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!Nerf Tech!

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Welcome to Nerf Tech, the !'s aren't realy needed on the begenning and end , they just confuse spanish people. This website is all about nerf guns and changing them to be better. If you came here for fruitcake recepies, search "Fruitcake" in a search engine.

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Nerf is a wonderful thing. It allows you to satisfy your manly urges to kill and maim, without actually hurting anyone and having to hire OJ's lawyer to get you out of trouble. Nerf guns can can't hurt you, unless you fire at pt. blank in your eye. It dosent break mom's lamps either...if you don't aim at them. Nerf guns are less expensive than paintball or real guns, and leave less of a mess.

I happen to like the field of nerf concerning making home-made guns. I may have a home-made gun guide up soon as I get off my lazy self and do it...

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