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Scott's Page

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

I pledge allegiance
to the flag,
of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
And to the stadium in which they play,
One team,
Under Gruden,
with OFFENSE and defense for all!!!


We got our man.....Jon Gruden

Gone are the days of the stoic field general....


Chucky has arrived in Tampa...

Mini camp.....Jon is in charge!!!!


Bucs sign Rob Johnson from the Buffalo Bills.......could Brad Johnson's days be numbered at Tampa Bay?

Its been Quite a ride these past 35 days. Is it it it it a college coach...or how about Marriuci.....?????? Those Glazier boys have no idea what they are doing...or do they? They sent shock waves through the NFL and the Raider Nation...and got the man..we all wanted...Jon Gruden. His offenses have ranked in the top 10 the past 3 years. We have NEVER...EVER been above 20th.The next oder of business is filling out the offsive side of the ball in the coaching staff....and hopefully...Rich Mackay..and the Glaziers..can mend fences and get on with business. We need Rich.

A New beginning.....

A New Logo

A new Home....

And A New Attitude!!

Sail with us to the Big One!!

Hi..thanks for visiting my Buccaneers Page. My name is Scott. I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida...many moons ago. I still live here. I live in the midwest for 10 years..but came home in February 2000. I have been a Bucs fan since day one.......I remember having a "The Bucs are Comming" bumper sticker on my car. I attended the very first regular season game against the SanDiego Chargers.. ..(we lost).On this page I will list a few news tidbits and following their progress. We had big expectations last year. Coach Gruden and hopefully GM Mackay will right this ship.The defense is in fine shape. A total reworking of the offence is the order of business.

2001 Season

It was a very up and down year. Over all....the offence performed as it has in years past. Tony Dungy did a great job getting us to winning ways. But..just couldn't get us over the hump. I think it basically was his offensive philosophy.

Shawn King...our future???or......

Or is it..this man....Brad Johnson.
He is awesome...short to midrange...but..can he throw the long ball? I think he is a good fit for our new west coast offence.


This is Warren Sapp..the heart of our Defense.

This is Mike Alstott...he's the workhorse of the offence.

The Buccaneer Cheerleaders

This where it starts....the fans!! We love our Bucs!!

The Buccaneer webring

This Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ring site
is owned by Scott Bodiford.

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