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Wilson E. Morris

Born and reared in West Virginia, Wilson E. Morris of Bighorn County, Wyoming residing near Hyattville, saw much of the hardship engendered by the Civil War and enjoys with increased satisfaction in consequence the comfortable peace and its productive conditions in which he is now embosomed. He first saw the light on February 6, 1868 and on the West Virginia farm owned and operated by his parents Henry and Jane (Wilson) Morris he grew to manhood and was educated. On leaving school he engaged in farming and lumbering in the state of his nativity, which was just then awakening to a knowledge of her great wealth in forestry and minerals which it has since been pouring through the channels of trade in streams of benefaction to the commercial world. In these occupations he there continued until 1890, when he came to Wyoming and locating on Paint Rock Creek and later on the Bighorn engaged in the leading industry of this prolific section ranching and raising stock. After a few years of successful business he sold out and went to Colorado where he passed four years busily occupied in various pursuits then returned to Wyoming and bought the fine farm he now occupies, comprising 160 acres of good land, well improved and much of it highly cultivated. He runs a herd of 300 cattle and a large drove of good horses and mules. This industry has his close and intelligent attention and he is also interested in other properties of value and various kinds. In company with two others he owns 2,000 acres of land on the mountain. In the affairs of the community in which he lives and the county to which he owes allegiance Mr. Morris takes an abiding and serviceable interest, giving to the Republican party good service in its campaigns and holding himself in readiness to aid in the development of every good enterprise for the benefit of his section. He was first married in West Virginia, on December 25, 1879 to Miss Sarah M. Bain a native of that state, who died in Colorado on December 6, 1894, leaving these children: Ashford Lee, Creed R., William F., Maud and Zara. On September 28, in Laramie, Wyoming he contracted a second marriage his choice on this occasion being Miss Elizabeth Williams, a native of Iowa. Mr. Morris stands well in the esteem of his fellow men and has an excellent reputation for probity and uprightness good business capacity intelligence and public spirit and attractive social qualities. He is one of the representative citizens of the neighborhood and has won his position as such by merit and real usefulness. 1880 Census found Wilson Morris living Union, Ritchie, West Virginia.

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