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First Generation
{My Great Great Grandfather} Daniel RENTON- was born in Northumberland, England in the early 1800's. Little is known about him at this stage, due to the fact that he is a new part of my family. When I say this, I mean for a few years I had been barking up the wrong tree. Yes, I am sure we have all done it :-) So with a little further research I found that Daniel was my true descendant instead of a Robert Renton from Scotland. This is only a possibility at this stage, but he could of been married to a Isobel BROWN. I will update this further as I learn more. I do know that Daniel was a Miner in the coal mines of Durham.

Second Generation
{My Great Grandfather}
George RENTON- Son of Daniel was born in 1835 in Sunderland, Northumberland, England. I have yet to find any of his siblings at this stage.
George was also a miner in the Durham Coal mines. When George was 21 he married Jane LUKE on the 06 December 1856 at The Parish Church, Sunderland, Durham, England.
Their first child was a son:
Robert RENTON b. 1857 in Durham, England. It was Jane Luke's father Robert LUKE who decided to take the challenge to go to Australia in search of a better life. Robert Luke sailed to Australia in the summer of 1856. It wasn't until 1859 that the other familie's followed. George & Jane set sail on the ship "Miriam" In May 1859, along with Janes sister Esther and husband Michael Miram Taylor, her younger siblings, Robert and Elizabeth, and their mother Jane LUKE nee: CUMMINGS.
Both married sister's Jane RENTON & Esther TAYLOR were both pregnant on the journey as well as having a toddler each. Sadly, George & Jane Renton's child was stillborn during their travels on the 20th June 1859, a little daughter who they named after the ship they were travelling, Miriam.
They arrived in Australia in July to a very overpopulated Melbourne. Their was people everywhere, workers building accomadation to facilitate for all the newcomers. It was nothing short of Mayhem.
Robert LUKE Snr. was their to greet them, and no doubt they travelled by wagon's on the long journey to the Gippslands of Victoria.
Life was hard, but it didn't take them long to settle in and start having more children:
The first Renton child from our line to be born in Australia was:
Isabella FORSYTH nee:Renton b. 1860 at Wandiligong, Victoria
Mary Jane MILLS nee:Renton b.1862 at Morses Creek, Victoria
Esther Renton b. 1864 d. 1865
Esther MADDEN nee:Renton b. 1866 Growler's Creek, Victoria
Daniel Renton b. 1868 Growler's Creek, Victoria
Elizabeth Renton b. 1870 Growlers d. 1875
Eleanor Hannah FLETCHER nee:Renton b. 1873 Running Crk, Victoria
Margaret HADDEN nee: Renton b. 1875 Myrtleford, Victoria
Georgina BULLOCK nee: Renton b. 1878 Running Crk, Victoria
George William Renton b. 1880 Wandiligong, Victoria
John Thomas Renton b. 1882 d. 1883
John Henry Michael Renton {My Grandfather} b. 1883 Growlers Crk, Victoria
Bessie Renton b. 1884 d. 1884
Michael Renton b. 1886 Harrietville, Victoria
Sadly, Jane Luke died not long after childbirth with her 16th child, Michael in March of 1886. She was only 46yrs old.
George RENTON died 10yrs later in 1896, both died in Harrietville, Victoria

Third Generation

{My Grandfather}
John Henry Michael RENTON- Born 26 August 1883 in Growlers Creek, Victoria, Australia.
He was not even 3yrs old when his mother died in childbirth with his brother Michael. A sad childhood lay ahead for my grandfather being put into orphanages with Michael and ship back and forward between his older brothers and sisters. His father George had disappeared after the death of his wife in 1886 and was nowhere to be found until his death in 1896. Their was a warrant out for his arrest in that space of 10yrs due to "neglect of his children".
When my Grandfather was 16 he got into a bit of trouble with the law. I am sure he learnt his lesson after this, as I have found no other documentation to say he broke the law after this :-){Way to go Grand-dad}
It was not long after this that he headed for Western Australia with his brother George to start a fresh life as his father did before him.
He arrived in Kalgoorlie in 1900 in search of the Gold that so many others before him had done. It was here that he married my Grandmother Francis Emma REYNOLDS on the 3rd of April, 1907 in Boulder City, Western Australia.
They went onto have 12 children, one being my father.
1. Mary Jane Renton b. 1907 Boulder City, Western Australia
2. James Henry George Renton b. 1908 Boulder City, WA
3. Francis Edith b. 1910 d. 1911
4. John William Renton b. 1912 Boulder City, WA
5. Robert Cecil Renton b. 1914 Powlett River, Victoria
6. Margaret Emma Renton b. 1916 Wonthaggi, Victoria
7. Donald Lesley Renton b. 1918 Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
8. Thomas Daniel Renton (My Father) b. 1920 Kalgoorlie, WA
9. William Harvey Renton b. 1923 Kalgoorlie, WA
10. Thelma Jean Renton b. 1926 d. 1933
11. Nellie Renton b. 1930 d. 1930
12. Myrtle Renton b. 1930 d. infancy

Fourth Generation
{My Father}
Thomas Daniel Renton b: 1 December 1920 at Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Born the 8th Child of a family of 12 kids. Life was hard for dad growing up in a Mining Town among the heat, dust and flies. Men were rough and if you weren't tough you soon would be.
My Father started work at the age of 14 and soon got work in the mining industry like his forefathers before him. He was 18yrs old when he met my mother Margaret Joan MERCER in Coolgardie, Western Australia. My Mother was only 16.
Dad used to work in the mines with Mum's Dad and I don't think Granddad was impressed when he found out his daughter was dating Tommy {Bags} Renton. None the less, Mum and Dad married in a Registry Office in 1941. They went on to have a strong and happy life that produced 10 children. Me being the youngest of the clan.
1. Glenice Margaret Renton b. 1941 Kalgoorlie, WA
2. Thomas Francis Renton b. 1943 Kalgoorlie, WA
3. Roderick Charles Renton b. 1946 Kalgoorlie, WA
4. Ronald James Renton b. 1947 Kalgoorlie, WA
5. William Arthur Renton b. 1953 Kalgoorlie, WA
6. Peter George Renton b. 1954 Kalgoorlie, WA
7. Daniel Lesley Renton b. 1956 Kalgoorlie, WA
8. Donna Rose Renton b. 1960 Kalgoorlie, WA
9. Joseph Colin Renton b. 1964 Gnowangerup, WA
10. Julie Anne Renton b. 1965 Gnowangerup, WA