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Map of Nebraska Weather
Radio Transmitters
and Frequencies

Map will be updated as new sites become operational.

Transmitter sites can now be clicked on for a map of each
transmitters Nebraska county coverage area.
(Same locations as in table below.)
Bassett 162.475 MHz Cambridge 162.525 MHz Chadron 162.525 MHz Grand Island 162.400 MHz Holdrege 162.475 MHz Lincoln 162.475 MHz Lexington 162.425 MHz Merna 162.500 MHz Merriman 162.400 MHz Mullen 162.425 MHz Norfolk 162.550 MHz North Platte 162.550 MHz Omaha 162.400 MHz Scottsbluff 162.475 MHz Shubert 162.500 MHz Sidney 162.500 MHz Trenton 162.500 MHz Valentine 162.450 MHz Wray, CO 162.475 MHz Sioux City, IA 162.475 MHz Kirwin, KS 162.500 MHz Pickstown, SD 162.425 MHz Yankton, SD 162.500 MHz Beatrice 162.450 MHz Albion 162.500 MHz Columbus 162.450 MHz Ord 162.525 MHz Oshkosh 162.525 MHz Superior 162.525 MHz

Nebraska Weather Radio Frequencies
Underlined locations can be clicked on for a map of each transmitters Nebraska coverage area.
Location    State  I.D.     Frequency     Programming Office
ALBION        NE  WNG-645  162.500 MHZ     OMAHA/VALLEY, NE 
BASSETT       NE  WXL-73   162.475 MHZ     NORTH PLATTE, NE
BEATRICE      NE  KZZ-69   162.450 MHZ     OMAHA/VALLEY, NE
CAMBRIDGE     NE  KEC-39   162.525 MHZ     HASTINGS, NE
CHADRON       NE  KXI-20   162.525 MHZ     CHEYENNE, WY
COLUMBUS      NE  WNG-549  162.450 MHZ     OMAHA/VALLEY, NE 
GRAND ISLAND  NE  WXL-74   162.400 MHZ     HASTINGS, NE   
HOLDREGE      NE  WXL-75   162.475 MHZ     HASTINGS, NE   
LEXINGTON     NE  KGG-99   162.425 MHZ     HASTINGS, NE
LINCOLN       NE  WXM-20   162.475 MHZ     OMAHA/VALLEY, NE     
MERNA         NE  WXN-72   162.500 MHZ     NORTH PLATTE, NE   
MERRIMAN      NE  WXL-76   162.400 MHZ     NORTH PLATTE, NE
MULLEN        NE  KPS-502  162.425 MHZ     NORTH PLATTE, NE
NORFOLK       NE  WXL-77   162.550 MHZ     OMAHA/VALLEY, NE    
OMAHA         NE  KIH-61   162.400 MHZ     OMAHA/VALLEY, NE       
ORD           NE  KWN-62   162.525 MHZ     HASTINGS, NE
OSHKOSH       NE  KHA-55   162.525 MHZ     NORTH PLATTE, NE
SHUBERT       NE  KWN-41   162.500 MHZ     OMAHA/VALLEY, NE
SIDNEY        NE  WXN-61   162.500 MHZ     CHEYENNE, WY
SUPERIOR      NE  WNG-578  162.525 MHZ     HASTINGS, NE
TRENTON       NE  WNG-524  162.500 MHZ     GOODLAND, KS
WRAY          CO  WXM-87   162.475 MHZ     GOODLAND, KS
SIOUX CITY    IA  WXL-62   162.475 MHZ     SIOUX FALLS, SD
KIRWIN        KS  KWN-59   162.500 MHZ     HASTINGS, NE
PICKSTOWN     SD  KXI-25   162.425 MHZ     SIOUX FALLS, SD
YANKTON       SD  KXI-21   162.500 MHZ     SIOUX FALLS, SD

EXPANSION SITES:  NOT ON THE AIR YET! (Information subject to change)

   The Official NOAA Weather Radio Page found on the index
     should be used to find your county warning coverage 
      and to program the proper codes for your receiver.
                A link is also provided below.

NWR Official Nebraska County Coverage
with SAME codes.

New Transmitter Information

The Mullen, NE transmitter is now on the air.
KPS-502 broadcasting on 162.425 MHZ from
tower facilities near Mullen, NE.
All 93 counties in Nebraska now have coverage!
Between 11 am and Noon on Tuesday, May 25, 2010,
the frequency for KGG-99 (Lexington)
will change from 162.450 MHz to 162.425 MHz.
This will require everyone that listens to this transmitter,
will need to change their radio to the new frequency.
As of May 7th, 2010, Frontier and Phelphs counties
have been added to the warning coverage area for this tower.


More detailed Weather Radio Expansion
information for the U.S. can be found at

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Updated: May 15th, 2010

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