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Dear Mr.President, Memorial Day 2000

Today is Memorial Day.A day to Remember our Servicemen and Women who gave their ALL for their Country.A Day for reflection and gratefullness,because we can enjoy this Day in Freedom.

But Today it is a long weekend,a Day with more Sales then you can count on your Hands and Feet.

I am a Member of Operation Just Cause.This is an Organization That is dedicated in finding out the truth.What happen to over 2000 missing Servicemen,who never got to go on that flight out from Vietnam?

Sure most will argue that all of them are dead.But what and who took the right away from them;that they are not allowed to return and rest in peace on American soil?!

Please Mr.President join this Cause and help us bring them HOME.Help us in giving aged Mother's and Father's a certain closure.(tell them that their Son's are not cold tonight and that they are finally resting after giving everything for their Country)

Help us to give that old High School Sweetheart assurance that it is okay to move on.Because her loved on is resting now and one day they will be reunited.

Please read about Michael.He is just one of those Men ,who gave their ALL.

My Hero POW/MIA is MICHAEL BATT.He was born on May30,1947.He became a member of the Army while in Defiance,Ohio and attained the rank of SSGT(E6). Michael Batt is listed as Missing in Action.You can find Michael honored on the Vietnam Memorial Wall on Panel 29W,Row50. Charles Barnes,co-pilot;David R.Smith,aircraft commander;picked up ,on a cloudy day,on 16 March 1969,the following passengers SSGT MICHAEL BATT,Major Marvin L.Foster and PFC Raymond Bode.The aircraft(U21A)resumed it's journey north toward HUE/PHU BAI where it was scheduled to land.During this portion of the mission,the aircraft was required to revert from visual to instrument flight rules because of the low cloud ceilings,poor visibility and rain showers in the area.The aircraft was picked up by radio and radar;however contact was lost during the approach pattern.After loss of contact,all standard emergency radio frequencies were utilized,but radio contact with the aircraft could not be regained.DA NANG AIR/SEA rescue was also notified,but initial efforts were limited to a communications search because of the bad weather.The aircraft was never located.Based on a replotted flight plan,the indicated last known location for this aircraft was approximately one kilometer west TRUOI MOUTAIN,QUANG NAM DA NANG(formerly TUAN THIEN PROVINCE)Province,South Vietnam. It has been over 30years since Michael;and the rest of the men, dissappeared.The circumstances surrounding the loss of this crew and passengers are still as of 1989 completely classified.Although it is known that contact was lost with the aircraft,it is believed by the US GOVERNMENT that the enemy did not knew about the fates of the crew and passengers. It's been over 30years later;and men like these are all but forgotten expect by family,friends and fellow veterans.Since the U21A was lost,nearly 10,000 reports have been received by the U.S.relating to Americans still missing in Southeast Asia.Many authorities believe that hundreds remain alive,waiting for their country to come for them .Whether the men aboard the U21A are among them is unknown.What is certain,however,is that we,as a nation are guilty of abandonment of nearly 2500 of our best and most courageous men.We cannot forget,and must do everything in our power to bring these men home!!! How is this nation going to be ready for the new century?If nobody wants to remember and learn from the past.Somewhere in this nation a mother will go to bed tonight wondering where her son is...who disappeared 30years ago. Please don't forget Michael Batt. Please advise me of any action that is being taken by you or any other elected or appointed official to determine his fate. In the event there is nothing being done, please explain why not, and tell me how you personally plan to correct this and prevent it from ever happening again."


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