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Welcome to the Peoples Palace


Well as you've probably guessed by now this website is dedicated to the wonderfully fascinating epic saga created by Terry Goodkind.

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This page was last updated on : 19/08/99 (UK date)

Terry Goodkind is recognised as the author of the Sword of Truth series, this website is dedicated to the authors writings and is not to be used for anything other than information, and to benefit the author.

COOPYRIGHT (C) Terry Goodkind 1994

Wizard's First Rule copyright 1994 by Terry Goodkind ISBN 0312857055
Stone of Tears copyright 1995 by Terry Goodkind ISBN 0312857063
Blood of the Fold copyright 1996 by Terry Goodkind ISBN 0312890524
Temple of the Winds copyright 1997 by Terr Goodkind ISBN 0312890532
The Sword of Truth books are published by Tor Books