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William D. Faust

From the teeming millions of Iowa’s thrifty and enterprising population, whose progenitors many of them within the memory of men yet living found her an untrodden waste of wild plain and primeval solitude and by right of conquest over nature gained dominion on her soil and established there a new empire of agricultural and industrial wealth have come forth many men of energy resourcefulness daring and stern endurance to help in the subjugation and civilizing of the wilderness of the farther West and among the number is William C. Faust, now of Cody in Bighorn County, Wyoming who was born on April 30, 1868 in Iowa whither his parents came from their native Pennsylvania soon after their marriage. They were Emanuel and Sarah (Runkle) Faust, (see sketch on another page) prosperous farmers in Iowa until 1884 when they removed to Nebraska and settled near the city of Lincoln. There they reared their family and gave them such educational advantages as were available under the circumstances. Their son, William had reached the age of sixteen before this removal took place and his school education was practically completed in his native state. Thereafter the lessons of life for him were to be learned in the rugged and exacting but highly effective school of experience and to its teachings he was subjected soon after taking up his residence in the new state. He remained with the family however for a few years longer in 1891 accompanied then to Montana and in 1892 to Wyoming arriving in the vicinity of the present town of Otto on November 8, 1892. He there located a homestead where until 1902 he lived and carried on a flourishing stock and farming business. In that year he sold this property and bought a home at Cody, where he now lives. He is still engaged in the stock industry however having large herds of cattle and numbers of fine graded horses. He is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America and his zeal and activity in the service of the order is highly appreciated. On July 23, 1893 at Otto, he married to Miss Ivie Perkins a native of Nevada and a daughter of Harvey L. and Elizabeth (Park) Perkins, the former a native of Illinois and the latter of Missouri. They have two children, their daughters, Vella and Stella. An account of Mr. Perkins’ interesting life appears on other pages of this volume.

  • Found 1880 Census St. Charles, Madison County, Iowa.

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