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This page is dedicated to sweet chinchillas who where deeply loved by their owners and have taken the next step to chinchilla heaven.


This is the oldest and the official chinchilla memorial page on the internet. New reviews is constantly being added for chinchillas, and all chinchillas is getting their own  web page column.
Maybe you have a suggestion about how the memorial for your chinchilla should look like? I'll be happy to hear from you, how you think Chinchilla's heaven looks like, or how this memorial is to be looking like in the future. After all, this is a column for your Chinchilla, help me make your chinchillas memorial as good looking as its memory are worth. Just E-mail me if you have any suggestions, or have lost your dearest chinchilla.

For keeping chin pets memory alive, Please E-mail me and I will also put your pet on this memorial column

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Awards given for the honor to these chinchillas 

Tribute to pets awardBest chinchilla site Award Bronze

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