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The Crompton Brothers

The Crompton Brothers, merchants of Evanston, Wyoming are the sons of Mr. William Crompton, deceased. William Crompton was born in Lancastershire, England, in 1837. He was a miner both in England and in the United States. He came to America about 1870, crossing the continent by ox team, and coming direct to Salt Lake City. He first worked in construction on the Union Pacific Railroad until it was completed from Salt Lake City to Evanston, and there he became engaged in mining. He worked for some time in the coal mines at Almy, Wyoming, and then went into farming and stockraising. He built a handsome brick residence about four miles from Evanston and lived in it until about three years before his death, which occurred at his Ogden home in October, 1900, at the age of sixty-three years. His remains are buried at Evanston. He was devoted to his home; home life being his chief delight. Seldom could he be found away from his own fireside. He was a man greatly respected by all who knew him. He was married in England to Hannah Hobson, who survives him. She is a native of England, born in 1835, and lives at the Ogden home, at 3161 Adams Street. Mr. and Mrs. Crompton were the parents of the following children: Jane; John, died at the age of thirty-three years; Rachel; Joseph; William; Mary; Walter; Squire; Anna, died when sixteen; Lillian; Carrie.

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