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We bid ye welcome. . . .

*Mystix walks up to you, Strikeida is standing just off to her side*
Mystix: *Nods in greeting* Hello, welcome to our humble abode. This page, created on September 4th, is slowly growing..

*Strikeida smiles, staff in hand she motions around them*
Stri: -Very- slowly. We are still working on this place's minor content problem but-

Mystix: *interupts Stri* Please, explore what little we have to offer. . . .

*Strikeida glares at Mystix for interupting her but says nothing*

*They both make a quick Victory sign, and a cool anime background pops up behind the two. Then they turn, background gone, and head off to do the things webmasters do; work*

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here are the few banners we've made so far, just take the image you like if you wanna link to us on your page, thanx!