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My Sign-Up Page

I am truly honored that you are thinking about adding your Pages to the Ring

Here are a few guidelines and you are on your way on becoming the newest Member of TheForgotten™ .. :)

1.This Ring is dedicated to all the Forgotten Sons,Brothers ,Mothers,Sisters and Fathers who were left behind in a country other then their own.

2.If you have adopted a POW/MIA,or you have a loved one you dedicated a Webpage,too.Great you qualify !!! See that didn't hurt.Now,let's read more...

3.Please: NO PORNO,RACIST or other Sites you would not wanna let your Mom see.

4.Have fun with this Ring.Find new interesting Sites,make friends in all parts of the Country.So,far we have a bunch of wonderful Sites in this Ring.It would be great if you join,too.

5.If you need any help in buliding a website for your adopted POW/MIA or loved One.I have a few people who would like to volunteer their help.

6.If you just stumbled on this Site and now you are interested in joining this Fight,but don't know how to adopted a POW/MIA..Don't worry!!! I can help you find a POW/MIA who is still waiting to be adopted. Just send me an e-mail with your specific wishes..What Branch ( Army,Air Force,Marines,Coast Guard),Rank and so on...

Okay I think that's it.So pull up your sleeves and let's get started......

If you would like to join.Click on the Picture.

Here is the graphic you need

You can choose between these three for now.I am in the middle of adding more.( If you would like to,you can add a picture of your loved one instead of the other graphics)

Please copy the graphic to your OWN server.Well,I think that's all.I am looking forward for you to join.

HTML Code for The Forgotten Ring
Replace all fields that are highlighted in blue with your own ring info. (Email, Site title & Ring ID #)

<!-- Begin The Forgotten RingSurf Code -->
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<table border="2" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="3" width="313" height="55"
bgcolor="#FFFFFF" link="#800000" vlink="#005B88" alink="#005B88">
<td width="67" height="55"><a
src="1x.gif" border="0" width="147"
height="113" alt="Join today!"></a></td>
<td width="226" height="55" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p align="center"><font color="#005B88"
face="Arial"><small><small>This <a href="">RingSurf</a></small> <small><a
href="">TheForgotten</a> Net Ring owned by</small><br>
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<!-- End TheForgotten RingSurf Code -->

When everything is done,your Ring should look like this!  

Join today!

This RingSurf The Forgotten Net Ring owned by

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