill" British artists---rare imports---) at Third Contact/Synergy thru Artist Shop, an indie distributor.

JOY is an official ROCK-N-GO NO HALL "Honorary" Member ( she's actually rather notorious). She qualifies by virtue of Rock-N-Go Daft Rule No. 4-- She did, after all, eat Cheese on Toast in her "struggling years" plus she gave Magdalena her first taste of Branston Pickle!
Joy gets a special Rock-n-Go Award for the line in her song, "Tender City":

***"Your love is like a spasm;
And I want to break free"****

.......... (don't we know THAT feeling,eh?).......

JOHN SCOTT CREE is another Brit who has had quite a bit of notoriety. He recorded a CD at the Royal Albert no, it was the Royal Albert Pub? in Bristol, or was it the Hammersmith Odeon? Well, he did play gigs on the same bill with Iron Maiden!.... Mind you, he is definitely not a heavy metal rocker, altho some of his humourous lyrics surface a bit of the rock angst. ..... John claims to be "born at an early age in Surrey" coz he "wanted to be near" his mum. His web site is quite amusing, with woeful quips........sort of if "The Cure's" Robert Smith became a comedian?

**John's song "THE PITH OF HISTORY", from his new CD "Superfluous Man", gets a "Rock-n-Go Hiss Story Award".

Check him out...he's a funny bloke.

New and First Member of 2005: JOHN DEBOER has played with or fronted for many well known artists such as Chubby Checker, The Crystals, MARTHA REEVES and the VANDELLAS, MITCH RYDER and the DETROIT WHEELS, Henry Lee Summers, Johnny Paycheck, Lou Cristie, Billy Joe Royal, JOHN ANDERSON, Merle Hagert, and many more. John's original flute songs are composed and inspired while playing in natural surroundings by waterfalls or a river. In his own words:

The Storyteller's Flute

The Spirit in the Flute-------- As a child my tiny fingers played the columns of air on the small wooden flutes they gave me in school. I was amazed as the sounds drifted out lofting itself to the sky and filling the air with song. As I grew I played the silver flute and learned many different forms of music from many different peoples and countries. Later a Cherokee maiden gifted me a Native American Flute and my fingers played the shafts of air of an instrument thousands of years old. On this flute I played the songs of the whispering wind, the ceremonial song of love and the ancient melodies of our grandfathers. The flute makers created magic mystical flutes that sang to me, taught me songs and told me many wonderful secrets. The Spirit in the flutes took me on hundreds of journeys. They showed me my heart and a way to touch the hearts of others. Come with me on a journey. Open your mind and your heart as the Creator breathes the song of life into you. This primal sound moves us from the roots of our genetic DNA. The melody of the mystic flute reaches out from someplace deep in our souls to touch the very essence of our spirit. Spirit john de boer We all have a song inside us it tells us who we are. Music and Video

Now for something quite different... LE DEUX !---on the serious side (but not without a spot of humour):

A portion of the proceeds from Le Deux's CD "Portals D' Esprit" is being donated to a needy orphanage in Lithuania. Available at
In 2001, Magdalena merged her lyrics, melodies & vocals with J. R. Hopkins, & Timothy Johnson's pulsating "Dimension", described as "hypnotic", with stirring lyrics.... about reaching out to a friend, who was falling into the web of vice. (eeek!) Nine other co-authored songs of 'tears, fears, cheers & mirrors are included, each with a distinct theme & feel. One bonus track will be on a select few, of a demo, "Come September" which is a remake of "Last September" with new keyboard parts and vocals. Le Deux's on this CD has been described as "a cross between Ladytron and Kate Bush".

The "Portals D'Esprit" CD has an impassioned range of film-type songvisions with a splash of satire .. ...Various ranges of vocals & harmonies flux over an esoteric fusion of worldbeat, eerie electronica, industrial/techno & synthsymphony.

SOME REVIEWS of the "Portals D' Esprit" CD: ***

*** "This CD is eerie, unique and most of all, good. Like a 2002 "Procul Harum". Very melodious vocals floating above, beneath, and through the music...Something like I've never heard. But, I love it"....{RT (vocalist/musician--Richard and the Young Lions} ***

"A World Inside"-- "Great song! The lyrics are excellent and Lena's voice is hauntingly beautiful. Has a real dreamy feel."....{by "nightfaeri"--poet/author/artist} ***

"Le Deux/ Nick The Lunatic/---CD-- The voices are slightly buried in the mix creating a spookiness that is accentuated by the string keyboards. Dark but inviting." ...{Don Campau, 91.5FM, CA)

"Last September"-- "You can tell the vocals were done with a lot of feeling. I really like the harmonies. Its a sad song, but kind of "good" sad"...... (Jim, guitarist/vocalist--"Lasa Rain") ***

The lightmystique dreamscopes of this CD spin a glimpse of hope, whilst the wistful darker songs delve into the mucky muddles --the lines between genuineness & confusion; truth & deception; compassion & abuse--- and the need for healing.

