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There are a few books I really like to recommend.You can check these books out in your local Library. The books are:

1.The Vietnam War (Donald Goldstain,Katherine V.Dillion,J.Michael Wenger)
2.Dear America,Letters from Vietnam(excellent book),(edited by Bernard Edelman)
3.Kiss the Boys Goodbye(Monkia Jensen-Stevenson&William Stevenson)
4.Hundred Miles of Bad Road (Dwight W.Birdwell & Keith William Nolan)
5.American Daugther goes to War ( On the Front Lines with an Army Nurse in Vietnam,Author Winnie Smith)(This Book is my favorite)

Since I first finished this site, I have written to several people. The vice president of the United States, The Nixon Library, The Ohio State Library and the Gerald Ford Library. Only Mr.Gundersen from the Ford Library and Mrs.Cherri Wilkes from the Ohio State Library took time and wrote me back.Mr.Gundersen could not help me out with further information, but he still wished me good luck in finding out the truth about Michael's disappearing. Thank you very much Mr.Gundersen.Mrs.Wilkes provided me with some very interesting leads. Thank you Mrs.Wilkes.

I received microfilm from the Library of Congress about Michael and other POW/MIA'S.I am reviewing those in my local Library right now.There are 8 reels and about a 1000feet of film to watch. So, that will take a while. So far, I found out that Michael's case is still classfied.Why is it still under lock and seal after more then 30 years??? What is the Government hiding???

I continued to search through the reels, but I did not find any answer in them. I did receive an e-mail from the Ohio(Defiance)Library.Michael's family chooses not to have any contact. I will respect their wishes. It was never my intentions to open old wounds. If somebody stops at this site and knows Michael's Sister, please let her know, that Michael is not forgotten.

If you have any Information on ANY of my adopted Hero's,please let me know.Only together we can bring home these Men.

Always Remember.They gave their all ! We owe them.

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