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What you are about to read are the original Transcripts from the missing U21 A Crew and Passengers. These Transcripts were provided by Mr. Lewis Schmidt. A Man of Honor who went above and beyond the call of Duty to find out to what happen to the U21 A and it's Soldiers on Board.

Mr.Schmidt.Sir you don't know what this information means to me. Only together we can find out to what with these American Soldiers. Thank you so much. God bless you and yours. For further information, please feel free to e-mail Mr.Schmidt Lewis Schmidt


Now,please grab a cup of coffee and sit back and read these Transcripts.Believe me you will not regret it.

007 is the Codename for the U21A (Michael's Plane)

Radio Transmission Transcript Da Nang Rapcon Departure Control

007: Hue Departure, Long Trip double O seven, double O seven

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, this is Da Nang Departure, go ahead

007:Ah roger, references showing the zero six zero, approximately two zero on the Sierra Foxtrot, reading point zero, would like a handoff to Hue Approach Control.

Dept:Double O seven, squawk one zero zero zero, ident; and understand you are at flight level eight zero.

007:Roger, at eight zero, ident.

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, say your radial and DME again, please.

007:Negative radial and DME, we're on the zero three zero now of the Sierra Foxtrot, approximately zero five miles.

Dept:Roger Long Trip double O seven, have radar contact seven miles northeast of airport, remain V?R conditions.

007:We're popeye at the present time

007:Departure, Long Trip double O seven, did you copy, we're popeye.

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, roger, maintain flight level eight zero.


Dept:Long Trip double O seven, you're cleared to the Hue Airport via point Alpha, report intercepting [word was difficult to read] the three four three radial from DaNang, over.

007:Report the three four three, roger.

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, report your Point Alpha estimate.

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, DaNang Departure, say your Point Alpha estimate.

007:Estimating Point Alpha at two three

Dept:Ah, roger, two three

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, squawk low please

007:Double O seven, low

007:Long Trip double O seven is three four three, eight thousand

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, roger

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, squawk zero one zero zero, ident, for Hue

Dept:Long Trip double O seven, ident again, please


Dept:Long Trip double O seven, contact Hue Approach Control on three seven four point one, over.

007:Three seven four point one

End of transcript

Radio  Transmission Transcript Hue GCA GCA-Controller, GCA-Approach, APP-Coordinator, Coord-Tower

GCA:Go ahead approach

APP:Ten and a half mile east, heading two two zero, he's a Long Trip double O seven....level at two thousand.

GCA:You say double O seven?


GCA:OK James Bond

GCA:OK, two forty six eight, November Lima

APP:OK, you got 'em?

GCA:Right, radar contact

APP:Juliet, Juliet

007:Hue GCA, Long Trip double O seven

GCA: Long Trip zero zero seven, this is Marine Hue GCA. I hear you loud and clear, how me, over.

007Loud and clear

GCA:Radar position, nine miles east of airport

GCA:Zero zero seven, say your present altitude

007:Two thousand

Coord: Wow!

GCA:(not keying) say again

Coord:Two thousand! He's that high?

GCA:How long, how high did you say he was, I didn't hear you.

Coord:Two thousand

007:Hue GCA Long Trip zero zero seven, I'm showing at one zero zero of the Echo Victor Beacon

GCA:  Zero zero seven, roger, this will be a no gyro approach, turn left, make turns standard rate.

GCA:Zero zero seven, preclude minima; two hundred forty nine feet, one half mile, acknowledge.

007: Roger

GCA:  Zero zero seven, if runway not in sight at precision minima, turn right heading three six zero....

Tower:Go ahead

Coord: Long Trip zero zero seven, a U-twenty one, six miles

Tower: OK, check three

Coord: OK

GCA:  Zero zero seven, stop turn

GCA:Zero zero seven, say your BME

007:Zero zero seven, negative BME

GCA:Zero zero seven, say your approximate position from the airport

007:Zero zero seven, I have no idea

GCA:Contact Approach Central, three seven four decimal one, GCA standing by.


GCA:Tell Approach Control that.



Coord:Hey, uh, tower

Tower: Yeh

Coord: OK, we don't have him yet, we run him back to approach, we lost him,

Tower:OK, thank you

Time pause of approximately two minutes

Coord:Hot line....Hot line

GCA:GCA    We're going to need another qualified controller


GCA:Go ahead


GCA:OK, go ahead

APP:OK, zero zero seven, I don't know where the hell he is now.OK, your next one is Spare 862

End of transcript

Radio Transmission Transcript Hue Approach

APP:Ten and a half east, heading two two zero is Long Trip double O seven, level at two thousand.

GCA:Did you say double O seven?

APP: Right

GCA:OK, James Bond, OK, two forty six point eight, November Lima

APP:OK, you got em?

GCA:Right, radar contact

APP:Juliet Juliet

Transcript continued after the aircraft returned to approach frequency (elapsed time 2 minutes 37 seconds)

APP:Go ahead GCA

GCA:Yes, we lost Long Trip zero zero seven, he's coming back to you

APP:They got him, Charlie Echo


APP:Go ahead GCA

GCA:OK. This ah is Lieutenant Goodale, what's going on out there? What, what's the scoop with zero zero seven? What do you know? Do you have him on radar?