{CD mastered by Kevin Nettleingham} songs have Magdalena A 's vocals and vocal melodies & lyrics, plus Magdalena's synth & percussion on a few.

The spirit, & imagination here shine on brightly. Musicians, writers, & newmusiclovers expressed enjoyment with this unusual Darkwave/Lightwave contrast & vocals. Purrrrr... one nice duck, Andy, in Scotland, described "heavenly vocals" on some of the Demos he heard, comparing a few to Tori Amos & Kate Bush. Gotta love him for that!

"Portals D'Esprit" Track List

Vocalist/writer ANJI BEE (of "Lovespirals"), has traveled thru many musical landscapes with various collaberators. With Ryan Lum, she's adapting her various styles into a beautiful harmonic blend. Anji's early demos, which she said she recorded with a cheap computer mic, still sound good, (with original melodies) & you can actually hear the lyrics pretty clear.

Anji Bee's vocals/writing, at times, have a dreamy sound with touches of similarity to Sarah McLachlan, Kate Bush, Dido and Deborah Harry, but Anji has distinct styles of her own and a versatile can be heard with Ryan Lum on the "LOVESPIRALS" Projekt Records release; as well as, with "Bitstream Dream", "Delphinium" and other ventures. Some of her many musical endeavours have an upbeat, trip-hop feel.......others---bluesy overtones, with luvly harmonies. Their song "Love Survives" is a beaut.

Most fascinating about Anji, is that despite her being on a record label, she participates in the tedious tasks of CD cover design & promotion. Capital!! (as Prince Charles might say). We know Kinko's is no fun when the machines go wonky in the middle of your final hour!

KIM LA COSTE is a rare find. Besides being a true blue Trooper, and adopted sister of the Rock N Goers, she plays an Upright acoustic bass, with the best of them! (you can see a bit of the Huge bass in the photo) She also has a "trick finger", that freezes up on occasion, while she's gigging. It doesn't stop her, however, from playing complicated time signatures with some band leaders notorious for their hardline demands! She's written some amusing anecdotes, about her musical experiences & informative insights for Kim is a bright light in this sometimes doomword business of music. She has a great article on musicians and their dealing with "doubters" & "significant others".

Kim has appeared/played in a theatrical/music show, in St. Louis, called "The Late Great Ladies of Jazz and Blues", starring an actress/singer named Sandra Reaves Phillips (She was the music teacher in a movie called "Stand by Me"). Kim says she's great to work with. The show consists of her and the musicians, covering different musical periods, from the 20's to present day. According to Kim, "In one scene, while the singer is "gone" we have a party and we're all drunk." Now that sounds like a gig we all wouldn't mind!

Denny Carleton in his "Austin Powers" gear!

The very First ROCK-N-GO HONORARY Member was musician/writer DENNY CARLETON, who will be presented with a Genuine Rock-N-Go Hall ROCK with his name on it (when we find one). DENNY hosted a Radio Show on Star 1330 WELW for 5 years. His show featured indie artists (including Den himself). DENNY is the first 'Dee-Jay' to play the "Rock N' Go Hall of No Fame" Theme Song on the Air; and interviewed SYD, in between laughing at Syd's loony comments.

DENNY's quirky song, {from his self-released CD, "Whiskey Island"},... entitled "I Could Never Dance"-- and, his earlier contrary song "Boy Can I Dance Good"-- make him eligible for a Statue in front of the Hall. "She's Got the Tan and I Don't" is another one of our favs. Denny's lines from "Boy Can I Dance Good", get a Special Rock-n-Go Grin Honour:

***"Bluejeans drive me crazy,
Nylons make me insane;
I have psychological problems,
They say my parents are to blame"
But boy,........ can I dance good"!***

His "Retro" CD has some flambouyant, selections from his early "yute" bands-- including a driving instrumental called "Moonlight Rebellion", which is an intro for his radio show. Denny has played with Eric Carmen, Dann Klawon, Jim Bonafanti, Kenny Margolis, Dave Smalley, et al. Give it a listen.. Tell him the Rock-N-Go No Famers sent you.

RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS retro song, "Open Up Your Door" took on new significance when our HONORARY MEMBER, RICHARD TEPP, (of the newly revived YOUNG LIONS) was cool enuff to knock on "THE DOORS" JIM MORRISON's actual door------and when he answered, RICHARD quipped, "I just wanted to see if A "Door" would answer the door"!......For this, he gets a Special Golden Lobe Award. Now had he burst into song, as well, with the words, "Come on, & Open Up you....Door", The award would have been Platinum.

RYL's current illustrious lineup is: RICHARD TEPP, LOU VLAHAKES, THE TWIG, FRED RANDALL, ERIC RACKIN, LARRY SMITH & RICK ROBINSON. ....... They are recording in "Twig's" new studio (to die for!!) You can see photos from it on their website. (Spot Richard jammin w/ Steven Van Zandt!)

Zedbyte: RYL guitarist ERIC RACKIN , co-authored "Show Me Heaven" from the film "Days of Thunder"; and "Living on the Edge" from "Black Rain".

RYL is being produced/promoted by "LITTLE STEVEN" VAN ZANDT, who has taken a special interest in the "garage rock" revolution, in between "The Sopranos" filming.

One of Sir Tepp's bizarre musical episodes occurred at a "Whisky" gig in L.A., when he was one of two drummers in the classical-Psychedelia group, "SANCTUARY" --with RICHARD ROCKET ANDERSON (bass); KENNY MARGOLIS (vocals/keys) ; RICK CAON (guitar) & JOHN HYDE (vocals/drums).
{ ANDY CHAPIN (keyboards) & JAI WINDING --(Producer/keyboard player) were members at one time}...... ...."

"Sanctuary" were filling in on short notice, for FLEETWOOD MAC, who cancelled. They were working hard on giving a good show for the crowd of "celebs" & such, in attendance that night..........They had 2 drum sets on stage for both drummers. Jon Hyde had vacated his drums to sing lead. In the middle of an intricate-timing song, there appeared another drummer, who meandered onto the stage. He started avidly in on the drums, oblivious & unfamiliar with "Sanctuary's" material. He was unaware that he was throwing everyone off-time.

Needless to say, Sir TEPP, was stunned, especially since the set was being recorded live. So Richard vehemently asked the extra drummer to leave the stage---not realising the drummer in question was MITCH MITCHELL (of JIMI HENDRIX's group)!! ... Tepp gets a Rock-n-Go-Go Award for getting a "superstar" off the stage....but we dont know what to call it, yet.

As ROCK-N-GO Member RICHARD ROCKET later put it --"Mitch had "a little too much 'barley water' that night".... The live recording was inexplicable, to say the least!

Sanctuary's songs & lyrics went from eerie to uplifting. Ponder Richard Rocket's lyrics from "Why":

*** "I've got an where the Stars come from..
They're the eyes of a blind man in another World..."***

Richard Tepp & Richard Rocket also co-wrote the lyrics to a timeless, classically-edged, eerie "beaut" called "22 Notches" about a guy lost at sea.

Richard Tepp sadly passed away this year, and we shall miss him dearly.

A Special Rock-N-Go Appreciation Award goes to Recording Engineer, BARRY RUDOLPH, who has a most helpful & entertaining Website, with lots of recording tips for us indie DIY rebels......(See "Tech" section & "Magazine" directory at his Site)...

BARRY has worked with soooooo many famous people, it would take pages to list!, THE BEACH BOYS, ROD STEWART, KEITH MOON, ALAN PARSONS, THE CORRS, MICK JAGGER, HALL & OATES.......(.. et al!!) He's worked on several films & Telly themes, as well......including, "Nightmare on Elm Stree IV". (Yep, Freddie Krueger kept coming baaaack!)... ..Special thanks to Barry for answering Lena's tech queries....sometimes it takes a rocket scientist to suss out digital gear!

The fun part of Barry's website is some amusing stories of his Sessions ........most notably, The Beach Boys midnight session..... and KEITH MOON ...

.......Barry gets a Rock-n-Be Patient" Award for some of his Session Work===== See BARRY's story of the "top of rack toms handstand", plus others in his "Favorite" section::: The songs recorded at this seasion were never released, but we'd sure like to hear the drum tracks (20 inputs???) on it!


For other "session stories", see "Favorites" on BARRY's Link below.

BARRY's projects include the Brit band "BB MAK". He also writes for several music magazines, (clik to his "Magazine" Directory) advice, not only on the tech aspect of recording, but the personal 'touch',..... which we all like to know still exists in the music biz world..... (That recording tensity can really get to us, eh?)

