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1948 Flying Scooters contract
and plans.

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Mt park Funhouse article
Jay Ducharme

Mt Park Carousel
Heritage Park
Holyoke Massachusetts

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Mt. Park Today

1895- Mt. Park opened as a Trolley Park with beautiful landscaped areas, Live Theater, Carousel and a Roller coaster. Then President William McKinley visited the Summit House and declares the view from Mt. Tom the best in the world.
1901- Casino Playhouse built. From 1901 - 1953 Entertainers such as Hal Holbrook, Lloyd Bridges, Caesar Romero, and Martha Ray performed.
1929-Road for cars was made to the park and Mt Wildcat (Mt. Flyer) and the Philadelphia Toboggan Carousel were added to the park.
1952- Collin's Family buys the park and adds Whip, Funhouses, Dodgem Cars and the tempest.
1954- Casino Playhouse is torn down.
1971- Stardust Ballroom fire. 2 park employees die in blaze.
1987- Roger Fortin informs Jay Collins he is retiring and will not return for next season. Mr. Collins decides not to run the park without Mr. Fortin running operations and announces the park will close after the season.
1988 - 1991 Rides are Sold Off-

*Ferris Wheel, Train, Kiddie Cars and the Scrambler sold to Sand Spit Amusement park in Nova Scotia
*Flying Scooters sold in pieces to Whalom Park and Canobie Lake Park

*Satellite sold to Whalom Park

*Pirate's Den Funhouse sold to Salisbury Park

*Dodgems sold to Coney Island

*Tilt-A-Whirl and Tempest sold to Fannalli's Amusements

Mt Flyer - Trains, motor, brake run and chain sold to Arnolds Park. After attempts to give the coaster away fails, the coaster is torn down.

1993- After collecting enough money through fundraising the City of Holyoke Massachusetts moves the Carousel to Heritage park and opens the ride to the public.
2002- Arsonists set fire to Carousel, Dodgem, and Whip buildings, and other structures on site.
2004 Remaining structures are bulldozed into piles.
2006-Eric Suher purchased the 60 acres of property from Collins for $1.6 million. The parking lots and midway were cleaned up of all debris.
2008- 2009 Site is completely cleared except for the picnic pavilion, for outdoor concerts.
2009- August 15 -Mt. Park concert series begins.

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