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1st FSSG History Page

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History of the 1st Force Service Support Group
The 1st Force Service Support Group of Headquarters and Service Battalion, 1st Maintenance Battalion, 1st Supply Battalion, 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 7th Motor Transport Battalion, 1st Landing Support Battalion, 1st Medical Battalion, 1st Dental Battalion, Marine Expeditionary Unit Service Support Groups 11, 13 and 15, Combat Service Support Group 12 at Twenty-nine Palms, Combat Service Support Detachment 14 at MCAS, El Toro, and Combat Service Support Detachment 16 at MCAS Yuma. The group headquarters is located in the 14 Area, with elements of the group situated throughout Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton.

In addition to providing the Group Headquarters, Headquarters and Service Battalion provides disbursing, exchange, postal and military police support to the FMF and communications for the Group.

1st Maintenance Battalion provides intermediate level maintenance support for Marine Corps-furnished tactical communications/electronics, engineer, general support, motor transport and ordnance equipment. Maintenance facilities are located in the Las Pulgas (43) Area, the Del Mar (21) Area and the Chappo (22) Area.

1st Supply Battalion supplies all classes of supply, except bulk fuel, required by the Marine Expeditionary Force. The Supply activity Support System Management Unit, which is the heart of this operation, is located with the other functional areas in the warehouse complex in the Chappo (22) Area.

7th Engineer Support Battalion is organized to provide general engineer support to a MEF. Its services include bath and laundry, water supply, mobile electric power, storage and distribution of bulk fuel, and explosive ordinance disposal support. 7th ESB is located in the 14 Area.

7th Motor Transport Battalion provides motor transport support to the group, as well as major elements of I MEF. The battalion is located in the 12 Area and occupies the 13 Area motor pool.

The mission of 1st Landing Support Battalion is to provide support to the amphibious landing force during its assault and subsequent operations ashore. This is accomplished through operational and tactical application of shore party, helicopter support teams, air delivery, and airfield control groups. The battalion has three landing support companies, a beach and terminal operations company, a landing support equipment company and a headquarters and service support company. The battalion is located in the Del Mar (21) Area.

Marine Expeditionary Unit Service Support Groups 11, 13 and 15 provide the same type of combat support but on a smaller scale to their respective MEUs.

The 1st Medical Battalion is organized to provide collection, emergency treatment, temporary hospitalization, specialized surgery and evacuation of battle injuries. The battalion also coordinates preventive measures for control of disease. The battalion is located in the Chappo (22) Area.

The 1st Dental Battalion is charged with the dental health of the MEF and providing specialized care of casualties. The First Dental Company, located in the 22 Area, provides dental services through the 13 Area dental facility. The 13th and the 23rd Dental are located at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro and Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twenty Nine Palms, California respectively.