The Cats also have affection for BARRY RUDOLPH's "Rock-n-Go" Dogs, ...(clik "Dogpound" on his site). Of course, his "Kitty Litter" page is "right up our 'cat' alley", specially since "London"s" photo is in it!

DON LEMMON & "WHITE DIAMOND" are the latest additions to the ROCK-N-GO NO HALL, with a true "Almost Famous" saga, in the film "AMERICAN DREAMER", handled by the owner of They get a ROCK-N-GO "Vogue Rogues" Award for doing a photo shoot dressed like the Temptations, in black jackets & glitter sleeves. Don says, though, they never performed wearing spandex or makeup, like a lot of the glam bands did in LA at the time. Oi, why not, guys?

The group thought it was on a roll, when a friend in hooked them up with a Hollywood producer and they magically got signed for a 3 album record deal with a major label. For awhile, they lived the rock star life, performing at Gazarri's, The Roxy, Whiskey, and Universal Amphitheater. Funny thing is, the record company wouldn't allow them all to record in the studio at the same time; and sent them to separate meetings & parties! Figure that! Well at least they let them on the same stage together to play, eh? To top that, after their album was recorded, the record company, did not keep its promises. A Rock-n-Go No No Award goes here.

The film goes into more detail about the rocky mishaps of the band. Meanwhile, DON emerged out of the music cocoon, with a 9-song WHITE DIAMOND CD, featuring vocalist BJORN-KJETIL WESTUM from the Norwegian group "Winter Parade", along with original members TOMMY CHILDS (guitar); BOBBY RICHARDS (rhythym guitar); JACK MICHAELS (aka/Don Lemmon--bass); and BRYAN PERISH (drums). DON plays himself, with actors taking on the roles for the rest of the band.

DON also has a book out about fitness; and his luvly wife NADIA has a cool site for women (well you Go-guys would probably peep in there as well).....which you can Link to below.

......... We're trying to beam down JOHNNY CASSEROLE, of the intergalactic, "ELKS SKIFFLE GROUP" so we can give them HONORARY MEMBERSHIPS. He'll have to translate for us, since we don't know what planet language they speak yet. The ELKS SKIFFLE GROUP's release is fortunately in English, so most of us Earthlings can understand it.

JOHNNY CASSEROLE is the cute yellow alienguitarist with the gorgeous eye; and he likes Rocks. So we'll be presenting him with a Rock-n-Go Rock as well. ....{not sure if he eats them or wot}

JANICE ELECTROLUX is also still running for President of something.....she's waiting for a recount from some hot planet that we can't spell. If you vote for her, you may get a free ELKS SKIFFLE Official Biffle Bag and a Radar Ring, which can be sized to fit your head! .........(Yeah, space can throw away your Tin Foil, even!).

Our favourite Elks songs ,"Flying Saucer Boy"; "Fireball" have earned them Rock-N-Go No Hall's "Gwammy Nominations".

The newest Elks CD has some fun songs with soft soothing vocals. "Sound Makes the World Go Round" is a gentle, pleasing example.

Beam into their Web Space Link or get zapped! .....Look out for ROOSEVELT ELK-----he keeps humans he finds as pets. According to secret Zed-Files, ROOSEVELT ELK may have abducted the Wurlitzer "wiz", REGINALD DIXON, {known as "Mr. Blackpool"}, when he landed at Blackpool Tower. .... Some people have reported hearing Reg's organ sounds coming out of the Rocket at tea time!

**** JOHN WATERMAN, editor of THE BANDIT NEWSLETTER in England, is being given his very own "15-Minutes of No Fame", along with an official Membership, for his much appreciated efforts to help indie musicians/writers to get their music heard round the world. JOHN WATERMAN is also Executive Producer of a novel new CD on Solent Records, Called "Dave The Plumber", a character on a British Meridian telly show, called "The Village". Sounds from the CD as well as info on "Dave" are on the Website shown in our Link-n-Gos.

.......We'll try to get JOHN to sing the worst song he's ever heard at his Induction Ceremony, but we can't make any promises-----he doesnt sing, actually!)..... just hope the song he picks isn't one of ours!!.....BANDIT is a great "tipsheet" for artistes to get their tootsies in the proverbial "door". Clock BANDIT's Website from our Link-n-Go section. Mention the Rock-n-Go No Hall.....and you may get a free cornish pasty......but then, again, you might not.

After reading the DAFT RULES, which most of you will ignore anyway..... LINK-N-GO to our MEMBERS' WEBSITES & other Innovative Indie Sites.



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