There's No Denying The Heat...

From the start, these two outcast interns enjoyed a tantalizing meeting of the minds - if not much else. Since Eve's near-nuclear fallout with her ex-roommate Julie, she and Chris have been living together. The setup has been purely platonic. But now the stage is set for more since Eve and Scott have broken up. With Lucy badmouthing Eve all over town on a variety of charges, including accusing her of being the serial killer who's been stalking Port Charles, Eve welcomes Chris' gestures of friendship now more than ever. They're already roommates; they've been partners in, well, not exactly crime, but probably a misdemeanor or two. More heat is in store for this devious, dynamic duo! - (Soap Opera Update, July 21, 1998)


While Eve may have been the 5th chair, she is anything but forgotten as we fans keep her memory alive. Knowing that the memory of Eve Lambert still lives on, we the fans hold out for the hope that one day Eve will return to Port Charles yet again! Here's to keeping the dream alive! For those of you who'd like to pay tribute to Eve Lambert, I offer up a link to our sister site over at the Chris and Eve Cheerleaders in their tribute to Eve Lambert




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Hello and welcome to my Chris Ramsey and Eve Lambert Web Page dedicated to what could be potentially the hottest couple in daytime television. Chris Ramsey and Eve Lambert have sparks flying between them that are unstopable. This page is still under major construction, but hopefully soon I'll be able to put some stuff together. If anyone has a fanfic they'd like me to post, or any information on either character they feel should be added, then feel free to e-mail me and I'll gladly put it up. Thanks for your patience and please come back again.  Oh and please sign the guestbook and let me know what you think.


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