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Naval Ships that I was Attached With



Power Plant: Two 600 psi boilers, two geared steam turbines, two shafts, 24,000 total shaft horsepower

Length: 553 feet (168.6 meters)

Beam: 85 feet (25.9 meters)

Displacement: 14,000 tons (full load)

Speed: 22 knots (25.3 miles per hour, 40.5 km, per hour)

Aircraft: None

Landing Craft: 3 LCAC Landing Craft, Air Cushion

Crew: Ships Company: 18 officers, 340 enlisted Marine Detachment: 330

Armament: 4 - 3-inch/50 cal. twin barrel guns 2 - 25mm MK 38 Machine Guns 2 - 20mm Phalanx CIWS

Unit Operating Cost Annual Average: $20,000,000 [source: [FY1996 VAMOSC]




Displacement: Light Displacement: 5190 tons Full Displacement: 8792 tons Dead Weight: 3602 tons

Length: Overall Length: 522 ft Waterline Length: 500 ft

Beam: Extreme Beam: 70 ft Waterline Beam: 70 ft

Draft: Maximum Navigational Draft: 19 ft Draft Limit: 19 ft

Speed: 20 knots

Power Plant: Six diesels, 16,000 brake horsepower, two shafts, Twin Controllable Pitch Screws BOW THRUSTER - Single Screw, Controllable Pitch

Armament: 4 - three-inch/50-caliber guns Phalanx close-in weapons systems to be fitted

VEHICLE STOWAGE: 19,000 Square Feet (1,767 Square Meters) lift capacity includes 29 tanks

Complement: ship's company -- 14 Officers, 210 Enlisted 360-400 troops

Unit Operating Cost Annual Average: $12,500,000 [source: [FY1996 VAMOSC]

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