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Walter Roadifer

With a well improved thoroughly irrigated and skillfully cultivated ranch of 120 acres of good land lying four miles north of Sundance in Crook county now under lease to a good tenant and another one of 200 acres on Canyon Springs Prairie on the Sundance and Newcastle road half way between these towns which he occupies as his residence, Walter Roadifer would seem to be beyond the reach of adverse fortune and secure in comfort and plenty for the remainder if his days. He is also well established in the regard of his fellow men whom he has served by both precept and example in all that exemplifies the best elements of American citizenship. He was born on December 31m 1860 in LaSalle County, Illinois being a son of William O. and Helen (Laughlin) Roadifer, natives of Ohio and Illinois respectively. Until 1872 the father was a merchant in Iroquois County, Illinois and at that time he removed to Jasper County Indiana where he passed a number of years in farming and is now dealing in grain on a large scale. Walter Roadifer attended the public schools of Iroquois County, Illinois until he was twelve years old when he removed with his parents to Indiana and there finished his education. After leaving school he farmed in Indiana until he was twenty-four years of age. In 1885 he came to Wyoming and located at the town of Sundance then newly created, in Crook County, which only a year before had been segregated from its former allegiance and risen to the dignity of a separate political entity he preempted a claim about a mile from the town and there pushed a vigorous industry in farming for three years. In 1888 he disposed of his property and returned to Indian where he farmed for five years being married during that period on September 9, 1891 to Miss Ann L. Hecox, a native of the state and daughter of Melso and Mattie (Curry) Hecox her father being one of the prosperous farmers of Jasper County and a representative citizen of the Hoosier state. In 1893 Mr. Roadifer returned to Wyoming and settled on a ranch he took up four miles north of Sundance and there he continued his farming operations and stock industry also conducting a dairy business, which was extensive and profitable. In May 1901 he removed from his old homestead to a new home on Canyon Springs Prairie on which he now resides and carries on a thriving business as a progressive farmer. This place consists of 200 acres and is well improved and carefully and skillfully cultivated. His tastes running to the stock business and give his attention to that in a large measure. His family consists of two children, Arthur V. and Harold M. He is an active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church as is his wife and he is an ardent Republican in politics. He is a gentleman of influence and standing in his community and has rendered material and substantial aid in the development of the county of his adoption. No person in the wide extent of Wyoming has rendered more faithful service in all lines of life’s duties.

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