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Descendants of Michael Miram Taylor

1 Michael Miram TAYLOR b: 08 July 1859 in Born at Sea on the Ship "Miriam"
+Mary PERKINS b: 1866 Father: William Perkins Mother: Elizabeth Ann Lamb
2 Michael Thomas TAYLOR b: 05 November 1884 in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia
2 Esther Eliza TAYLOR b: 04 November 1885 in Harrietville, Victoria, Australia
2 Isabella TAYLOR b: 1887 in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia
2 Isabella Esther TAYLOR b: 1888 in Wahalla, Victoria, Australia
2 Elizabeth Ann TAYLOR b: 1889 in Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia
** +Jack MEADOWS
2 Robert George TAYLOR b: 1891 in Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia
** +Olive Julie MAUDSLEY
2 Alice Isabel TAYLOR b: 1893 in Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia
2 Dorothy TAYLOR b: 1894 in Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia
2 Ethel Rubina TAYLOR b: 1896 in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia
** +Donald Campbell MCCALLUM
2 Michael Miram TAYLOR b: 1897 in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia
** +Lillian Margaret HAWKINS
* 3 Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR b: Private
2 Sarah Jane TAYLOR b: 1900 in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia
** +William Charles FOOTE
2 Dorothy Irene TAYLOR b: Private
** +John Almen EDWARDS
2 John George Wilson TAYLOR b: Private
** +Irene Mary ROCKFORD b: Private