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Hello, and welcome! This is my Atari ST site, dedicated to ST emulation. This sight is designed to aid people who are searching for something for their STs or emulator; such as a TOS rom, or a game image, that sort of thing. The Catalogue is a list of Atari ST sites, with reviews and ratings, and is totally open to public opinion. I'd like this page updated on a regularly frequent basis, but I need feedback to do it. Please, email me with any questions, or comments, or advice. I need help to make this site any good whatsoever. If you like the neato graphic above, I made it from the Free Fonts Online page. And please, if you have an ST site tell me about so I can list it here!

The idea of this page isn't to comprehensively list every Atari resource on the web, that's what The Little Green Desktop is for. I want this page, rather, to reflect the feelings and attitudes of the Atarian community. I want to make this site less my site and more of a community site, people can add onto it and put their own ideas into it. Please, anything you'd like to see added, or changed, or removed, just tell me and I'll make it happen. I want this to be /our/ page, not /my/ page.

If there's any mate looking for anything Atari ST related, his first stop ought always be to the Little Green Desktop. A very happening chap named Rich Davey keeps this site up and running, he's quite knowledgeable about emulation and what-not. Here is the famed FujiBBS, where you can keep yourself apprised of Atari news and technical data.


There's only one real ST emulator anymore, and it's quite good. Designed and maintained by Frédéric Gidouin, it's the only ST emulator worth looking into. (For a PC, that is. There's emus for mac or Unix, if you're into that sort of thing.) It's called PaCifiST, and it really is quite lovely. You'll never find a better emulator, and it's currently under development. The only software any more realistic than PaCifiST is GEM itself, and it doesn't have the neato disk selection util built into it!

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