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This type of shoot is for the LIVING HISTORY buff. If you are a military re-enactor or if you just happen to own a military surplus or civilian clone of a military weapon and just want an event to shoot it in, then this is a match for you. You don't have to dress up in a accurate uniform of the period that fits your rifle, but if you do, we add up to 20% to your score. For example, a group of your peers will inspect your uniform from 20 feet away. For each discepancy they will subtract 1 of the 20% bonus. Let say they decide on five discrepancies, therefor you will get 15% added to your shooting score. If you shoot a 85, add 15%(12.75 or 13) your adjusted score is 98. The point is that you can have fun even if you do not have a period uniform but it encourages you to wear one so you can get the feel of (or remember) what it was like to participate in military life. The course of fire will be different each time. They will be challenging, fun and safe.

Examples of MILITARY periods and rifles

Reenactor information and links

List of groups and information
Place to get uniforms etc.
Nebraska reenactors P.O.C.