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Thomas Spratt

Ever since he was twenty years old Thomas Spratt of the Bighorn basin of Wyoming living not far from Hyattville has been a resident of the Northwest and for nearly a quarter of a century of Wyoming. He has given a considerable portion of his life to the development and upbuilding of this section and is justly entitled to honorable mention in any record of the lives and achievements of the progressive men of the state. And also to the place he holds as one of the representative and leading citizens of the county securely established in the confidence and esteem of its people and having the affectionate regard of his numerous friends. He is a native of Ireland born on December 25, 1859. His ancestors from immemorial lived on the Emerald Isle gave loyal support in peace and war to its interests and also flourished as tillers of the soil. In 1872 at the age of thirteen with high hopes and ardent spirits he left his paternal roof and came to the United States seeking its boundless and everywhere present opportunities for advancement in the struggle for supremacy among men. He remained in New York until 1879 and then came to Fort Collins, Colorado and spent a year breaking horses to service in that neighborhood. In 1880 he came with the Loomis and Andrews Cattle Company to Wyoming and located a ranch on the Belle Fourche. Then the nearest post office to his place was Spearfish 120 miles distant yet the inconvenience was not deemed a special hardship so inured to such privations were the dwellers on the frontier. Five years he passed on this ranch and one in the employ of the North American Cattle Company. In 1885 as a member of the firm organized to deal extensively in cattle he came with a herd to the Bighorn basin. The firm remained in business three years and during the time he continued to bring cattle to the basin. Among the number were 220 Shorthorns and six thoroughbreds Herefords that were among the first animals of these breeds introduced into the county. In 1888 he bought out the interests of his partners and desiring a permanent location and to establish himself in the cattle business on a large scale he located on No. Wood River but soon after sold out and bought his present ranch of 640 acres in addition to which he has 1,800 acres under lease. This body of land affords an extensive range for his cattle and enables him to handle with success a considerable number. He has generally about 500 head and sometimes many more. He also owns the Mountain View Hotel at Basin and other valuable property elsewhere. He was married at Hyattville on February 22, 1888; to Miss Martha Allen a native of Colorado and it is a matter of Neighborhood news that this was the first marriage in Bighorn basin. They have one child their son, Robert W. Mr. Spratt belongs to the Masonic order and takes an active and serviceable interest in the affairs of his lodge.

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