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Enter the Weirdness

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Stix: Welcome, wary traveller. I am Mystix *Bows Deeply*,
Stri: And I am Strikeida. *Also bows*
Stix: Please click on the sign above to enter our Slayers Temple, known to most as Slayers Spectacular
Stri: Well, it's not all -that- spectacular.....
Stix: -_-;; *Sweatdrop* Yet!! --Any--ways, you can E-mail me at, Stri can be reached at, and you can use the E-mail address at the bottom of every page to contact us on Site-related things ((ex; Fanfics/art, Contests, ect)). Have a nice Stay!
Stri: And watch out for the Kumquats!
Stix: *Smack* That's -MY- line!
Stri: *Rubs head* Sorry! Yeesh!

((Note; Numbers on the counter were reset on February 27, 1999. didn't look very snazzy, so we hope this one from turns out good.))

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