A multi-engine Java based semi-parallel search interface automatically searching 50 search engines, or as many as you select, gives popup answers without editing, so you can enlarge your search

Just key in your Search Phrase, click on the Submit Button, sit back and relax. Pop up windows will appear one after another. Go on minimizing them until results start appearing. The faster engines will load first, followed by all other engines.

(Some most popular Search Engines are checked by default. You can uncheck them or add more engines depending on your Computer Resources)

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Yahoo Magellan Lycos Altavista B2B
Sreevideos Excite Web Crawler Go.com Google Gps
Amazon Metacrawler Google Ixquick AVFIND
Rediff Mamma.com In.Yahoo BidBay Anzwers
NBCi GoTo Canada Voila Light All the Web
In. Altavista.com Ask Jeeves Voila.fr MSN AOL Net Find
IndiaTimes Sun.com Yahoo Pix. Gallery Web Graphique Netscape
Yahoo - De. Britannica Iwon MP3 Meta Music Search
MP3 Box SearchScour Scour Mircx 2Look4
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