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Important Dates In the History of Trinidad and Tobago.


  1. Christopher Columbus on his 4th. Voyage landed on the south of the island and called the Island Trinite because of the 3 mountain peaks he sighted on the southern range.
  1. Spain abolished slavery among the aboriginal Indians, but later introduced Negro slaves.
  1. By Royal proclamation, large numbers of Catholics were offered special privileges to Migrate to Trinidad. Many French families took advantage of this proclamation especially so after the French Revolution.
  1. The Spanish Government in Trinidad surrendered to the British.
  1. Spain ceded Trinidad to the British Crown by the Treaty of Amiens.
  1. The First Executive Council set up. This was the forerunner to a Legislative Council.
  1. Abolition of Slavery.
  1. Large scale immigration of citizens from China, India and Madeira started. Over 150,000 Immigrants entered the Colony of Trinidad between 1845 and 1917.



  1. Tobago was inhabited by Caribs.
  1. Dutchmen (Courlanders) from Europe started a settlement. They landed at what is still Known as Cortland Bay.
  1. In came the British and captured the settlement from the Dutch.

1667-1684 There were several wars between the British French and the Dutch. The island changed hands during a continuous state of War.

  1. The island was declared neutral and all nations were permitted to settle.
  1. By the Treaty of Paris, England claim was guaranteed.
  1. The First meeting of the House of Assembly and Legislative Council held.

1770 Sugar exported for the first time.

  1. A U.S.A fleet attempted to capture the island was stopped by the British.
  1. The French defeated the British after a long battle on land and sea.
  1. Re-taken by the British.
  1. Tobago ceded to France by Treaty of Amiens.
  2. Captured by the British.
  1. Ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris.


  1. Tobago joined in a Political Union with Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, and Grenada.
  1. Tobago became a Crown Colony. Legislative Council abolished.



  1. Tobago incorporated with Trinidad to form the Colony of Trinidad and Tobago.
  1. Tobago established as a Ward of Trinidad.
  1. Elected element introduced into the Legislative Council.
  1. Areas of Trinidad leased to the U.S.A to set up Air, Naval and Army bases during World War Two.
  1. Adult suffrage introduced.
  1. New Constitution introduced provided for elected members to the Legislative

Council. The introduction of the ministerial system started.

  1. Federal Elections held. A Federation of the West Indies inaugurated.
  1. The Federation of the West Indies dissolved.
  2. Trinidad and Tobago became Independent on 31st. Of august 1961.
  1. The Chaguaramas Declaration signed creating the Caribbean Community
  2. (CARICOM).

  3. Trinidad and Tobago becomes a Republic on 24th. September and remains Within the Commonwealth.