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The Voice of Cutey Honey

Jessica was a model who found her way to ADV Films and started doing voice-overs on EVANGELION. She was later on given the role of Yuri in DIRTY PAIR, Fam in RUIN EXPLORERES, Mink in DRAGON HALF, and the title roles in PRINCESS MINERVA and NEW CUTEY HONEY. She then left for New York where she began doing theatre work and voice-overs in various other cartoons like POKEMON and an online series called BATTLE SEED. She is now working for Central Park Media and is in their release of VIRGIN FLEET, plus she has her own website that runs a small comic strip of herself called THE ADVENTURES OF CHIBI-JESS


New Cutey Honey, Princess Minerva, Dark Warrior, Ruin Explorers, Original Dirty Pair, Those Who Hunt Elves, New Kimagure Orange Road, Compiler, Evangelion, Blue Seed, Power Dolls, Ushio & Tora, Dragon-Half, Battle Seed, Pokemon, Virgin Fleet, The Adventures Of Chibi-Jess

Interview taken at Project A-Kon 10, June 1999.