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Chel Scully -- X-Files Fanfiction writer, and proud of it

None of your freaking business... fine. Under 18.
On Gossamer (soon) and on the M&S mailing list (they liked "Spider in My Room"!)
General genre:
I used to think I was doomed to stay forever in humor, then I discovered I'm AOK in angst. }=)
Number of fanfics:
Nine, so far. I hope to make a whole FREEKING lot more!
X-Phile Shipper Davidite... you can really tell in "Only More Twisted". ;)

Three Sheets to the Wind -- PG, SH
Only More Twisted -- PG, SHR
String of Pearls -- G, S
Spark -- PG-13, VA
Iris -- PG, VA
Since You've Been Gone -- G, SH
Dooby Dooby Doo -- PG, SHR
Spider in My Room -- PG, SH
New!Secret Document -- PG, SH

The X-Files
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