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This is a simple 100 yard match for any center fire rifle, any black powder rifle or musket. No shotguns or pistols. Basically, it encourages you to shoot some guns that you seldom get a chance to shoot and have a little fun in the process.

We shoot 20 times at a standard target, usually a NRA TQ-4 100 yard smallbore target. All shots are from the standing position better know as the OFFHAND position.

You can use any type of iron or scope sights.

Slings are optional, use them if you want. You can also wear any type of clothing or foot wear including specialized shooting jackets.

You CANNOT use artifical support like crossed sticks, long bi-pods etc. The only thing holding up the firearm is you.

Prizes will vary from cash to trophies to ???? Cash shoots will have higher entry fees to cover expenses. Prizes will generally be given to several places.

Since this match is shot from the standing position, heavy expensive rifles with big scopes are probably more of a hinderence than an advantage, especially if there is a lot of wind. The standing position is a big equalizer.

One of the best things about a shoot like this is you get to meet new people and see lots of different types of equipment. It's fun way to spend some time with your family too.}