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Model PA-16
Engine Lyc O-235-C1
Hp & RPM 115 @ 2800
Gross Weight (Lbs.) 1650
Empty Weight (Lbs.) 850
Wingspan (Ft.) 29.25
Wing Area (Sq. Ft.) 147.5
Length Ft. 20.1
Height In. 74
Propeller Dia. In. 73
Power Loading Lbs./hp 16.2
Wing Loading Lbs./sq ft 11.2
Baggage Cap. Lbs. 50
Maximum Speed mph 125
Cruise mph 112
Stall Speed mph 50
Takeoff Run ft. 720
Rate of Climb ft/min 600
Service Ceiling ft 11,000
Cruising Range s/mi 480
Fuel Consumption gal/hr 7


 The PA-16 Clipper appeared early in 1949. The Clipper was essentially, a four place version of the Vagabonds. It's empty weight was only 200 pounds more, but it had almost twice the power. Only 726 were produced before the PA-20 Pacer took its market late in 1949. 

The Clippers engine is the 115-HP Lycoming O-235-C1. Many have been STC'd for larger engines with a noticeable improvement in performance. The PA-16 was the last of the short wing family to have control sticks. 

Being a tail dragger you do have to pay attention on landing, especially in a crosswind. Like all Pipers of its generation, its flight characteristics are gentle and predictable.