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Welcome to the home of DiG's. As you can see, we are dumbasses. Most of us may not admit it, but there are a few of us. Like Melon, the Head DiG, Roundeye, the strange one of us all. We have come together to fight stupid customers and crappy managers. We have both carryouts and cashiers. But it's all just a joke so don't get all serious about it. If we were told to drop it, we would. We'd rather have a job than a webpage and an organization. We're just trying to make work a little better. Also in case you couldn't tell, we are a parody of Men in Black. Hope you enjoy it and look back to future update's. Official DIG's: Melon, Ruhgo, Kurtdog, Roundeye, and Princess. Also, click on the Latest Updates link below just to see what's new at DIG.

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