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Vincent Vanoni

From the mountains of Switzerland to the mountains of Wyoming is a long step in longitude and in political and social conditions even when taken all at once and without intermediate halting. But when it implies a wide range of latitudes and an acquaintance with local customs and peoples in many places it is impressed suggestive in its enormous sweep. This step so taken has been the fate of Vincent Vanoni of Tensleep, Wyoming one of the prosperous and progressive stock growers and farmers of Bighorn County. Since he was fourteen years of age he has been soliciting dame fortune’s winning smile by his own unassisted endeavors and he has followed her with assiduous and diligent attention. He was born in Switzerland on May 22, 1856 the son of John and Kate Vanoni also natives of that country. In 1870 he came to the United States landing at New York where he remained six months. From there he went to Connecticut and after some months of active work in that state went to New Orleans where he passed one summer. From that interesting southern metropolis he came up the Mississippi to St. Louis in 1878 and from there a short time later proceeded to Colorado. In that state he was in charge of a smelter for three years and then took up a ranch and engaged in raising stock until 1896. At that time he sold out in Colorado and came to Wyoming. Finding a suitable place for the continuance of his stock industry on the Tensleep River he there located on the ranch he now owns and occupies and once more he gave his time and attention to stock raising and cultivating the soil which had been for generations the vocation of his fathers in his native land. With the enterprise characteristic of his race, he set to work diligently to improve his place and make it not only fruitful but attractive his home not only comfortable but tastefully adorned. In both aspirations he has succeeded having now one of the most desirable place on the river and which is both in condition arrangement and equipment a credit to his thrift and his good taste. His herd also shows the effects of his care and skill and olds place in the estimation of cattle dealers without praise and solely on merit. He has 200 head of cattle and the number is steadily increasing from year to year, the most of them being graded Herefords. He also runs a band of fine horses and he is annually gaining more and more attention to this branch of his stock business. He omits no effort on his part to secure the best results and in scarely any other business do forethought close and systematic attention and intelligence pay better then in breeding and herding stock. Mr. Vanoni has built his own fortunes and so well founded are they and so systematically has the structure been erected that he is seemingly secure against all the winds of adversity safely established in the lasting esteem and confidence of his fellow men. He is a citizen of public spirit and breadth of view regarding the affairs of the community in which he lives being eminently upright and fair in his dealings with all mankind. He was united in marriage with Miss Jennie Chandler in 1888. She is a native of New Orleans but was living at the time of her marriage on Colorado and there the nuptials were solemnized. Both Mr. and Mrs. Vanoni are valued member of the best social circles in their community active in every good work for its advancement or improvement.

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