Forever Yours
Nerine Kidd Shatner - August 9, 1999

The Dance

Beauty slips into our life, as an unanswered prayer it seems,
For a while dances quietly, in the wonders of our dreams.
But then before we know it, unaware it slips away,
And dances ever peacefully, in every prayer we say.

Though we cannot understand, why this dance must end,
We wake with each new day, to find the dance again.
For in living it has written, its' name upon the wind.
And spread its' loving touch, on every curve and bend.

Transformed from human life, the dance continues on,
It waltzes throughout nature, and when the morning yawns.
It frolics with the flowers, like a social butterfly,
With the freedom of a bird, it soars across the sky.

It dances through the leaves, of the big pine evergreen,
In splendor and in wonder, its' beauty now serene.
Though it seems so very cruel, to take our dance away,
The beauty of the dance, is never far away.

Written in Memory of Nerine By,
Janet K. Loew
Copyrighted by J.K.L. Enterprises


Bill and Nerine
Bill And Nerine

What has happened since Bill lost his wife.
In January 2001 The Shatner Family Foundation dedicated a second West Los Angeles home in memory of Nerine Shatner, while the original facility is still in operation in the mid-Wilshire area.
Executive Director Peggy Albrecht leads a small staff including an assistant director and business manager, as well as evening and weekend personnel who provide full time supervision.

The Friendly House Mission is to provide services to any alcoholic/drug-addicted woman who is ready to make a commitment to recovery. No woman in crisis is turned away due to inability to pay residence fees. Its primary goals are to achieve a stabilized recovery from the cycle of addiction, renew family relationships and achieve productive community reintegration.

Friendly House is a social model home for women. It is a compassionate alternative to women who would otherwise return to destructive, demeaning environments, homelessness, or incarceration. Friendly House offers the skills needed to establish long-term sobriety. The average stay is between three and six months although each woman's needs are different. The minimum stay is 30 days and some may remain as long as a year.

Friendly House ensures accomplished progress toward its goals by:

Fostering a structured and supportive environment Addressing individual deficiencies that significantly interfere with sobriety as well as physical and mental health, parenting, job maintenance, and family/legal issues through established community resourcesI Identifying sober, socially acceptable skills to facilitate successful community reintegration. Residents are active in community programs, attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, AA Big Book Studies as well as group therapy and meditation sessions
Contact Friendly House

Executive Director:
Peggy Albrecht, 213-389-9964 - all inquiries are confidential. All donations are tax deductable.

Bill And Nerine In 1997

Please consider making a donation to the memorial fund established to help those with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Friendly House is a non-profit, private facility for women in need of help in overcoming these problems, and was the first residential recovery home for women in the U.S. Friendly House is not officially affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, but espouses the twelve-step program, in addition to providing love, trust and support. I hope you'll help William Shatner in accomplishing something lasting and meaningful to carry on Nerine's memory in a manner she would approve.
Please remember that there are no deadlines for contributions.

The Nerine Shatner Memorial Fund
c/o MCTS
760 North La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Attn: Victor Meschures

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