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Neferneferure is the only one of Akhenaten's children for whom we have an approximate birth date: Year 9. She is also the only one to be represented with a pet; while her sisters stand fidgeting at the Year 12 celebrations, she entertains herself with the young gazelle held in her arms.

Less joyful were the increasing conflicts at court that seem to have not spared the names of the last two princesses. Growing tensions between Akhenaten and Nefertiti may have caused her to abstain from naming her newest children for the glory of the Aten, Re being the most appropriate substitute.

Like so many of her sisters, Neferneferure predeceased her parents. She and Sotepenre - Nefertiti's final daughter - are both missing from the family group mourning Meketaten outside her birth pavillion. Found in a dump outside an unfinished tomb was an amphora handle stamped with a reference to "The Robing Room of Neferneferure." An alternate translation - "The (Burial) Chamber of Neferneferure" - adds credance to the belief that the unfinished tomb was intended for this princess and may have once contained her remains. A box lid bearing her name and image was found inside another tomb, that of Tutankhamun (KV62). The box itself was never recovered, but the lid is compelling in its own right, for the image of a child inlaid on its surface illustrates an innocence not to withstand the aftermath of the Aten that had nurtured it.