APP:Yes sir, we do.

GCA:OK, well, I was the one who just took that handoff and, ah, I understand he was about seven miles when I took the handoff, is that the one?

APP:He was about nine and a half, ten miles, when he was switched to you, yes sir.

GCA:Well, right now he's about four or five miles in there, OK? Well, I got the handoff, he was about two thousand, he was high, he did not take my turns. Now you have more than one aircraft east of the airport right now you're working.

APP:That we're working, yes sir.

GCA:You do?

APP:Uh huh.

GCA:I think this is a possible mess, I did, or anyway, bring him around again for another handoff and, ah, back to you, cause I wasn't sure of the, ah, target and I am sure you had him.

APP:Did you give him a missed approach?

GCA:Yes, I have him, ah, three sixty at thirty five hundred.

APP:All right sir, thank you.


End of this transcript

Radio Transmission Transcript Hue Approach-Cont.

007: Hue Approach, Long Trip double O seven

Cont:Double O seven, roger, I have radar contact one four miles east of the airport. Verify level at eight thousand.

007:Eight thousand

Cont:Roger, turn right heading three six zero, descend and maintain two thousand for victors to precision final approach course to runway seven. Hue weather; estimated seven hundred broken, fifteen hundred overcast, seven miles, winds; two eight zero at one zero, altimeter estimated three zero zero nine.

007: Roger, copy

Cont:Nine five four, Hue

This aircraft transmitted to controller three times and the controller transmitted four. Square six nine eight transmitted to approach five times.Nine five four and the controller transmitted one each again.

Cont:Roger double O seven, say your passing altitude

007:Through six five

Cont:Roger six position one four miles northeast


Cont:Long Trip double O seven, if you hear no transmissions received one minute this victor, or five second on final, you are cleared for approach.

007:Double O seven

007:Approach, double O seven

Cont:Double O seven, Hue, go

007:Can we put on request a clearance for immediate takeoff after we land for VPR on top.

Cap two zero eight called approach

Cont:Long Trip double O seven roger, ah, double O seven, on departure contact Hue departure on two seven three decimal one.


Cont:Talked to Cap two zero eight

Cont:Long Trip zero zero seven turn right heading zero nine zero.

007:Right to zero nine zero

Cont:Long Trip zero zero seven say passing altitude

007:Zero zero seven passing five thousand

Cont:Zero zero seven continue right turn to heading one four zero.

007:Right to one four zero

Approach three transmissions to nine five four, nine five four two transmissions to approach.

Cont:Long Trip double O seven report passing three thousand five hundred.

007:Double O seven, roger

Transmission unreadable

Cont:Calling Hue, say again

Six six zero transmitted to approach and controller transmitted to six six zero

Cont:Long Trip double O seven, your position one seven miles northeast.

007:Double O seven through three five, say altimeter

Cont:Ah, roger, altimeter three zero zero niner


Controller transmitted to nine five four twice, nine five four acknowledged twice. Five transmissions to eight six two. Eight six two to controller four times.

007:Zero zero seven level at two thousand

Cont: Roger Long Trip zero two seven, ah zero zero seven, turn right heading two two zero.

007:Right to two two zero

Cont:Long Trip zero seven, position ah fourteen and a half miles east.


Controller two transmissions to eight six two. Eight six two one to controller.

Cont:Long Trip double O seven contact GCA, two four six decimal eight.

007:Two four six eight Eight six two dash two five miles

Transcript continued after the aircraft returned to Approach frequency (elapsed time two minutes three seven seconds)

007:Hue Approach, Long Trip double O seven

Cont:Long Trip double O seven, Hue

007:Can you give us a position fix please

Cont:Ah roger, sir, I believe you are one zero miles east of the airport; squawk zero one zero zero, ident.


Cont:Double O seven ah say heading

007:Present heading one eight five and we are squawking low at present time.

Cont:Roger squawk normal

007:Normal and ident.

Controller and eight six three each transmitted two times

Cont:Double O seven negative contact at this time, say your position off sixty nine.

007:Alright, I am showing the one three zero off of victor ah, echo victor. Could you turn us out to sea again, I think we are heading pretty close to these mountains over here.

Cont:Roger, make a left turn to heading zero nine zero

007:Left to zero nine zero

Cont:Double O seven say your altitude

007:Two thousand

Cont:Roger, climb and maintain three

007:Climbing to three

Nine five four and controller five transmissions each

007:Double O seven level three thousand

Controller and eight six two each transmitted

The controller attempted contact with 007 seven times after the aircraft reported level at 3000.

All standard emergency frequencies including guard were used

End of transcript

Where are they?

I will continue my search for answers and the truth. I know a lot of you say, these people are not alive anymore. But if there is only one Person alive, would you not want him to come home. Please read W1 WILLIAM PATRICK MILLINER's and 02 Morgan Jefferson Donahue Story's. Don't their Families have the right to know????

If you have any Information on ANY of my adopted Hero's,please let me know.Only together we can bring home these Men.

Always Remember.They gave their all ! We owe them.

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