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Model PA-22-108
Engine Lyc O-235-C1
Hp & RPM 108 @ 2600
Gross Weight (Lbs.) 1650 
Empty Weight (Lbs.) 940 
Wingspan (Ft.) 29.3 
Wing Area (Sq. Ft.) 147.5 
Length Ft. 20.2 
Height In. 100 
Propeller Dia. In. 76 
Power Loading Lbs./hp 15.28
Wing Loading Lbs./sq ft 11.19 
Baggage Cap. Lbs. 100 
Fuel Cap. US Gal. 36
Maximum Speed mph 120 
Cruise mph 108 
Stall Speed mph 56 
Rate of Climb ft/min 610 
Service Ceiling ft 12,000 
Cruising Range s/mi 690 


The PA-22-108 Colt appeared in 1960 and remained in production into 1963. A total of 1,822 Colts were built. Built as a tri gear some have been converted to  tail wheel configuration.

Colts were powered with the 108-HP O-235 Lycoming engine. Some have been STC'd with larger engines.

Built as a two place trainer the Colt used mostly basic Tri-Pacer airframe components. Even with the 108-HP engine it has around a 700 lb. useful load to haul two "full" size adults. The rear door was left out and in place of the rear seat is a large baggage bin. Because it was a trainer the interconnect springs between the aerilons and rudder were left out.

As you would expect the Colt flies very much like a Tri-Pacer and is one of the best two placers for the money on the used market today.