Brian's intros to live songs

words in parentheses with question marks are indecipherable

before 36 Degrees
before Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mom)
before Bionic
before Black-Eyed
before Brick Shithouse
before Bruise Pristine
before Burger Queen
before Commercial For Levi
before The Crawl
before Drag
before Every You Every Me
before Hang On To Your IQ
before Haemoglobin
before Holocaust
before I'll Be Yours
before Kitsch Object
before Lady of the Flowers
before Leni
before Little Mo
before Miss Moneypenny
before My Sweet Prince
before Nancy Boy
before Plasticine
before Protect Me From What I Want
before Pure Morning
before Slackerbitch
before Slave to the Wage
before Special K
before Special Needs
before Taste In Men
before Teenage Angst
before This Picture
before Where Is My Mind?
before Without You I'm Nothing
before You Don't Care About Us
please email if you find an error or have any Placebo song intros to add.

my many thanks to David B., Daisy, and Nyx for submitting song intros!

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