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This is me.  And this is my homepage.  I had a bigger one, but the pictures are all outdated, so im trying to make a new one.  So bare with me and all my spelling errors.hmmm... here are some things about me: i like hardcore. more specifically, evil core. i like punk and hip hop. id say the shit i listen to most is: AFI saves the day, get up kids, counteravail, tribe called quest, poison the well, reggie and the full effect, lifetime, the pogues, the anniversary. so i like a lot of crap! what else? as yo can tell i am excited to move... and its cominig up pretty soon. we can go over the crap ill be doing: 3 weeks in brighton england, 3 months traveling europe, 9 months studying at the un of sussex in falmer brighton england, then 6 month internship in paris france, and then a 6 month intern in milan italy. I am straight edge, and have been so for 5 years. i am maybe the one out of 10 kids from beaverton that is still and will be forever. ummm... yeah. i like girls, and parties and music... and traveling and my best friends tyson and emily. and the death of me... a woman named Deegina Lesueur. i love you three... no matter if its good or bad.


hey, im moving to europe soon... june 10th. see yaz!

Lets get to business...   Here are some pictures and Links...  go to 'em.  they might be fun.  There arent that many because frankly, I dont give a damn. actually there arent any links anymore boo friggin hoo... but there are twice as many pictures.


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