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Welcome to The Underworld. Finally, I've managed to add some new stuff in here! My thanks to those who took the time to e-mail me and share their drawings, comments, etc... I've also added a new message board, so that all of you YYH otakus may share to each other what you have in mind! So please feel free to post your messages there, ok? Thank you very much for continuing to support The UnderWorld. I hope all of you would enjoy your visit here and please do come back again soon, ok? By the way, dont forget to sign the guestbook! Domo Arigato! :)

:: NEW STUFF!!! :: Kurama Fox Wallpaper by Joy... :: And... Part 2 of Cheyo-Vera's Fanfic!... :: Plus another new fanfic sent by Brenda New! :: Check it out! ::

YuYu Hakusho is a property of Yoshihiro Togashi, Jump Comics, Studio Pierrot, and among others. No infringement on copyrights intended.

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